How To Play Games On Microsoft Teams

Are you looking for fun ways to engage your team during a Microsoft Teams meeting? Well, you’re in luck because Microsoft Teams features an array of games that can be played right within the platform.

Our blog post will take you through a variety of game options and provide step-by-step instructions on how to play them. Let’s dive into the world of virtual gaming and transform your next meeting!

Key Takeaways

Microsoft Teams Games for Work

Microsoft Teams offers a variety of games for work, including IceBreakers, Minesweeper, Wordament, Solitaire, Trivia, and more.

Microsoft IceBreakers

Microsoft IceBreakers is a gem among the collection of casual games available on Microsoft Teams. It’s an engaging game aimed at fostering connections among team members. The premise is simple, yet fun: through video and chat features, participants answer selected questions to learn more about each other, making it perfect for remote teams seeking camaraderie.

This icebreaker can transform virtual meetings from merely transactional to enjoyable social gatherings – bridging gaps and promoting teamwork in a unique way. Many coworkers love the playful competition it offers while also getting to know their coworkers better.

Microsoft Minesweeper

Microsoft Minesweeper is an engaging part of the Games for Work app within Microsoft Teams. With this classic game, users can engage in interactive gaming, fostering connections and adding a fun element to work meetings.

Enterprises and education subscribers will particularly enjoy the familiar challenge of uncovering hidden mines in the grid-based puzzle.

The social gaming aspect of Microsoft Minesweeper also allows colleagues to compete against each other, offering entertainment options during serious work collaborations. The beauty lies in its simplicity; you don’t need advanced gaming skills to master it.

Whether playing individually or as multiplayer, Minesweeper provides both relaxation and engagement— a much-needed balance for any workday.

Microsoft Wordament

Microsoft Wordament, a fun and competitive game found in the “Games for Work” app on Microsoft Teams, offers an engaging multiplayer experience. With Wordament, up to 250 participants can join in a battle of wits, making it perfect for group participation and team bonding.

To play Wordament or any other game from the “Games for Work” category such as Solitaire or Minesweeper, simply launch the app available to all Microsoft enterprise users. The interactive features like video chats and whiteboards can be utilized during gameplay adding more excitement to your workplace fun activities.

The introduction of these virtual games aims to bring an enjoyable blend of entertainment features and online interactions into the work environment while encouraging collaborative play among coworkers.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

The Microsoft Solitaire Collection is one of the casual games available on Microsoft Teams for work. It offers a collection of classic solitaire card games, including Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks.

These easy-to-play games provide a fun way for colleagues to relax and entertain themselves during work breaks or downtime. By incorporating the Solitaire Collection into team meetings or virtual gatherings, employees can bond over friendly competitions and enhance team dynamics.

This addition to Microsoft Teams aims to promote team building and employee engagement within the platform while improving communication and collaboration among remote team members.

Microsoft Teams Bingo

Microsoft Teams Bingo is a virtual game that can be played on Microsoft Teams or any platform. It is considered a classic virtual game and is popular for team bonding with coworkers.

This interactive multiplayer game allows players to mark off squares on their digital bingo card while the host calls out numbers or phrases. With its easy setup and customizable options, Microsoft Teams Bingo is an ideal choice for engaging remote team members and fostering communication and collaboration in a fun way during virtual meetings or team building sessions.


Espionage! is a virtual team building game that can be played on Microsoft Teams. It combines puzzle-solving and social elements to promote collaboration and engagement among coworkers.

This game allows teams to work together to solve challenging missions, uncover secrets, and complete objectives within a time limit. Espionage! can be a fun and interactive way for remote teams to bond and strengthen their communication skills while having a great time.

It is one of the many exciting games available on Microsoft Teams that can enhance team building activities and increase productivity within the workplace.

Playing games like Espionage! on Microsoft Teams not only adds an element of fun but also provides numerous benefits for businesses. According to a study by Brigham Young University, playing short video games together as a team can increase productivity by 20%.

Just A Darn Fun Event

Just A Darn Fun Event is one of the exciting games available on Microsoft Teams for work-related activities. This game aims to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for coworkers, fostering team building and employee connection.

Playing Just A Darn Fun Event allows team members to engage in interactive virtual activities, boosting engagement and collaboration within the remote work environment. It is an excellent way to add some excitement and amusement to virtual meetings or team-building sessions on Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Trivia

Microsoft Teams Trivia is a popular virtual game that can be played on the Microsoft Teams platform. It offers a fun and familiar experience for participants, making it an excellent choice for virtual team building activities.

