How To Find Airpods When Lost? 5 Easy Methods

The unthinkable has occurred, and your AirPods Pro has vanished. You might still be able to find Airpods. One of the most common concerns for those who own AirPods is losing them. Because these tiny gadgets have a not-so-tiny price tag, the prospect of missing one can be daunting.

5 Best Fix: How To Find Airpods When Lost?
How To Find Airpods When Lost? 5 Easy Methods 14

There is a very simple way to locate your misplaced AirPods. Maybe you’re just looking for where you left your AirPods case and want to make sure they’re nearby. However, there is a way to locate individual AirPod buds if you drop one of them.

What Is The Find My App?

Your iPhone’s “Find My” feature is excellent and underappreciated, and it is helpful when you need it the most. Just as its predecessor, Find My iPhone, intended, you may use the app to Find Airpods or misplaced devices for location-tracking services.

However, the new version combines Find My iPhone with Find My Friends to provide one geolocation powerhouse. Learn how to keep track of your family and friends simply. “Find My” is the ideal method to keep track of your favorite Apple devices, like those brand-new AirPods or even your recently lost iPhone on the couch.

How To Find Lost Airpods Using The Find My App

  1. Find Airpods Using Find My’s Direction Or Play Sound Feature
  2. Airpods Pro is On and Within Bluetooth Range
  3. Find Nearby Airpods
  4. Enable Lost Mode For Airpods
  5. Find Airpods Using The iCloud Website

1. Find Airpods Using Find My’s Direction Or Play Sound Feature

Find Airpods Using Find My's Direction Or Play Sound Feature
  • Select the Devices tab in the Find My app after opening it to find Airpods.
  • Click the AirPods icon on the real-time map or choose them from the list of available devices.
  • Choose the Play Sound option to hear where your AirPods are or the Directions option to find them by following the directions.
  • Check if you are able to find airpods or not.

2. Airpods Pro is On and Within Bluetooth Range

  • Open the “Find My” app and turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices.
  • Choose the desired device.
Airpods Pro is On and Within Bluetooth Range
  • Select one of the two methods for locating your AirPods Pro. You may either have it play a sound or simply verify where it is lying.
Airpods Pro is On and Within Bluetooth Range
  • Your earbuds will generate a sound for you to hear to locate it if you select the “Play a sound” option.
  • Check if you are able to find airpods or not.

3. Find Nearby Airpods

Only the AirPods Pro, AirPods 3, and AirPods Max are compatible. It emits a constant Bluetooth signal, and nearby devices always detect its location. This feature locates AirPods based on their proximity, either close or far. 

It functions similarly to the classic hot and cold game, indicating whether you are getting closer or further away from the AirPods based on one’s detected Bluetooth signal strength. 

AirTag users may be familiar with these basic features but may also find them lacking. The AirTags use ultra-wideband technology to provide advanced directions to your device, including direct and precise distances to find Airpods.

  • Launch the Find My app on a compatible iPhone or iPad.
  • Pick your misplaced AirPods.
  • Click “Find.” The app will indicate whether you are receiving a “hotter” or “colder” sound from the AirPods if you are near enough to receive a signal.
  • The device you intend to use to locate the AirPods must have been previously associated with it.
  • If your AirPods weren’t already attached to a friend’s iPhone, you couldn’t utilize the Find Nearby feature on that phone to locate them.
  • Check if you are able to find AirPods or not.

4. Enable Lost Mode For Airpods

Enable Lost Mode For Airpods

To Find AirPods could be a dead-end before the Lost Mode function was introduced. Users of AirPods now have new hope thanks to this function, which also fosters a sense of belonging among iOS users.

Here is how to activate Lost Mode to Find Airpods:

  • Select your lost AirPods from the Devices menu in the Find My app.
  • To activate Lost Mode, choose Activate under Mark as Lost.
choose Activate under Mark as Lost to activate lost mode
  • Then click Continue.
click Continue
  • If the lost AirPods are found, you can choose to leave a message with your contact information.
  • Once they have an AirPods connection, this will automatically appear on their iOS device.
  • To complete, select Activate once more.
Activate lost mode

5. Find Airpods Using The iCloud Website

“Find My” is still accessible on the iCloud website for non-iPhone users who own AirPods and iPhone users who don’t have access to their phones to Find Airpods.

To locate your AirPods on the website, follow these steps:

  • Go to iCloud by launching a browser. Ensure that your iCloud account is active and logged in.
Find Airpods Using The iCloud Website
  • Choose your iPhone under All Devices.
  • To find your AirPods, click Play Sound.
  • Check if you are able to find airpods or not.

What Should You Do If You Only Have One Airpod or Airpod Pro?

