How To Screen Share On Discord

Discord is the most popular online communication platform for digital developers, influencers, and, especially, gamers. It has over 250 million active users. This is because it is free, very user-friendly, and can almost never run into issues.

You may set up your own private Discord servers for your team. To spice things up, you can even add bots to them. Voice and video calls are available on these servers. Did you realize, on the server you’re on, that you may share your display screen? Members of your server may watch your screen in real time.

This feature comes with the main Discord app and is completely free. This article will tell you why and how to go live & share your screen on Discord. 

Note: The screen captures of the app in this article are for the latest version of the Desktop client of Discord for Windows 10. 

What Are the Benefits of Screen Sharing?

  1. People can share their screens irrespective of their locations or time. They can also see the screen anytime they want, during the stream. 
  2. It is pretty easy to share. It does not require any additional installation or setup. 
  3. Users can share the screen on any device, and the members who wish to join can join via any compatible device.
  4. This feature saves a lot of money and time as people can look at their required information from wherever they want through the screen share.
  5. The screen sharing can be recorded for future reference and archived for people who couldn’t watch the stream. 
  6. A user can use the screen sharing feature in video conferences, online presentations, business meetings, web support, and even for training people, simultaneously.  
  7. There are many games that have gigantic Discord servers, where the gamers form a community to share information and even present bug fixes. It is, in a way, tech support for the game.
Screen share on discord

How to Share Your Screen in a Discord Server

Ten people, including yourself, can share your screen simultaneously in a Discord server. You must do a few things before sharing your screen on your Discord server. 

Setting Up Discord Screen Share & Video Call

1. Voice and Video Settings for Screen Sharing on Discord

Specific settings must be applied before you can provide the best output on your Discord screen share. This also applies to a video chat/video call and a voice call over the app. 

  1. Open the User Settings. It is the cog icon on the lower left part of the window, next to your username and tag.
user settings
  1. On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of options under sections. From the App Settings section, click on Voice & Video.
  2. Under the Voice Settings, you can check the voice input and output. You might have audio issues if the settings aren’t proper. Run a microphone test if you want to. Especially when you have two or more displays, this is where you will have to fix the audio issues that will inevitably arise. You can also set the trigger to give voice inputs.
voice settings
  1. Under the Video settings, you can adjust your web camera settings if you wanted to be on camera. You can even run a test if you wish.
video camera settings
  1. Other options like Noise suppression, Echo cancelation, Attenuation, and Vocal diagnostics are in the same section. You can modify them if you want. 
advanced settings

2. Screen Sharing on a Discord Voice Channel Server

It is effortless to share your screen on a Discord server. To do this

  1. You have to be a member of a Discord server. Ask your friends to invite you or click on an invite link. 
  2. Join the voice channel of the server. On the left, you’ll see Text and Voice Channels. Discord servers can have more than one channel. Click on the voice channel that you want to share your screen to. This will add you to that voice channel.
Voice channels
  1. Once you join it, you will see the Screen button on the bottom left part of the window. This is the Share your Screen option. Click on it.
share your screen
  1. Choose the Application or the screen you want to stream to your server from the window that pops up.
screen share popup
  1. Once you select an application or screen to share, you will see more settings to adjust before you stream to your server. You have to select the resolution and frame rate of the live stream. You need Discord nitro to stream at a better resolution and higher frame rates.
Streaming options
  1. When you are done, click on the Go Live button.
Go Live

You’ll start live streaming with no delay. You can adjust the Discord screen share settings while sharing the screen.

Discord screen share settings

3. In-Call Screen Share Settings

Even when you share your screen video on a Discord server, you can make multiple changes to your stream without interrupting it. You can even make a voice or a video call to your friends on the server without stopping the Discord screen share. Once you start your screen share, you’ll notice four icons that appear when you move your pointer over the Discord window.

In call screen share settings

Click on the down-facing arrow in the icon of a monitor with a cross in it. You’ll see the stream setting. You can adjust them the way you want.

stream quality

4. In-Call Voice and Audio Setting

You can also adjust your Discord screen share’s voice input and output while staying on the video stream. Click on the small down-facing arrow in the mic icon.

From the pop-up menu, You can choose which microphone is to be used to take in vocal inputs and where the outputs should be received. Choose the Voice settings option if you wish to change the audio setting. The Voice & Video window opens. Screen sharing will not be interrupted.

In call voice and audio setting

5. Additional Steps for Discord on a Web Browser

There are a few extra steps you have to take to share the screen on the Discord browser client because the Discord site is different from the app. 

  1. Enable Permissions to Discord

If you wish to share your screen through Discord browser’s client, you will have to provide permission for the site to use your mic and camera to function the way they should. Once you click allow on the pop-ups from your browser, Discord will have access to your mic and camera. 

  1. Add your friends to your call list.

If you want to start a video chat with a few people via the Discord website, you have to be friends with them. 

  1. On the Discord homepage, click on Friends. The icon looks like a person waving.
Add Friend
  1. At the far right of their names, click on the three-dot menu and select the start video call button.
Start video call
  1. If you have texted that friend, you can start a video call through the conversation that you have had. The start video call option is on the top right part of the browser window. 
Start video call option
  1. Use Discord through your iOS or Android mobile app. You can start a video call by touching the three-dots icon in a conversation or server text channel and choosing Start Video Call to initiate a video chat.

Features that are available when you share your screen through Discord

There are a handful of valuable features that one might need while they share their screen. 

  1. Expanding the Screen

You will see an arrow on the left when you are on a video chat. Click on this arrow to expand your screen to the highest value you set in Discord. 

  1. Jumping from a Video call to Screen sharing

You can easily switch from a chat with your video on to sharing your screen, anytime during the call by clicking on the icon of a monitor with an arrow in the middle. This is the Share your screen button. 

  1. Leave the Chat

You can leave a video or audio call whenever you want. You have to click on the leave call button. 

  1. Muting Voice

Users can mute their vocals and that of others if they want. Press the Mic button, when you want to mute yourself. Press it again to unmute. 

  1. Go full-screen

The screen can be toggled to cover the display entirely, just by clicking on the full-screen button. Hit the Esc key to close the full screen. 

  1. Pinning a person

Click on a person’s profile picture to pin their screen to the center. The other videos will be sent to the side, while the focus remains on the one you pinned. 

  1. Switch screens while Live-streaming

Users can switch the applications or the displays which they want to be displayed while sharing their screen to their server, simultaneously. The screen switch will not interrupt the sharing. 

Can the Method for Screen Sharing on Discord Cause Audio Issues?

When using Discord screen share, audio issues can arise. However, there are discord screen share audio fixes that can help solve these problems. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth experience when sharing your screen and sound with others on Discord.

Recording your Screen and Sharing it

Users can record their screens and share them with people. This can be done with the aid of third-party apps. If you have an Nvidia GeForce graphics card (GTX or RTX), you can launch the Geforce experience overlay and record your screen in the source resolution.

In-game overlay option

Or you can even use the Xbox Game bar with your Windows desktop.

Xbox Game bar

There are also other apps you can find for free on the internet that will help you record your screen. As for sharing, you can share them with Cloud Drive, USB sticks, or any other conventional methods. If your Discord keeps freezing during this process, then check out our solution to fix that issue.