With trivia questions covering various topics, this game provides an opportunity for coworkers to test their knowledge while engaging with one another in a lighthearted setting. By utilizing the chat feature on Microsoft Teams, participants can compete against each other by submitting their answers in real-time.

Microsoft Teams Trivia is just one of many interactive games available on the platform to foster collaboration and team spirit among remote teams.”.

Together Mode Guess Who?

Together Mode Guess Who is a virtual game that can be played on Microsoft Teams as part of their Games for Work. It utilizes the video, chat, and whiteboard features to engage remote teams in a fun and interactive guessing game.

The game takes advantage of Microsoft Teams’ Together Mode, which displays participants in a virtual space, enhancing the gameplay experience. In Guess Who, players have to guess the identity of other participants based on visual cues and hints provided within the game.

The game continues until either one player remains or someone correctly guesses another player’s identity. This popular team-building activity fosters engagement and interaction among coworkers while creating a collaborative work environment.

Who Scavenger Hunts

One of the popular virtual games to play on Microsoft Teams is the “Who Scavenger Hunts.” These online scavenger hunts are designed to engage remote team members and promote team building and communication.

Participants are given a list of items or tasks they need to find or complete within a designated time frame. They can use their surroundings or search for specific items online. This interactive game encourages collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity among team members while adding an element of fun to virtual meetings and events.

By playing Who Scavenger Hunts on Microsoft Teams, teams can bond, work together remotely, and create memorable experiences even from different locations.

Microsoft Teams Family Feud

One popular game to play on Microsoft Teams is Family Feud, which allows coworkers to enjoy a virtual game night together. To play Family Feud on Microsoft Teams, you can download a ready-to-use PowerPoint that serves as the game host.

This online version of the classic TV show lets teams compete by answering survey questions and guessing the top answers. It’s a fun way to foster team bonding and friendly competition while utilizing the features of Microsoft Teams for remote collaboration.

Microsoft Teams Pictionary

One of the popular games that can be played on Microsoft Teams is Pictionary. This classic drawing and guessing game can be easily enjoyed by teams using the Microsoft Whiteboard app.

Participants take turns drawing a word or phrase while their teammates try to guess what it is within a time limit. It’s a fun and interactive way to engage remote team members and encourage creativity and communication.

Microsoft Teams Pictionary is just one of many options for virtual team bonding and recreational activities available on the platform, enhancing collaboration in an online setting.

Wiki Kingdom Founders

Wiki Kingdom Founders is an ongoing virtual game that can be played on Microsoft Teams for team building exercises. In this cooperative gameplay, teammates work together to expand an imaginary world using the Microsoft Teams Wiki feature.

The game combines elements of social deduction and puzzle-solving, fostering collaboration between colleagues through drafting and sharing notes. It not only enhances communication and teamwork but also develops problem-solving skills.

Wiki Kingdom Founders is just one of the many virtual games available on Microsoft Teams that can bring team members closer while having fun and boosting productivity in a remote work environment.

Praise Compliment Tag

One fun game to play on Microsoft Teams is the “Praise Compliment Tag.” This game is a great way to boost morale and show appreciation within your team. It starts with one person sending a compliment or recognition message to another team member using the Praise feature in Microsoft Teams.

The recipient then has to pass on the praise by sending a compliment to someone else on the team, and so on. This creates a positive ripple effect and fosters a culture of appreciation among remote teams.

By engaging in this game, you can help build stronger connections and improve communication within your team.

Snap Camera Photobooth

One of the virtual games that can be played on Microsoft Teams is Snap Camera Photobooth. By integrating with Microsoft Teams, Snap Camera allows users to use Snapchat Lenses during work meetings, bringing a fun and eclectic party atmosphere to the virtual environment.

With filters and AR effects, participants can showcase their silly side and make meetings more enjoyable. However, it is important to remember to control its usage to avoid any unanticipated or unwanted situations.

Overall, playing games like Snap Camera Photobooth on Microsoft Teams can help create a more engaging and entertaining virtual work environment.

GIF Story Challenge

GIF Story Challenge is an interactive and entertaining game that can be played on Microsoft Teams. This game requires players to tell a story using only GIF images, adding a creative and engaging twist to storytelling.

It provides teams with the opportunity to collaborate, engage, and have fun while fostering team building and employee interaction. By utilizing the video, chat, and whiteboard features of Microsoft Teams, teams can easily participate in this virtual game and strengthen connections among team members.

