How To Get Groovy On Discord? 10+ Best Commands

Discord is a top-rated communication program among gamers all around the world. Discord is much better with bots, thanks to its limitless customization and customization options. Get Groovy on discord for almost any task, from assigning duties to playing music.

How To Get Groovy On Discord? | 10+ Commands For Groovy

Do you want to have music playing on your Discord server? Music bots will assist you in this endeavor. I’ll show you how to add Groovy to Discord in this tutorial. It’s a music bot that’s simple to operate, lag-free, and full of functions. You may use many commands, and with the help of bots, you can customize and tweak things even more without sacrificing sound quality.

Get Groovy On Discord Server

Getting Groovy on Discord is a simple procedure. To Get Groovy on Discord, you must have the Manage Server permission enabled on the Discord account, which means you must either be the server administrator or one of the server’s most trusted Discord users.

The initial step is to locate a bot you’d like to experiment with. Hundreds of thousands of bots are listed on bot repository sites, along with descriptions and evaluations from other discord users.

I’ll show you how to Get Groovy on Discord. Although the panels for adding a different bot may alter significantly, the core methods remain the same.

  • Log in to the server to which you have access.
  • Go to the bot’s website, which is Groovy in this case.
  • “Add to Discord” is the option to choose. Other bots may allow you to “Invite” instead of “Add to Discord.” Essentially, they’re the same thing.
Add to Discord
  • Choose “Authorize” from the drop-down menu.
  • You must verify that you are not a robot by filling out the captcha to install your robot.

Use Groovy Bot Commands In Discord

  • Bot can join your voice channel with the join command (-join/-j).
  • Command to Disconnect (-disconnect/-dc/-leave/-reset): This command removes the bot from the voice channel and clears the songs in the queue.
  • Next (-next/-n/-skip) Command: Play the next song in the queue instead of the current one.
  • -prev/previous/-b (prior command): Next Command’s polar opposite. Skip the current song and listen to the one before it is in the queue.
  • The pause command (-pause) stops the music from playing.
  • The resume command (-resume/-unpause) works oppositely to the pause command. Play the music from the Queue that was previously paused.
  • Clear Command (-clear): Deletes all tracks currently in the queue.
  • If available, the Lyrics Command (-lyrics/-ly) displays the song’s lyrics.
  • Shuffle Command (-shuffle/-shuff/-shuf/-randomize/-randomise): selects music from the queue randomly.
  • Song Command (-song/-nowplaying/-np): Displays information about the currently playing song in the queue.
  • Skip the current song and skip to a specified song in the queue with the Jump Command (-jump/-j/-goto).

Remove Song From Queue Groovy

You can remove or clear a single song, numerous songs, or the whole queue. There are several methods for doing so.

  • You can erase or clear the entire music queue with the – clear command.
  • The -remove command, with the song name or number, can remove a single song from the queue.
 -remove command
  • The title of the song was used. You can pull a song from the queue by pressing the number in front of the song.
  • You may also remove multiple songs from the queue using the -remove range command with the queue’s starting and ending song numbers.

Remove Groovy From Voice Channel

  • You can delete Groovy from the server using one of two methods:
  • To remove the Bot from the server, simply type the -leave command on the voice channel, and the bot will exit.
  • The option to disconnect the bot can be located by right-clicking on the groovy bot icon.
  • You can right-click on the bot to remove it from the channel so that no one else can add it.
  • From the menu, choose the block option.

What Are The Alternatives Of Groovy Bot

There’s a chance the other music bot will have the same outcomes as the Groovy Bot. The Rythm bot, the second-best music bot after Groovy, has said that it has no plans to shut down. I’ve included numerous excellent groovy bot alternatives and will continue to update the list; in the meantime, you can try the music bots listed below.

Rhythm: After Groovy, Rythm Bot is the second most popular music bot. It includes all of the same functions as the Groovy Bot, including play, pause, restart, loop, queue, etc. You should give it a shot as a replacement for Groovy.

