How To Reset Samsung TV? 5 Best Ways

If you have recently been facing issues with your Samsung Smart TV, there are several ways that you can fix it. However, most of the time, resetting the TV can fix multiple issues. 

Your Samsung TV also has many features that allow you to resolve sound, picture, or network issues. Due to these features, the settings within the device itself can resolve it, but it would be best to reset your TV for other problems. 

how to reset samsung tv

Hence, concerning the issue you are facing, you can check how to reset Samsung tv and when is the right time to solve them by resetting your Samsung Smart TV. If you reset your Samsung TV, the factory defaults will also be restored, so you can initially try resetting only specific functions. 

Why do I have to Reset Samsung Smart TV?

Before you solve an issue, you will also have to check the intensity of it and explore ways of how you are going to solve it. Some signs that you will have to perform a factory reset on your Samsung TV are as follows; there is no external device sound or pictures. 

Certain features like Screen mirroring and USB playback are also not functioning. Moreover, distortions in display and audio are major signs for resetting your Samsung TV. 

You can also try checking the picture settings so that you will be able to know where the issue arises from. The user manual for the Samsung Smart TV will have solutions for almost all the issues. However, resetting the tv might be helpful if certain problems are persistent. 

If your TV stops displaying a proper black screen and has no sound or disturbing sound, you can perform the factory reset.  Some of the issues might require other solutions, but as long as it is a software-related problem, you can try and resolve it by resetting the TV. 

How to Reset Samsung TV?

  1. Hard Reset for Samsung TV
  2. Perform a soft reset
  3. Reset Network Settings
  4. Reset SmartHub Settings
  5. Sound Settings

1. Hard Reset for Samsung TV

A hard reset would mean that it is a complete factory reset. It would help if you remembered that all the settings would switch back to default after resetting your Samsung TV. Moreover, other personalized settings or saved items on your tv will also be wiped out. 

Hence, if you do not want to go through this process, you can try doing a soft reset for your Samsung TV, wherein only a few selected settings will return to default. You can also use this method if several issues are surfacing, leading to a malfunction. 

Here are the steps you can follow to hard reset your Samsung TV. 

  • Switch on your device by holding the power button of your TV remote control. 
  • Press the Menu icon/button on your remote. 
  • You will then be led to the Main menu. 
  • Use the Up and Down arrow button on your remote to navigate the Support option on the screen and click ok. 
self diagnosis
  • Press Enter and then navigate to the Self Diagnosis option. 
  • Select Reset by using the Down arrow on the remote. 
  • You will then have to enter the default pin, which is 0000. 
  • The screen will show one more pop-up warning message; you will have to press Enter to confirm after selecting Yes. 

After doing this, the reset process is completed, and all the default settings will also be restored.  You can check if the previous issues are still there or not. If it persists, you can also check the hardware or the connection. 

2. Perform a Soft Reset

This method is relatively more straightforward and very similar to restarting your Samsung TV. The only difference between restarting and a soft reset would be the default settings of the TV are restored. 

The channels will have to be memorized, and there is a possibility of losing the calibration settings. So you will have to note down all of this before you go ahead and soft reset your Samsung TV. 

  • Keep holding the power button on the remote. 
  • Once the process is over, you will have to long-press the power button. 
  • After you do this, your Tv will turn on again. 
reset samsung tv

You will notice that the TV settings will look new, and you can try and memorize the channel or set the correct timings as earlier. 

3. Reset Network Settings

Sometimes, the problems on your Samsung TV might arise from only specific aspects, like the network, sound, etc. Hence, for these specific issues, instead of performing a factory reset, you can reset only the settings you are having a problem with. 

You can try resetting the network settings if you are not to connect to the wireless network or other network issues. Moreover, if your Samsung TV is not getting connected to the wireless network, there might also be pending updates, which leads to other bugs or glitches not being fixed. 

You can also check the home network or the router, which might be the reason for the poor network connection. If this is working, you can first try checking whether your TV is connected to the Wi-fi or not. You can follow these steps to do that.

  • Switch on your TV. 
  • Go to setting and click on General. 
  • Go to the network selection and click on Open Network Settings.
  • Select the Wi-fi and enter the details or the password. 

If you cannot connect to the wi-fi, you can try using this same method to connect to a different network. However, if this does not work and you cannot connect to any of the wi-fi networks, you can refresh the network settings. 