Trello Truth or Dare

Trello Truth or Dare is a virtual team building game available on Microsoft Teams that combines fun and connection for remote teams. With the integration of Trello’s app, teams can install it on their chat and create an exclusive board dedicated to the game.

This allows for seamless collaboration and engagement as team members take turns participating in truth or dare challenges. The game encourages communication, bonding, and creativity among colleagues through synchronous and asynchronous channels.

It offers a quick and easy way to build connections in virtual teams while promoting productivity in remote work environments.

Online Team Building Quizzes

Online team building quizzes are a popular choice for promoting employee engagement and connection within remote teams. Microsoft Teams offers various options for interactive quizzes that can be played virtually, allowing coworkers to compete and bond over shared knowledge.

These quizzes can cover a range of topics, from general trivia to specific industry-related questions. By participating in online team building quizzes on Microsoft Teams, employees can have fun while expanding their knowledge, fostering collaboration, and creating a positive work culture within the virtual office environment.

Built-In Microsoft Teams Games

Some of the built-in Microsoft Teams games include Kahoot, Ricotta Games & Trivia, Water Cooler Games, Picture prompt, Debate club, Visual mapping, Emoji self-portrait, Photo of your life, GIF reaction and Guess who.


One of the built-in Microsoft Teams games is Kahoot, which offers a fun and interactive way for teams to engage in trivia games. With this integration, distance learning and remote collaboration become more enjoyable as users can easily find existing Kahoots directly from the Teams UI.

Challenges can be assigned to channels within Microsoft Teams, allowing for seamless gameplay and completion of tasks and assignments. The purpose-built integration aims to improve classroom reach by fostering engagement through web conferencing and chat collaboration.

Overall, Kahoot adds an exciting element to virtual classrooms and enhances team building through game-based learning experiences.

Ricotta Games & Trivia

Ricotta Games & Trivia is a platform that offers virtual games to play on Microsoft Teams with coworkers. It provides social games, trivia challenges, and ice-breakers for virtual team-building activities.

Utilizing features like video, chat, and whiteboards in Microsoft Teams, Ricotta Games & Trivia engages remote teams and enhances collaboration. With a variety of interactive games available, such as trivia, Guess Who, and scavenger hunts, coworkers can challenge each other and make virtual meetings more enjoyable.

Let’s explore how to play these games on Microsoft Teams!

Water Cooler Games

Water Cooler Games are a type of virtual game that can be played on Microsoft Teams. These games provide an opportunity for employees to have casual conversations and connect with each other, just like they would at the office water cooler.

Some popular Water Cooler Games include Guess Who, Pictionary, Trivia, Icebreakers, and Scavenger Hunt. They are designed to foster team building and communication among remote teams.

Additionally, Water Cooler Trivia is a specific game that can be played with teams on Microsoft Teams. These virtual games contribute to maintaining a sense of connection and engagement among remote teams, making them a great addition to any virtual team-building activity or casual conversation prompt.

Picture prompt

One of the built-in Microsoft Teams games is Picture prompt, which allows team members to engage their creativity and imagination. In this game, participants take turns sharing a picture prompt, such as an image or a photo, and then everyone has to come up with a story or description based on that visual prompt.

This game encourages participants to think outside the box and share their unique interpretations, sparking conversation and fostering collaboration among team members. It’s a fun way to challenge creativity while promoting teamwork in virtual meetings.

Debate club

Debate club is one of the built-in Microsoft Teams games that can be played with coworkers to promote team bonding and collaborative thinking. This game allows participants to engage in discussion and debate on various topics, fostering critical thinking skills and encouraging different perspectives.

With the use of video conferencing features, teammates can take turns presenting their arguments and actively participate in a virtual debate session. Debate club is an interactive way for remote teams to come together, share ideas, and enhance communication skills while having fun.

Visual mapping

Visual mapping is a built-in Microsoft Teams game that enhances collaboration and organization within the platform. This game allows team members to create interactive mind maps, diagrams, and flowcharts to visually represent ideas and concepts.

By using the mind mapping application MindMeister integrated with Microsoft Teams, teams can brainstorm together, share their thoughts, and create a visual representation of their discussions in real-time.

Visual mapping promotes creativity, improves communication, and helps teams stay organized by providing a visual framework for their ideas. It is an engaging way for remote teams to collaborate effectively and foster productivity while playing games on Microsoft Teams.

Emoji self-portrait

One of the built-in Microsoft Teams games is Emoji Self-Portrait, which allows users to express themselves visually during video calls or chat conversations. With this game, participants can create their own personalized avatars using a wide range of emojis available on the platform.

