How to install and configure Smart Analytics 9.41 in Server Manager

This article explains how to install and configure Smart Analytics 9.41 in Service Manager.

1. System
– Windows 2008 R2 SP1
. hostname: e616
. ip :
. Service Manager
. Smart Analytics

2. References
– Service manager 9.41 Smart Analytics Administrator and User Guide
 – Service Manager 9.41 – SmartAnalytics_Windows (installable bits)
 – Service Manager 9.41 Applications Patch Manager Guide

3. Source
– sm9.40.0015 app
– sm9.40.0015 rte
– sm9.40.0015 web
– sm9.40.0015 km

4. Target
– sm9.41.0020 app
– sm9.41.3016 rte
– sm9.41.3016 web
– sm9.41 Smart Analytics 

 5. Install sm9.41.0020 rte/eclipse
– install sm9.41.0020 rte
– install sm9.41.0020 eclipse
– in sm.ini, comment it out because it is not recognized in 9.41 // KM works even though commenting it out
– load platform_unload

6. Upgrade to sm9.41.0020 app
– reference : Service Manager 9.41 Applications Patch Manager Guide
 – disable client side unload at eclipse
– sm.ini
– System navigator > System Administration> Ongoing Maintenance > Patch Release
-> click Apply Patch Release
-> pick up file : D:\9.41\sm9.41.0020_Applications_HPSM_00743\sm9.41.0020_Application\application-9.41.0020-patchrel\AppPatchMgr\SM9.40-9.41.0020\patchrel.unl
-> current : 9.40.0015
target  : 9.41.0020
–> took 20 min
You need to manually map the following CI related blob fields to an alia table,
otherwise users cannot search by this field and the system will display an
error message:
cm3t: asset
requestTask: CIListCMDB,CIListContext
For detailed steps, refer to the Overview of the Logical Name Solution and Its
Implications white paper (KM01653844).

–> in author’s verification, rootcause: –> blob , the others are already CLOB.

– review results
System navigator > System Administration> Ongoing Maintenance > Patch Release
-> click View/Merge Results
type & action plan
Added (2709): no further action is necessary
Already Current (30) : no further action is necessary
Error (0):
Forced (0): no further aciton is necessary
Merged :
Renamed (16) : Keep the old version / Keep the new version / Merge new and old version ( 5 )
-> merge(copy all from left to right) -> mark as reconciled
ScriptLibrary, KMDocPreview , APM
ScriptLibrary, KMSearch, APM
displayscreen, kmdocFlow.viewENG, APM
format,, APM
kmdoctype, errormsg, APM
kmdoctype, external, APM
kmdoctype, howto, APM
kmdoctype, probsol, APM
kmdoctype, reference, APM
kmknowledgebase, Incident_Library, APM
kmknowledgebase, Interaction_Library, APM
kmknowledgebase, Knowledge_Library, APM
kmknowledgebase, KnownError_Library, APM
kmknowledgebase, Problem_Library, APM
menu, ESSSM-Approval-Mobile, APM
menu, ESSSM-Mobile, APM

Previously Reconciled (0) : Keep the old version / Keep the new version / Merge new and old version
Updated: no further aciton is necessary

 – apply platform unloads
> no need because sm9.41.0020app has it.
for example, Author verified taht QCCR1E124742_SM941_SM930.unl is same to sm9.41.0020app.

7. Install sm9.41.P3 eclise/RTE
# by Author’s testing,
– after upgrading to sm9.41.0020 app, its KM does not work due to some defect of KM script library(9.41.0020 app).
but it is fixed by 9.41.3009p3 KM patch,  so, Author is going to sm9.41.3009 p3 rte/km/web/src/mobile directly.
– error message without QCCR1E128475_SM941P3_SM940.unl ( included in 9.41.3016p3 KM )
-> Script ‘KMCollection_Update’  line 658:
ERROR TypeError: lib.KMUtils.getSecurityFields is not a function at char 1
–> this function is not here in this KMUtils

– install sm9.41.3016p3 eclipse
– install sm9.41.3016p3 rte
load platform unloads,

8. Install sm9.41.3016p3 KM
– stop KM search engine
overwrite files,
from : D:\sm9.41.0020_Knowledge Management_HPSM_00744\sm9.41.0020_KM\knowledgemanagement
to   : C:\Program Files\HP\Service Manager 9.40\SearchEngine

 – load QCCR1E128475_SM941P3_SM940.unl

 – since 9.41, KM can use solr engine or IDOL search engine.
# when using SOLR engine
– install jdk 1.8(update 51 or greater)
– set system variables
JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_60
– start KM

