How to Mute Zoom Audio on a PC or Mobile Device

This pandemic led us to use online meeting apps for nearly everything from lectures to office meetings. The interesting thing about it is, many of us get tired of it when the meeting doesn’t end as per time and we somehow try to just escape from it.

The meeting apps like Zoom, Google Meet, WebX, Microsoft Teams, all work quite identical. But, controls in each of them are somewhat different from others.

Zoom meeting in Progress -  how to mute zoom meeting

You are landed here which means you are searching for how to mute zoom. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We will show you all the possible ways and all sorts of information on how to mute zoom meeting, how to mute zoom audio, and even how to mute zoom without muting your computer. So, stay with us till the very end. Here we go!

How To Mute On Zoom

Though this is a straightforward question, there are multiple possibilities that what or who you are trying mute on zoom. Is it the participants you want to mute or do you want to mute yourself? Moreover, you can also mute the whole zoom meeting in multiple ways.

So, what do you want to achieve? Hey, don’t worry about it because we have covered all the possibilities along with the detailed quick start guide with multiple solutions, so you won’t have to face any trouble with the zoom. If you want to directly jump over the desired point, you can check the table of contents.

How To Mute A Zoom Meeting For Yourself

You can mute on zoom meet very easily. If you are not the host which means you have joined the meeting which is started by someone else, and if the host has restricted all participants from turning on the mic then you are muted by default and you don’t have to mute yourself manually.

However, some hosts do allow participants to turn on the mic, even from the beginning as soon as users join in. So, if you want to mute yourself, you can follow the following steps. The method is the same for both host and participants.

How To Mute Zoom On Pc

  • As soon as you join the meeting, you will see a popup on the screen that says join by computer audio, click on it.
Join with Computer audio option
  • When you click on it, your microphone audio turns on and remains.
  • To turn it off, click on the mic icon on the bottom left corner as shown in the picture below. That’s it. You have successfully muted yourself.
Unmute/Mute Microphone option in the Zoom interface
  • Another way you can mute/unmute yourself is by using a keyboard shortcut.
  • If you have not changed any shortcut keys, you can use the ALT + A keys combination to mute/unmute yourself. Works for both host and participant.
  • Whenever you want to unmute yourself, click on the same icon again.

How To Mute Microphone On Zoom On The Phone

The zoom meeting app interface is almost the same for all environments. So, exactly the same steps given above are applied to the phone.

Muted microphone option in the

That’s the one case. But what if you want to mute other members or participants in the zoom meeting? It’s as simple as creating a new zoom meeting. Follow the steps below to learn how to mute someone on zoom meeting.

How To Mute Someone On Zoom

Note that you can mute someone else only when you are the meeting host. As a participant, you don’t have any privileges to mute others. We have given a guide for both smartphone users as well as computer users to mute others on zoom.

You don’t have to worry about anything if you are a host from a smartphone because it has the same controls and access as a desktop application. So, let’s see how to mute individual participants or how to mute everyone on zoom in one click.

How To Mute Someone On Zoom From PC

To mute someone in the meeting, first, you need to be a host. So, first, log in to your Zoom account using your email and password as a host and follow the below steps.

  • Hover over anywhere on the screen and you will see the bottom menu bar as shown in the picture.
Options for user availability in the Zoom meeting
  • Click on participants and there is a list of all participants in your meeting.
  • Hover over any participant username and there you will see an option to mute as shown in the picture below.
Participant with the Mute option next to their name
  • Click on it and that’s it. A participant is muted now.
  • If you want to unmute the participant, you can again hover over and you will see the option of “ask to unmute”. Click on it and a message on the participant side will be popped up for a request to unmute.

How To Mute Others On Zoom From Mobile

When some participant unmutes intentionally or by some mistake, you, as a host have privileges to mute them even from the mobile.

Because there are no keyboard shortcuts possible on the mobile, you have only one way to mute other participants on zoom from the mobile device.

  • First, login to your account from the phone and start the meeting as a host.
  • Now, click on the “participants” option from the bottom menu bar. It will show you all the participants.
  • Click on the participant you want to mute. It will pop up a bunch of options. Select mute as shown in the picture.
Mute option for an individual participant
  • If you want the participant to unmute, you can follow the same steps and then click on the “ask to unmute” option.

You can also mute all the participants in one button click without muting them manually. Follow the steps given below.

How To Mute Everyone On Zoom From PC

This is an excellent feature by the zoom using which you can mute all participants in one go. Here is how you can do it.

  • Click on the “participants” option from the bottom menu bar.
  • Then, on the new page where all the participant names are present, there is a “mute all” option is present at the bottom center.
Mute All option in the List of participants
  • Using this mute button, you can mute all participants and this is the quickest way to mute them all.
  • However, you can mute all participants using a keyboard shortcut as well.
  • Click ALT + M to mute/unmute all participants. You can also edit the shortcut combination at your convenience from the zoom setting panel.