This feature enables team members to add fun and expressiveness to their communications, fostering creativity and engagement within the virtual workspace. By using emoji self-portraits, coworkers can showcase their personality and connect with others in a more lighthearted way, further enhancing team bonding and collaboration.

Photo of your life

The “Photo of your life” game is a built-in Microsoft Teams game that allows team members to share personal photos and stories. Each participant takes turns sharing a photo from their life, whether it’s a memorable moment, a funny snapshot, or an important milestone.

This game helps foster connection and understanding among team members by providing insight into each other’s lives outside of work. It encourages conversation and creates opportunities for colleagues to relate to one another on a more personal level.

Through this interactive activity, remote workers can engage with their colleagues and form stronger bonds within the virtual workspace.

GIF reaction

GIF reactions are a fun and expressive way to engage with colleagues in Microsoft Teams. Users can send animated GIFs in chats and channel messages to react to conversations or add some humor to the conversation.

This feature allows team members to visually express their thoughts, emotions, and opinions during meetings or discussions, fostering better communication and collaboration. With a wide range of GIF options available, users can find the perfect reaction for any situation, making interactions more lively and enjoyable.

Guess who

One of the built-in Microsoft Teams games is “Guess Who,” a fun and interactive virtual game that can be played with coworkers. This game utilizes features like video, chat, and whiteboards to engage remote participants in a guessing game where clues are given about a particular person, and players have to guess who it is.

“Guess Who” is just one example of the many virtual games available on Microsoft Teams for coworkers to play together, fostering team building and communication.

Fact or fiction

Fact or fiction is one of the built-in games available on Microsoft Teams that can be played with coworkers. This game allows teams to test their knowledge and critical thinking skills by guessing whether a statement is true or false.

It’s a fun and interactive way to engage remote team members and encourage lively discussions. With Fact or Fiction, teams can bond over shared interests and learn new facts together, fostering team building and communication in a virtual environment.

Elevator pitch

Elevator pitch is an interactive exercise available on Microsoft Teams, perfect for sales teams to practice their communication and presentation skills. This game allows participants to craft a concise and persuasive sales pitch in a short amount of time, similar to what they would do in an elevator ride with a potential client.

It helps improve their ability to effectively convey information, engage listeners, and make a compelling case for their products or services. Elevator pitch is just one of the many virtual games that can be played on Microsoft Teams, offering a fun way for colleagues to connect and enhance their professional skills.


Charades is a classic game that can be played on any platform, including Microsoft Teams. It is a guessing game where players act out words or phrases without speaking, relying solely on nonverbal communication to convey their message.

Charades can be a hilarious and entertaining game to play with coworkers, and it’s included in the list of best Microsoft Teams games for work. Not only does it provide an opportunity for team members to blow off steam and have some fun, but it also fosters team building and communication skills.

With Charades on Microsoft Teams, virtual teams can bond and connect while enjoying this popular party game together.

Water cooler

The water cooler is a virtual space within Microsoft Teams that encourages team culture and engagement. It serves as a platform for employees to share and discuss random topics, fostering conversation and relationship building.

Through the water cooler, remote teams can create customizable virtual spaces where they can connect with one another through audio and video conversations. Various activities, games, and virtual happy hours can be organized through the water cooler to keep remote teams connected and engaged.

Additionally, Watercooler Trivia is an app that enables users to host weekly trivia quizzes within Microsoft Teams, further promoting team interaction and camaraderie.

Photo booth

The “Photo Booth” game is a fun and interactive virtual team building activity that can be played on Microsoft Teams. This built-in game allows coworkers to connect and engage with each other through the platform’s video, chat, and whiteboards features.

In the game, participants take turns sharing a photo of their life or a specific theme, such as hobbies or favorite vacation spots. The goal is for teammates to guess the story behind each photo and bond over shared experiences.

This collaborative gaming experience not only fosters communication and teamwork but also helps remote teams build stronger connections while boosting productivity at work.

Polly polls

Polly polls are a valuable tool for team collaborations within Microsoft Teams. This integration allows users to run live surveys, quizzes, and polls during virtual meetings, providing instant feedback and fostering engagement among team members.

With Polly, you can easily create survey forms and gather responses from your colleagues, enhancing the feedback process and promoting teamwork. By incorporating Polly into your Microsoft Teams experience, you can encourage active participation and collaboration while building a stronger sense of camaraderie among coworkers.