Hydra Bot: Hydra is a great music bot as well. Like previous music bots, it will connect to the voice channel and play music. The best part of Hydra Bot is that you can control the songs and queue using emotes located beneath the song thumbnail.

Fredboat: Fredboat is another popular music bot that streams high-quality music to your chat server. It’s dependable, has good sound quality, and performs well. It isn’t as simple to use at first as Groovy, but it will give an excellent soundtrack for your gaming after you figure out how to make it work.

Octave Bot: The same people who run the Dank Memer Bot also run Octave Bot. Originally, Dank Memer included a music element, but they eventually split it into a distinct music bot (octave bot).

Mee6 Bot: The Mee6 Bot is a multi-purpose bot. It’s an excellent moderation bot that can also play music. MEE6 permits you to design the command of your dreams with complete freedom. Create commands that assign and remove roles and deliver messages automatically.

Link Spotify With Discord

Linking the app with Spotify is an option to install a bot to your Discord server. This simple task allows you to share music with your friends and acquaintances. Follow these steps to set up Spotify and Discord:

  • Log in to the Discord desktop application.
  • In the bottom left-hand of the screen, click the Settings symbol.
  • Select ‘Connections’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Spotify icon (you’ll find there are a few more apps you can connect to as well).
Click on the Spotify icon
  • When a window appears, scroll down and click ‘Agree.’
  • If you haven’t already, sign up for Spotify.
  • After you’ve done this step, you’ll be able to listen to Spotify music using the Discord app.
  • Adding bots to your Discord program is a simple way to modify it, and they provide more customization choices than integrating your Spotify account.
  • The Spotify/Discord partnership makes it even easier for anyone looking for an alternative to deploying bots on their Discord server.

Use Groovy Bot with Other Platforms

You can use the Groovy Bot to play music by entering the song’s name or a link to the song. Some platforms may not enable you to stream tracks directly.

I’ll go over how to stream a song from any available platform, and I will use Spotify as an example, but the same principles apply to any other platform.

Adding the track information.

The groovy bot may play the music by including the Spotify song link in the add command. The Spotify API may then query Spotify to see what’s behind the link, which the groovy bot can detect.

All info is being thrown onto YouTube.

While Spotify does not allow for direct audio streaming, YouTube does. The groovy bot searches YouTube’s metadata for the closest match to the song you specified.

Providing Discord with audio.

You can send audio files to Discord, and Discord will listen to them. The bot will then play the file on the voice channel afterward.


There are numerous alternatives available for adding a music bot to Discord. On the other hand, Groovy is the way to go if you want things to be simple, accessible, and stress-free.

It will play whatever you want from YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Play, shuffle, queue, continue, pause, and enjoy grooving with Groovy. There are also options like Bass Boost and Nightcore.

After reading this “How to get groovy on discord” guide, you can start enjoying music on Groovy.


Which Discord Bot Can Play Music?

Fredboat is a Discord music bot that streams music from sites including YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Twitch. This bot also offers a few playlist settings, including shuffle and the ability to repeat just one song or your entire playlist, depending on your preferences.

What Is The Best Role Bot For Discord?

Zira is Discord’s most well-known role bot. Your server members can self-assign roles based on which reaction image they click with Zira. This is a fantastic way to allocate responsibilities when you have a large server with numerous possible roles and role-specific channels.

Is Groovy Getting Removed From Discord?

Despite my disappointment, I thought it was understandable why Groovy had to close down.” Other prominent music bots may face similar fates now that Groovy has been forced to stop. Rythm, Discord’s most popular music bot, received a cease and desist letter from YouTube’s terms and had to shut down on September 15.

Can You Still Use Groovy Bot In Discord?

The proprietors of the Groovy Bot, which enables Discord to play music from YouTube and is installed on over 20 million Discord servers, have received a cease note from Google. Groovy complied with Google’s demand by shutting down its bot within seven days.