How To See Everyone On Microsoft Teams

p55703 Introduction 55f8866fa0 2167270356Are you struggling to see all participants during your Microsoft Teams meetings? You’re certainly not alone. This blog post is going to simplify the process and guide you in understanding how to view everyone at once on Microsoft Teams.

Keep reading, because we’re about to make your virtual team interactions much easier!

Key Takeaways

Customizing Your Meeting View on Microsoft Teams

p55703 Customizing Your Meeting View on Microsoft Teams f89c18e0ba 1115407711You can customize your meeting view on Microsoft Teams by pinning a video, spotlighting someone, docking people to the top of the meeting view, seeing more participants, and swapping content with gallery view.

Pinning a video

Pinning a video in Microsoft Teams allows you to focus on a specific participant during a meeting. This productivity hack provides users with the ability to customize their online meeting experience. Here are the steps:

  1. Start by launching Microsoft Teams and joining your scheduled meeting.
  2. Once in the meeting, hover over the video of the participant you want to pin.
  3. Click on the ellipsis, or three dots icon, that appears on their video screen.
  4. In the dropdown menu, click ‘Pin’.
  5. The selected individual’s video will now appear as a larger portion of your view, similar to how PowerPoint slides are displayed.
  6. With this feature enabled, even if other participants speak or present content, your view remains constant on the pinned participant.

Spotlighting someone

Spotlighting someone during a Microsoft Teams meeting can be an effective way to drive attention towards a particular participant. This feature is particularly useful during webinars, presentations, or conferences where one person may need to be the primary focus at any given point in time. Here’s how to use spotlighting:

  1. Start your Microsoft Teams meeting.
  2. Locate the desired participant in the Participant pane.
  3. Hover over their video image or name and click on the more options icon (…).
  4. Click ‘Spotlight’ from the drop – down list, this will instantly make this individual’s video feed the central focus for all attendees.
  5. The organiser or presenter has control of spotlighting and can choose to un – spotlight when necessary by following similar steps.

Docking people to the top of the meeting view

Docking people to the top of the meeting view enhances the user experience during a Microsoft Teams video meeting. This customization option allows you to prioritize certain attendees in your layout, ensuring their videos remain visible throughout the meeting. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Start your Teams meeting and wait for all participants to join.
  2. Look for the meeting controls located at the top of your screen.
  3. Click on ‘View.’
  4. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Gallery at top’.
  5. Your selected attendees’ videos are now docked at the top of your meeting view.

Seeing more participants

To see more participants on Microsoft Teams, you can customize your meeting view. Here are some ways to maximize participant visibility:

  • Pinning a video: By pinning a participant’s video, their feed will always be visible in your meeting view.
  • Spotlighting someone: This feature allows you to highlight and focus on a specific participant during the meeting.
  • Docking people to the top of the meeting view: You can dock up to nine participants at the top of your screen, ensuring their videos are always visible.
  • Swapping content with gallery view: If you’re sharing content during a meeting, you can swap between gallery view and content view to see both the shared content and participants’ videos.

Swapping content with gallery view

In Microsoft Teams, users have the ability to swap content while in gallery view during a video call. This feature allows for seamless transitions and sharing of information without interrupting the flow of the meeting. The ability to swap content with gallery view provides a more collaborative and interactive experience for all participants.

How to View Everyone at Once on Microsoft Teams

p55703 How to View Everyone at Once on Microsoft Teams daa9eb821f 3774206451To view everyone at once on Microsoft Teams, enable the Large Gallery view by clicking on the three-dot menu icon and selecting “Large Gallery”.

Enabling Large Gallery view

To enable the Large Gallery view on Microsoft Teams and see everyone at once during a meeting, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the … icon located in the right – hand corner of Teams.
  2. Select “Large Gallery” from the drop – down menu.
  3. Ensure that there are at least ten attendees sharing their video in the meeting for the option to appear.
  4. If you don’t see the Large Gallery mode in the drop – down menu, check if there are enough participants sharing video.
  5. Once enabled, you will be able to see up to 49 video feeds simultaneously on your computer screen.
  6. The Large Gallery view is particularly useful for larger meetings or presentations where seeing all participants is important.
  7. It enhances collaboration and engagement by providing a better overview of all attendees.
  8. Remember to check your Microsoft Teams app version and update it if necessary to access the latest features and improvements.

Checking the Microsoft Teams app version

To ensure that you can view everyone on Microsoft Teams, it’s important to check the app version you are using. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams on your device.
  2. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select “About” from the drop – down menu.
  4. A window will open displaying the app version number.

Updating the Microsoft Teams app

To ensure you are able to view everyone on Microsoft Teams, it is important to keep your app updated. Here’s how to update the Microsoft Teams app:

  1. Check the Microsoft Teams app version:
  • Open the Microsoft Teams app on your device.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Navigate to the About section.
  • Check for the current version of your app.
  1. Updating the Microsoft Teams app:
  • If you have an older version, click on the Update button next to it.
  • The app will begin downloading and installing the latest version automatically.
  1. Restart Microsoft Teams:

Troubleshooting Issues with Viewing Everyone on Microsoft Teams

If you are unable to see all participants in Microsoft Teams, it may be due to missing devices or not having the Together mode feature enabled.

Why can’t I see all participants in Teams?

One common issue with Microsoft Teams is that not all participants are visible during meetings. This can be frustrating and hinder effective communication within a team. To address this problem, it’s important to check your view settings in Microsoft Teams.

There may be options such as pinning a video, spotlighting someone, docking people to the top of the meeting view, or seeing more participants that you can utilize to customize your meeting view.

Additionally, enabling Large Gallery View can allow you to see everyone at once in a meeting. It’s also recommended to regularly update your Microsoft Teams app and troubleshoot any issues that may arise with viewing everyone on Teams.

Missing devices

Troubleshooting issues with viewing everyone on Microsoft Teams can involve dealing with missing devices. Sometimes, the Teams Desktop Device Settings may be absent, causing problems in seeing all participants during a meeting.

To resolve this, one solution is to quit the Teams app and delete everything inside the %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams folder. This helps refresh the settings and allows for proper display of devices in Teams meetings.

Not having Together mode

If you find yourself unable to see everyone on Microsoft Teams during a meeting, it could be because you don’t have Together mode activated. Together mode is a feature in Teams that allows users to view all participants in a shared virtual environment.

It creates the feeling of being together in one space, even when everyone is remote. By enabling Together mode, you can ensure that you have an immersive and inclusive meeting experience where all participants are visible on your screen.


In conclusion, customizing your meeting view and enabling Large Gallery view are effective ways to see everyone on Microsoft Teams during a meeting. By utilizing these features and keeping your Teams app updated, you can ensure a seamless experience for viewing all participants in your virtual meetings.

Troubleshooting any issues that may arise will also help you overcome any obstacles and make the most out of your Microsoft Teams video conferencing. Stay connected and engaged with everyone on Teams!