Solitaire is one of the classic free games available through Microsoft Teams’ Games for Work app. With Solitaire, co-workers can take a break and enjoy a relaxing round of card games together.

Whether it’s during a meeting or just for some casual fun, Solitaire offers a way to unwind and engage with colleagues in a lighthearted manner. It’s an excellent option for fostering team building and workplace engagement, allowing individuals to connect and interact with each other outside of work-related tasks.


Pictionary is one of the built-in games available on Microsoft Teams. It can be played using the Microsoft Whiteboard app, making it a fun and interactive way to engage with coworkers during virtual meetings.

In Pictionary, participants take turns drawing pictures while others try to guess what they’re depicting. This game not only encourages creativity and quick thinking but also fosters teamwork and communication among remote team members.

With its easy-to-use interface and collaborative features, Pictionary on Microsoft Teams is a great option for virtual team bonding activities.

Never have I ever

Another popular game to play on Microsoft Teams is “Never have I ever.” This game allows team members to reveal interesting and sometimes embarrassing facts about themselves. One person starts by saying something they have never done, such as “Never have I ever traveled outside of my home country.” If any team members have done that specific thing, they must take a sip or perform another agreed-upon action.

The goal is to learn more about each other’s experiences and create connections among coworkers. This game can be played using the chat feature on Microsoft Teams, with participants typing their responses and reactions.

How to Play Games on Microsoft Teams

To play games on Microsoft Teams, utilize the video, chat, and whiteboard features to engage remote team members and encourage participation and collaboration.

Utilize video, chat, and whiteboards features

Enhance your gaming experience on Microsoft Teams by utilizing the platform’s video, chat, and whiteboard features. With video calling, you can see and interact with your teammates in real-time, making the game more engaging and interactive.

The chat feature allows for quick communication during gameplay, whether it’s strategizing or sharing a funny moment. Whiteboards can be used to draw or write down clues or answers, adding an extra layer of creativity to games like Pictionary or trivia.

By leveraging these features effectively, you can create a fun and immersive gaming environment for remote team building and collaboration.

Follow game rules and instructions

To fully enjoy playing games on Microsoft Teams, it is important to follow the game rules and instructions. This ensures a smooth gameplay experience for everyone involved. Whether it’s a virtual scavenger hunt or a classic game like Bingo, understanding the rules and following them allows for fair play and equal participation.

Each game may have its own set of guidelines, so taking the time to familiarize yourself with them will ensure that you can fully engage in the activity and make the most out of your gaming experience on Microsoft Teams.

Engage remote team members

To engage remote team members, Microsoft Teams offers a variety of interactive games and activities. From trivia and scavenger hunts to virtual escape rooms and Pictionary, there are numerous options to promote teamwork and collaboration.

By utilizing features like video, chat, and whiteboards, teams can come together virtually to play these games while fostering communication and building relationships. These online multiplayer games for teams provide a fun way for colleagues to connect and bond despite being physically apart.

With Microsoft Teams’ easy-to-use interface, engaging remote team members has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Encourage participation and collaboration

Games on Microsoft Teams are a fantastic way to encourage participation and collaboration among team members. By engaging in interactive group games, coworkers can work together towards a common goal, fostering teamwork and communication skills.

Whether it’s solving puzzles in virtual escape rooms, competing in trivia competitions, or collaborating on creative challenges like Pictionary, these games provide fun and engaging ways for colleagues to connect and strengthen their connections.

With the variety of games available on Microsoft Teams, coworkers can bond over shared experiences and build camaraderie while promoting creativity and collaboration within the team.

Foster team building and communication

Playing games on Microsoft Teams can be an effective way to foster team building and communication among coworkers. By engaging in fun and interactive activities such as trivia, puzzles, and virtual escape rooms, employees have the opportunity to connect with each other while working remotely.

These games utilize the platform’s features like video, chat, and whiteboards to encourage collaboration and engagement. Popular virtual games on Microsoft Teams include Guess Who, Pictionary, Trivia, Icebreakers, and Scavenger Hunt.

Utilizing these games not only enhances team cohesion but also strengthens relationships and rapport among coworkers.


In conclusion, playing games on Microsoft Teams is a fantastic way to foster collaboration and engagement among remote teams. With a variety of casual and built-in games available, there are options for every interest and skill level.

By utilizing the video, chat, and whiteboard features within Microsoft Teams, teams can easily organize virtual gaming sessions that promote communication, teamwork, and fun. So go ahead and bring some excitement to your next meeting by incorporating interactive games on Microsoft Teams!