– sm.ini
– start SM server

 – rebuild index
-> in order to speed up, execute custom script:

– verify KM searching

 9. Install sm9.41.3016p3 web, sm9.41.0039p3 SRC, sm9.41.3000p3 Mobile
– install sm9.41.3016p3 web
. deploy sm9.41.3016p3.war
. modify web.xml

– install sm9.41.0039p3 SRC
. load unload files
. deploy src-9.41.0039p3.war
. modify

– install sm9.41.3000p3 Mobile
. load unload files
. deploy webapp-9.41.3000p3.war

– verify connection

10. Install smart analytics 9.41
– execute, setupSmartAnalyticsWindowsX64.exe
– folder : D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics
– Choose Installation type : Quick install
– Configure SM and Local Machine IP
SM Server IP    :
Local Machine IP:
– Configure Client IP
Content Server IP   :
Content Server IPv6 : fe80::c507:f93:2e54:f57e%10
// IPv6 should be set because Smart Analytics uses it internally, page 13 of Service manager 9.41 Smart Analytics Administrator and User Guide
// how to verify IPv6 address :
//   > ping fe80::c507:f93:2e54:f57e%10

 – SM Smart Analytics Server
* HP SM Smart Analytics Server
Server  Port : 9000
Index   Port : 9001
Service Port : 9002
* Main Content Server
Server Port  : 10010
Index  Port  : 10011
Service Port : 10012
* Smart Search Proxy Server
Service Port : 20010
Replicas(0 or 1): 0
Index Port   : 20011
Service Port : 20012
* Smart Search Content Server1
Server Port  : 30010
Index  Port  : 30011
Service Port : 30012
* Smart Search Content Server2
Server Port  : 30020
Index Port   : 30021
Service Port : 30022
* Image Server
Server Port  : 18000
Service Port : 18001
* Connect Framework Server(CFS)
CFS Port     : 7000
CFS Service Port: 7001
-> installing Smart Analytics, Visual C++ 2010 x64,
-> start service  (memory usage: 2.62G -> 4.42G )
-> registered services
HP SM Smart Analytics CFS Connector
HP SM Smart Analytics Content1
HP SM Smart Analytics Content2
HP SM Smart Analytics Content3
HP SM Smart Analytics Image Server1
HP SM Smart Analytics Main Server
HP SM Smart Analytics Smart Search Proxy

– configuration files
CFS       :                   D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\CFS\CFS.cfg
Content1  :                   D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\Content1\Content1.cfg
Content2  :                   D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\Content2\Content2.cfg
Content3  :                   D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\Content3\Content3.cfg
Image Server1:                D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\ImageServer1\ImageServer1.cfg
Main Server:                  D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\IDOL\AutonomyIDOLServer.cfg
Smart Search Proxy:           ../ImageProxyServer/dah.cfg
SharePoint  connector:    <Smart Analytics Installation>/SharepointRemoteConnector/SharepointRemoteConnector.cfg
OMNI  group  server:      <Smart Analytics Installation>/OmniGroupServer/OmniGroupServer.cfg
HTTP  connector:          <Smart Analytics Installation>/HTTPConnector/httpconnector.cfg
File system  connector:   <Smart Analytic Installation>/FileSystemConnector/filesystemconnector.cfg

 – apply Smart Analytic license on LicFile.txt (C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.40\Server\RUN\LicFile.txt)

– still SM9.41’s KM works with Solr
( We can not use Solr’s KM since enabling Smart Analytics.
Smart Analytics’s KM will be used instead of Solr when enabling Smart Analytics. )

11. configure Smart Analytics 9.41 including administrative task
# only IPv4 is supported for smart analytics with Service Manager

1) enable Smart Analytics in Service Manager
– System Navigator > System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Smart Analytics > Configuration
-> click “Enable Smart Analytics”
–> Questions window
“Once migrate to IDOL, you cannot use SOLR as search engine any longer and
it requires logoff. Are you sure to continue?”
—> click “Yes”  –> auto log off
– now, we can not use “SOLR” and there is no “Search Knowledge” munu in Knowelege Management.
– goto, System Navigator > System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Smart Analytics > Configuration
-> set URL for each services
* Smart Analytics Server:  -> click ‘Test Connection’
* Default CFS Server:  -> click ‘Test Connection’
* Image Server:  -> click ‘Test Connection’
-> click ‘Save’

2) configure data cleansing
– System Navigator > System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Smart Analytics > Configuration
> it is based on purpose

