How To See Posts You liked on Facebook?

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Can you recall all the posts you liked, commented, watched, and shared on Facebook this week? Nobody can. Because when using Facebook, most of us interact with countless posts on a daily basis and it’s impossible to remember each one of them.

So, how to see posts you liked on Facebook? You can find a whole section dedicated just for that on Facebook known as ‘Activity Log’. It’s available on every Facebook platform so it’s not something for which you must use the Facebook app. Let’s begin! 

Find the List of All the Posts You Liked on Facebook

  1. How To See Your Liked Posts on Facebook App from the Profile Page?
  2. How To See Your Pages/Videos/Photos Likes on Facebook Lite App?
  3. Where is the Activity Log Option to Find Your Liked Posts on Facebook Web (for Mobile)?
  4. How To See Posts You Liked on Facebook Web (for Desktop)?

1. How To See Your Liked Posts on Facebook App from the Profile Page?

The Facebook app for Android and iOS has every Facebook feature and setting you will ever need. Let’s say you mistakenly liked a picture and you can’t find it on your News Feed to unlike it or you liked a video and you want to watch it again. To accomplish this, go to your Activity Log and find the post, photo, or video. Follow below:

  • Open the Facebook app on your iOS or Android phone.
  • Tap your profile photo at the top-left corner of the screen from the home page or News Feed.
Facebook app News Feed on Android
  • Look for three dots below your profile picture and tap on the button.
Facebook profile on Facebook app
  • In your Profile Settings, select ‘Activity log’.
Facebook profile settings on Facebook app
  • Here you can see all of your Facebook activity history. To see your likes, reactions, and comments, tap ‘Interactions’.
Activity log on Facebook app for Android and iOS
  • Now you will see a list of interactions such as likes, comments, etc. Select the interaction you’re looking for. If you’re unsure which one to choose, simply tap on ‘Manage Interactions’ as this will show all the interactions.
Activity log on Facebook app. Interactions section open
  • Finally, you will be taken to the interactions. Find older interactions as you swipe down.
Interactions activity history on Facebook app

There are a number of things you can do when you find the activity you were looking for such as a post you liked. You can tap the three dots next to it to view the post, go to the poster’s page/account, or unlike the post.

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Moreover, if you select the activity by tapping the checkbox, you can delete this entry from your activity log.

How To See the Videos You Have Watched on Facebook App?

A video you watched but didn’t interact with (like, comment), won’t appear in the Interactions section. Go to the Activity Log, swipe down, and select ‘Logged Actions and Other Activity’ to find the watched videos. There will be other useful entries as well.

Activity log on Facebook app

How to Find the Full List of All of My Facebook Activities Without Categories?

You may be looking for an entry that just seems to have disappeared or you just want to see all the activities in one place. In this case, go to the Activity Log, swipe down, and tap the ‘View Activity History’ button. This will show each and every activity of yours without categories.

Facebook app's Activity Log options and categories

2. How To See Your Pages/Videos/Photos Likes on Facebook Lite App?

Facebook Lite is a popular choice among people who want Facebook to use fewer resources and data. The steps to see your liked posts on the Facebook Lite app are identical to the main app.

  • Open your Facebook Lite app.
  • Tap your profile picture located at the top-right corner.
Facebook home page opened on Facebook Lite
  • Tap the three dots below your display picture to open a menu. Go to ‘Activity Log’.
A user profile on Facebook Lite
  • To see your likes and comments, select the ‘Interactions’ drop-down list. It will open different interactions. Select ‘Likes and reactions’ for likes.
Activity Log on Facebook Lite
  • Now you can see your liked posts on Facebook and view or unlike them by tapping the three dots near each interaction. To remove them from the activity log, mark the checkbox and select ‘Remove’.
Interactions, liked and reactions, on Facebook Lite app

To see all of your activities without categories, go to Activity Log, scroll down to the bottom, and tap ‘View Activity History’.