It can be incredibly aggravating to lose an earbud when using the AirPods or the AirPods Pro. Thanks to Apple’s solution to this issue, users can use the Find My app to locate themselves one earbud at a time.

The main difference is that you must regard each AirPod as a separate device. The method is much the same as searching for anything with the app.

  • Go to Devices, then AirPods in the Find My app.
  • To locate an earbud, use the Play Sound or the Directions feature.
  • Wait for the map to reload before putting the earphone back in its case. Restart the app if the map doesn’t update immediately away.
  • Use the Play Sound, or Directions feature once again to locate the other earbud after its position is displayed.

How To Avoid Losing Airpods Again?

  1. Use The “Notify When Left Behind” option
  2. Set Up The “Find My” App On The Iphone
  3. Be Conscientious About Its Safety
  4. Get Airpods Pro Straps Or Air Hooks
  5. Get Airpods Pro Carrying Case

1. Use The “Notify When Left Behind” option

"Notify When Left Behind" option

I always make sure to activate the new “Notify When Left Behind” option to avoid losing my AirPods in the first place. AirTags, other devices registered in Find My, and Macs with Apple Silicon are all compatible with the Notify When Left Behind functionality. 

Your phone will immediately notify you that you’ve left your AirPods behind if you leave them somewhere they shouldn’t be.

You can activate the feature for your AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, or AirPods (3rd generation) with an iPhone 12 or later by doing the following steps:

  • On the Devices tab of the Find My app, choose your AirPods.
  • Select Notify When Left Behind under Notifications.
  • Then activate Notify When Left Behind (so that the white circle is to the right).
  • Tap New Location under “Notify Me, Except AT” and enter any areas you feel comfortable leaving your AirPods.

2. Set Up The “Find My” App On The Iphone

Set Up The "Find My" App On The Iphone

When your AirPods Pro is lost, it will be too late to begin setting this up. Make sure to install this app as soon as you receive those earphones so you can locate them in case they go lost.

3. Be Conscientious About Its Safety

If you are not willing to invest your attention into its protection, no amount of anti-lost advice can help to find Airpods. Check to ensure they are still in your ears or pocket before getting off a plane or taxi.

When you need to run in a crowded area, make sure your earbuds are out of your ears. In general, avoid using such earbuds in emergencies.

4. Get Airpods Pro Straps Or Air Hooks

Get Airpods Pro Straps Or Air Hooks

It would seem as though using a strap to link both AirPods has rendered this item “100% wireless” ineffective. You may still match the color of the earphones with a very nice strap.

Ear hooks are an alternative if you don’t like the straps. These attach the AirPods to your ear individually and guarantee that the buds are securely fastened. With these hooks, it would be difficult for them to fall off.

5. Get Airpods Pro Carrying Case

Get Airpods Pro Carrying Case

You would need a carrying case for your Airpods Pro. In actuality, it’s one accessory you shouldn’t try to avoid, or you will need to find Airpods when lost. They are the easiest way to keep and transport those little earbuds when not in use.

Can You Track Your AirPods While They Are Charging?

If AirPods are in their charging case, you cannot actively track them. They need to be outside of the casing to connect to your phone. Your AirPods are not linked to Bluetooth, and their location is not being updated when they are in their charging case.

The only device that deviates from this guideline is the AirPods Max, which keeps a connection inside its Smart Case for up to 12 hours. You’ll be relying on the location that the Find My app last had for your missing AirPods when they’re in their case, which may or may not be useful for finding Airpods.

The Find My app may not display a location; instead, it may simply state “offline” or “No location discovered” in some circumstances. It is difficult to locate your AirPods because the Find My app lacks any pertinent information.


Make sure the Airpods Pro doesn’t disappear. But if something untoward occurs and your AirPods Pro is out of your reach, you can use the advice I’ve given here to locate them. Follow the above methods to find Airpods in case you lose them.


How Do I Find My Airpod By Itself?

On your iOS device, open the Find My app. Choose your AirPods from the Devices menu. You’ll see a map with their present location or the last place they were open and powered on. You can use “play sound” to make an audible signal for open AirPods cases to help you find them.

Will Find My Airpods Work If One Is Missing?

Using the Find My app on your iPhone or, you can quickly locate your AirPods. Where your AirPods last made contact with your phone will be displayed. Additionally, if you only need to ring one AirPod, you can do so.

What Do I Do If I Lost Only One Airpod?

Select your AirPods under the Devices tab. Choose Activate under Mark as Lost as you scroll down. If you wish your contact information to appear for your misplaced AirPods, follow the onscreen instructions. Choose Activate.

How Can I Find My Airpod Without Find My iPhone?

You can’t utilize Find Me to find your lost AirPods if you didn’t enable it before they disappeared. You can only track or find a lost or missing device via Find My. Your device cannot be located, tracked, or otherwise flagged by any other Apple service.