How To Mute All Participants In Zoom Meeting From Mobile

  • Open zoom application and start meeting as a meeting host.
  • Now click on the “participant” option from the bottom menu bar.
Mute All option in the Zoom meeting window
  • On the new page, there is a “mute all” option at the bottom center. Click on it and everyone will be muted quickly.

A quick note, you can’t ever mute your host being a participant in the meeting. However, we have some ways and tricks by which you can mute the host. Hang on with us and you will learn how to mute host on zoom, how to mute zoom audio output, and that too in multiple ways!

How To Mute Zoom Audio Output – Best Solutions

This is an interesting topic because so many students want to mute the zoom meeting and listen to music or watch youtube and do other stuff. There are multiple reasons for this, like, the lecture is not interesting at all, they have found something else to be more fascinating or the background noises irritate so much and distract.

Here are the multiple ways to learn how to mute speaker on zoom and how to mute zoom audio without muting computer at all. Let’s go!

Way 1: Mute The Host On Zoom By Leaving Computer Audio

If you have joined the zoom meet from PC then this is the most straightforward way and best solution to mute the whole zoom meeting. You can mute the zoom meeting and keep working in the background with your favorite app by simply disconnecting the audio of your device from the zoom app. If you don’t know how to do it, here are the steps.

  • If you are joining any meeting on zoom and you want the meeting to be muted from the very beginning, you have to close the popup from the screen shown in the picture.
Join audio window in the Zoom meeting
  • This will restrict your zoom app from using the microphone as well as the speaker of your device. So, without doing anything further, you will mute yourself as well as your teacher/host.
  • If you have already joined with the device audio then you can follow the next steps.
  • Click on the up arrow which is attached to the microphone icon at the bottom left corner.
Leave computer audio option in the Zoom meeting interface
  • It will show the bunch of options as shown in the picture below. Click on the “Leave computer audio” option. It will revert the access from zoom to use the microphone and speaker.
  • That’s it. You have successfully disconnected your teacher/host in just three steps.

Way 2: Mute Zoom Using Volume Down Option

Hey, hang on there. We are not going to turn down the whole computer volume. Instead, we will only turn down the volume for the zoom meeting app but note that you have to manually mute yourself, unlike the previous method. This solution is pretty effective because you can control the speaker level for an individual tab on your computer.

  • Right-click on the computer volume button at the right-hand side of the taskbar.
Open Volume mixer option in the sound icon context menu
  • This will show you multiple options. Click on the “open volume mixer” option.
  • Now, you can see there are applications that you have opened and you can control the volume levels of those individually.
Volume Mixer window with sound levels for the running apps
  • Drag the volume level of zoom. This will mute the zoom meet completely. If you want to unmute, do the same process and increase the volume.

Way 3: Mute Zoom From Browser

This solution is not as effective as the above two because the option “join from browser” is not always available for participants and it totally depends on the host whether or not to allow participants to join from the browser.

After clicking on the meeting link, if you can see the “join from browser” option below the “launch zoom” option in the browser, then you can follow this method. Don’t worry about the settings, the Zoom web portal is exactly the same as a desktop application.

  • Join the zoom web portal from the browser and enter into the meeting.
  • Now, all browsers allow you to control the audio settings of individual tabs. So, we will take advantage of this feature.
  • Right-click on the tab as shown in the picture below and you will see the “mute site option” there.
Mute site option for the Google Chrome tab
  • Click on it and this will mute the zoom website. To unmute the zoom, again right-click on the tab and now you can see the “unmute site” option.
  • You can mute and unmute multiple times up to your convenience without letting the host know, whenever needed-unmute, else-mute.

Wrapping Up

So, here are all the possible ways to mute the zoom meet, whether it is a zoom participant, a host, or a total meet, we have covered it all. You might have understood all the solutions without any trouble because all of those are pretty short and easy.

Using some quick computer hacks and tricks, we can get our work done in an easy way. Now, you will no more need to leave the computer to ignore the zoom meeting.

You can keep running the zoom meeting in the background and still use your favorite apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to mute zoom on mac?

The zoom client application for both windows and mac is exactly the same, so are the options inside of it. Therefore, you can follow the given solutions to mute zoom on mac.

Q. How to mute zoom on iPhone?

The zoom app for both android and iPhone is exactly identical to each other. So, to mute the zoom on iPhone, you can follow the above steps that we have explained for a mobile device.

Q. How to mute teacher on zoom?

As a participant, you cannot mute the teacher or your host. Instead, you can mute the whole zoom meet. To do so, you can use a volume mixer, leave the computer audio from the zoom app or mute the site from the zoom web portal.

Q. How to mute someone on zoom without being the host?

You cannot mute someone if you are not a host. But, you can mute the zoom app. Check the previous question with an answer.

Q. How to mute someone on zoom as participant?

If you are a participant, you cant mute anyone from the zoom meeting. However, you can turn the zoom meet mute which means all the participants including the host will be muted.