 3) configure Smart Ticket
– System Navigator > System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Smart Analytics > Smart Ticket
System Navigator > System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Smart Analytics > Configuration > click ‘Smart Ticket’ icon
> perform training
> perform testing ( after done of traing )
– verification
System Navigator > Service Desk > Create Smart Interaction
-> description : outlook down email
-> click ‘smart classification’
-> category:         compliment
subcategory:      Employee Off-boarding
Area:         authorization error
Affected Service: E-mail / Webmail (North America)
– some topics in Service manager 9.41 Smart Analytics Administrator and User Guide
page 38, Apply a rule-based training
page 39, Perform tuning in the smart ticket definition
page 40, Configure Smart Ticket for multi-company

 4) configure Hot Topic Analytics
# in the out-of-box system, three hot topic analytics configuration records are provided,
problem/known Error
– how to use it ( it work only in web  ):
System Navigator > Service Desk > Hot Topic Analytics
– how to configure:
System Navigator > System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Smart Analytics > Hot Topic Analytics
> start Index
> Stop Index
> Refersh Status

5) configure Smart Search
– how to configure:
System Navigator > System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Smart Analytics > Smart Search
> select one of knowledgebse Names -> click ‘Full Reindex’
– Index Status is changed : “Offline” -> “Not Started” -> “Indexing” -> “Finished”
– “KMUpdate” bg Process should be running and schedule file should has it, name=”KMUpdate”
> Author’s comment : if Index status=”Not Started” for a long time, need to check ‘KMUpdate’ bg process and its schedule record.
– knowledgebse Names,     TYPE,   Display Name,    Interval, Index Status, Doc Count :
Catalog_library       sclib  Catalogs            1     Finished   113
Change_library        sclib   Changes             1         Finished   35
Contact_Library       sclib  Contacts            1         Finished   509
Department_Library    sclib  Departments         1         Finished   47
Device_Library        sclib  Configuration Items 1         Finished   1067
Incident_Library      sclib  Incidents           1         Finished   210
Interaction_Library   sclib  Interactions        1         Finished   137
Knowledge_Library     sclib  Knowledge Library   1         Finished   166
KnownError_Library    sclib  Known Errors        1         Finished   0
Location_Library      sclib  Locations           1         Finished   6
Problem_Library       sclib  Problems            1         Finished   2
Request_Library       sclib  Requests            1         Finished   11

– how to verify:
> web login
> click icon, Magnify(next to command box)
> search keyword “*”     -> then, we can see all
Configuration Items(1067)
Knowledge Library(167)
Known Errors(0)

6) configure and monitor connectors
– it is for enabling search actions among different data sources
– how to configure:
System Navigator > System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Smart Analytics > Smart Search
> click ‘Connector Configuration’

 7) add the “idol.assistant” capability word to the operator records
– add ‘idol.assistant’ for falcon, Aaron.Caffrey
– ess self-service users are able to submit smart request records after you enable SM Smart Analytics.
– in 9.41, Aaron.Caffrey user can use ‘submit a smart request’ without idol.assistant (Author’s testing)
-> it seems something has changed in 9.41
-> “idol.assistant is required to use smart analytics”, page 54 of Service manager 9.41 Smart Analytics Administrator and User Guide

8) how to use smart analytics assistant
– sm login > command line > saa
-> “smart analytics assitant” is launched
-> this is adminstrative tool

12. Verify user’s task with Smart Analytics
1) create a smart ticket in ESS
– login to ESS page by Aaron.Caffrey
– submit a smart request
– type issue details then submit
2) create a smart ticket in SRC
– login to SRC
3) create a smart ticket in mobility client
4) create a smart tieket in power user view
5) create a problem by using hot topic analytics
problem managment > hot topic analytics
6) access hot topic analytics from incident reports
7) use ‘Smart Search’ for each libraries

# releate files
– configuration files
D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\IDOL\AutonomyIDOLServer.cfg      // Main Server:
D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\CFS\CFS.cfg                      // CFS
D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\Content1\Content1.cfg            // Content1
D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\Content2\Content2.cfg            // Content2
D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\Content3\Content3.cfg            // Content3
D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\ImageServer1\ImageServer1.cfg    // Image Server1
..\ImageProxyServer\dah.cfg                                                                   // Smart Search Proxy
<Smart Analytics Installation>\SharepointRemoteConnector\SharepointRemoteConnector.cfg          // SharePoint  connector
<Smart Analytics Installation>\OmniGroupServer\OmniGroupServer.cfg                              // OMNI  group  server
<Smart Analytics Installation>\HTTPConnector\httpconnector.cfg                                  // HTTP  connector
<Smart Analytic Installation>\FileSystemConnector\filesystemconnector.cfg                       // File system  connector

– log files
D:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.41\SmartAnalytics\IDOL\logs\

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