  • Go to Settings and select General. 
  • Select the Network menu and click on the Reset Network option. 
  • Press Enter and then restart your TV. 

This procedure will reset all the network settings, which means that your default settings will also be restored. You can try connecting the TV to the preferred Wi-fi connection, and if it still does not work, you can hard reset your TV. 

4. Reset Smarthub Settings

If there are certain issues only with your Smarthub, you can either remove some services from your account or try setting your Smart hub Settings. If you do this, all the services will automatically be removed from your main Samsung account, and personalized settings will also be removed. 

After you reset it, you can connect the previous services to your account again and go through the smart hub service agreements. You can follow these steps if you want to reset the Smarthub settings. 

  • Long press the power button on your remote. 
  • Click on the menu button. 
  • Go to settings and select Support. 
reset smart hub settings
  • Select the Self Diagnosis option.
  • Click on the Reset Smart Hub option and press enter. 
reset smart hub settings

You will have to wait for this process to be completed. After the smart hub reset, you can try connecting all the services back to your account and personalizing the factory settings of the same. 

5. Sound Settings

If you have an issue with the sound of your Samsung TV and there are a lot of distortions, you can resort to resetting the sound settings. If you manage to reset the sound settings, various other sound features, including volume, audio format, equalizer, and many more, also get reset. 

None of your data or other personalized settings will be lost if you reset your sound settings. Hence, if you are facing problems with the audio, you can try this method before performing a factory reset for the TV. 

You can follow these instructions to reset the sound settings 

  • After long pressing the power button on your remote, press the menu button. 
  • Click on the Settings after you have entered the required key. 
  • Select Sound Settings and then click on Expert Settings. 
  • Click on Reset Sound and press enter. 

After this process is complete, you can try checking the sound again. If this does not resolve the issue, you can try a complete factory reset, as there could be several other issues leading to the audio disruption. 

Issues related to Wi-fi and Sound

Sometimes the Samsung TV might not be able to connect to a network, leading to outdated versions of the software and so on. Hence, it is integral to ensure that the internet connection outlet is not faulty. 

Additionally, certain settings might be changed, so resetting the network will restore the default network settings. Additionally, distortions in sound and volume may also be issues that users generally face. Fixing the balance or equalizer might help remove those distortions. 

You must remember that these are the general problems that arise, and checking ways to fix them is integral before you reset your TV. 


Performing a factory reset on your Samsung Smart TV might help you resolve several issues. However, if you are witnessing issues only in one aspect, you can try resetting the settings only for that feature before hard resetting the TV. 

If you are facing problems with the internet connection or the network, you can try resetting the network settings before you reset the TV. These are some of the factors that you should keep in mind. 

However, you can either soft or hard reset depending on the issue, and you can also check a few things before doing so. You will have to check if the network you are connected to is working properly and if there is no hardware damage. 

You might also want to replace your remote batteries if it isn’t working properly. After cross-checking all these, you can move forward with the factory reset. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Reset A Samsung Tv With A Black Screen?

If you cannot see anything on your screen and your tv turns black, you can follow this process for troubleshooting. You will have to ensure that the power connectivity is stable and properly installed. 
You can then check the service-providing box and see if it is functioning properly, and if all of these are fine, try resetting your smart TV. If the reset options on your TV do not help, check the firmware updates or seek technical assistance. 

How Do You Soft Reset A Smart TV?

Soft resetting your smart TV is relatively easy. You will have to long-press the remote’s power button until the process is completed. After this, you can turn on your Samsung Tv and restore the settings that were removed during the process. 
It would help if you remembered that all the default settings would be restored, and you will have to personalize certain settings again. 

What Is The 4-Digit Code For Samsung TV?

The default 4-digit security pin for Samsung TV is 0000. This might vary if you have changed the security pin earlier; however, if you have not done that. The default security pin will give you access. 

How Do I Reboot My Samsung TV?

You can reboot your Samsung Tv either with the help of your remote or without it. Most of the time, using your remote is much easier, and you will only have to long-press the power button. 
Another way is by rebooting the TV through the settings, which will also require a remote. You will have to navigate to the TV settings, click on Support, and select Reset. 
However, if you do not have a remote, you can click on the buttons either in front or at the back of your TV. You will have to keep in mind that this mainly depends on the TV model.