How to Migrate an existing dataminer to a new server

1. Shutdown Dataminer (DM) to stop processing data from Server Automation (SA):

./ stop
./ start –flushdatafiles; tail -F dataminer.log

This will restart the DM and process any unfinished work and then shut the dataminer back down.

Watch in the log for the dataminer to finish the data mining and shutdown

2. Zip up the current working dataminer directory and copy the dataminer tar file to a new server

3. On the existing server were the dataminer is currently running, either configure the dataminer to not start automatically or remove the bits completely form where its running today.

4. If there is a back log on the Server Automation Essentials (BSAE) server let the back log process

5. Copy the DM directory created on step 2 to the new DM server

6. Untar the tar file of the dataminer directory created in step 2 on the new dataminer server

Make appropriate metadata changes to dataminer before starting:


cd /opt/opsware/omdb/bin
./ –list to get the registration token for the new DM install config…as well as validate the name/description of the dataminer that is being moved.

Validate properties of dataminer via ./ –listproperties –name <DM Name>

* SQL to run on BSAE DB SERVER*

update dataminer properties to target as follows, replacing all <variables>:
update cmdb_meta.jdbc_conn_props set property_value = ‘<TARGET CORE DB HOSTNAME/IP>:<TARGET CORE DB PORT>:<TARGET CORE DB SID>’ where source_id = <DM ID> and property_name = ‘database’
update cmdb_meta.data_sources set display_name = ‘<TARGET DISPLAY NAME>’ where source_ID = <DM ID>
update cmdb_meta.data_sources set description = ‘<TARGET DESCRIP>’ where source_ID = <DM ID>

* FROM THE BSAE app SERVER*/ start; tail -F dataminer.log

Validate changes via ./ –list and ./ –listproperties –name <DM Name>

7. Start dataminer and watch the dataminer.log file

8. Dataminer moved and now processing data

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