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3. Where is the Activity Log Option to Find Your Liked Posts on Facebook Web (for Mobile)?

Most people use the Facebook app, but there are a good number of mobile users who open Facebook from a web browser on their smartphones. The mobile web version of Facebook is lightweight and loads quickly, but it may be hard to find some settings and features on it.

However, you can easily locate Activity Log on it and view or unlike a post. Note that there are a limited number of options on the Facebook web version for mobile as compared to the Facebook app.

  • Open your web browser on mobile and go to Facebook.
  • From the News Feed, tap your profile photo.
News Feed on Facebook web for mobile
  • On your profile, tap on the three dots and choose ‘Activity log’.
A profile on Facebook web version for mobile
  • You’ll see your Facebook activities without categories. If you want to see the categories, tap ‘Filter’ on the top.
Activity Log on Facebook mobile
  • When you find the post you need to see, tap on it to view the post or tap the small down arrow to unlike it.
User activities on Facebook mobile

4. How To See Posts You Liked on Facebook Web (for Desktop)?

About 17% of Facebook users like to use both their smartphone and laptop/computer for accessing Facebook. That’s millions of people. So, if you need a hand in finding the post, photo, or video you reacted to, here’s how to find it:

  • Open Facebook on your web browser using your computer.
  • Click the down arrow at the top-right corner of the screen.
Facebook home page on computer
  • Select ‘Settings & privacy’.
Facebook on desktop
  • Choose ‘Activity log’.
Facebook user options on desktop
  • You’ll be taken to the Activity Log page where you can find each and every action you did on your Facebook account. To find a post you liked, select ‘Interactions’ from the side panel.
Activity log on Facebook for desktop
  • Find the post you want to view, unlike, or delete from the activity log. Click the three dots next to it for deleting it or checkmark it for removing it from the log.
Interactions on Facebook web for desktop
  • If you remove a post, you need to remove it from Trash as well. After deleting the post, click ‘Trash’ on the side panel and delete the post. You can also delete your comments by going to the comments section in the activity log.
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How To Your Full Facebook Activity History Without the Categories?

Finding an activity you did on Facebook from the categories is confusing. If you don’t know the name of the activity, you may have to spend a lot of time finding the correct category.

There is another easier way to skip the categories and view your activity history of all the actions in a single list.

  • Click the down arrow at the top-right corner of the screen
  • Select Settings & privacy > Activity log.
  • Scroll down the side panel and click ‘Activity History’.
Activity Log categories on Facebook for desktop

How To Find Your Facebook Activity Log for a Specific Year or Month?

For going to a year or month, navigate to the Activity Log, click ‘Date’ from the side panel, and select the year and month from the drop-down menus.


Seeing posts you liked on the Facebook app and desktop requires a few taps or clicks. After finding the posts, you can view, unlike, or remove them from the activity log.


How Do I Look At My Likes On Facebook?

To look at your likes on Facebook, open your Facebook app > Profile Picture > three dots > Activity Log > Interactions > Manage Interactions.

How Do I Find Posts I’ve Liked On Facebook?

1. Open the Facebook app and tap your profile picture.
2. Tap the three dots.
3. Select ‘Activity log’.
4. Go to ‘Interactions’.
5. Choose ‘Likes and reactions’ or ‘Manage Interactions’.

How Do I Remove An Accidental Like On Facebook?

You can click or tap the like button again to unlike the post. If you can’t find the post anymore, find it from your Activity Log.
On the Facebook app: News Feed > profile picture > three dots > Activity log > View Activity History.
On Facebook web for desktop: News Feed > down arrow at the top-right > Settings & privacy > Activity log > Activity History.

How To See Liked Posts On Instagram?

To see your liked posts on the Instagram app for iPhone and Android, tap your profile picture > three lines at the top-right corner > Your activity > interactions arrows > Likes. There is no way to view your liked posts on Instagram using a computer.