How to install Sprinter for use with Mirroring

Installing Sprinter on Computers for use with Mirroring

Sprinter’s Mirroring feature enables you to run your test on multiple machines simultaneously with different configurations.

A test that is run with Mirroring has a primary machine and secondary machines:

  • Primary machine. The machine on which you manually perform all the user actions in your test.
  • Secondary machines. The machines on which Sprinter replicates your user actions.

You can work with a maximum of five secondary machines in a run with mirroring.

Working with mirroring requires that you have the required number of available HP ALM licenses. The number of licenses you need depends on the number of secondary machines you want to use in your test.

To run a test with Mirroring you configure the secondary machines with the specific configuration whose compatibility you want to test. After you perform each user action on your primary machine, Sprinter replicates that user action on your secondary machines.

You install Sprinter on secondary machines the same way that you install it on your primary machine.

After you install Sprinter on a secondary machine, confirm that the Sprinter Agent icon is displayed in the notification area of the task bar of the secondary machine. If the Sprinter Agent icon is not displayed in the notification area of the task bar, the Sprinter Agent can be launched from the start menu (All Programs > HP Sprinter > Sprinter Agent).

Once Sprinter is installed on a secondary machine and the Agent is running, that machine is available for use in a Mirroring test. You should not run Sprinter on the secondary machine. The Sprinter Agent is configured to run automatically when the machine starts. For details on configuring the Sprinter Agent, see the HP Sprinter User Guide.

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