How To Monetize YouTube Videos With Copyrighted Music

Monetizing YouTube videos that contain copyrighted music can be a complex process, but with the introduction of YouTube’s Creator Music program, creators now have more options to legally monetize their videos. YouTube has recently launched a program called Creator Music, which allows creators to monetize their long-form videos that use licensed music.

With the Creator Music program, creators can directly license tracks and retain a portion of the revenue generated from their videos, even after YouTube’s 45% cut. Alternatively, creators also have the option to share revenue with the license holders.

Currently, the Creator Music program is in its beta testing phase in the United States, with plans to expand to other countries in the following year. YouTube has already secured deals with over 50 labels, publishers, and distributors, ensuring a wide range of licensed music options for creators to utilize.

This initiative by YouTube aims to provide creators with more flexibility when it comes to using copyrighted music in their videos while still allowing them to generate income from their content. Now, creators can explore new creative avenues while ensuring they comply with copyright regulations and benefit from their hard work.

So, if you’re a YouTube creator looking to monetize your videos that feature copyrighted music, the Creator Music program is a game-changer. Take advantage of this opportunity to unlock new revenue streams and enhance your content while staying within the bounds of copyright laws.

YouTube Creator Music: A Game-Changer for Monetizing Your Videos

YouTube’s Creator Music program has revolutionized the way creators can monetize their videos containing licensed music, offering them a variety of options to generate revenue while staying within copyright boundaries.

With this program, creators now have the ability to license tracks directly and retain a portion of the revenue, even after YouTube’s 45% cut. Alternatively, they can choose to share revenue with the license holders, providing a fair and legal way to use copyrighted music.

The YouTube Creator Music program is currently in beta testing in the US, with plans for expansion to other countries in the near future. This means that creators around the world will soon have access to a vast library of licensed music, allowing them to enhance their videos and attract a larger audience.

YouTube has already struck deals with more than 50 labels, publishers, and distributors to bring this program to life. By partnering with these industry leaders, YouTube is ensuring that creators have a wide range of music options to choose from, making it easier than ever to find the perfect soundtrack for their videos.