How To Find A Lost Android Phone For Free? 4 Ways

How to find my mobile for free, or how do I find my iPhone? It is one of the most asked questions nowadays because we live today where mobile phones are common.

So the ratio of losing your phone is also very common. If you lose your phone, apply a device, or get snatched, there are many ways to find it again. Keep in your mind a few things while finding your lost android phone. One is that your mobile location must be on to be tracked.

If you are trying to find the location of your lost android phone, you are at the right place to find the solution. This article will help you to find your lost android phone for free.

how to find a lost android phone for free

how to find a lost android phone for free | 4 Ways To Get Your Phone Back

Let’s discuss the four ways to find your lost android phone’s location:

1. Locate your phone using your Google Account

If your android phone is lost or snatched, it can be found, erased, or deleted. If you have signed in to your Google account, Find my Device should be turned on.

If you want to find your lost android phone, be careful about:

  • Your device should be turned on.
  • It should be signed in to your Google account.
  • It should be connected to data or wifi.
  • It should be visible to Google Play.
  • The location should be turned on.
  • Find my Device should be turned on.

To remotely find, delete, or erase:

  • Go to android.com/find, then sign in to your Google Account.
  • If you have more than one phone, select the lost phone on the top of the screen.
  • The lost phone will have a notification.
  • Your phone will have a notification on the map about the location.
  • The location can be approximate but not accurate.
  • If you do not find your phone, you can see the last location, if available.
  • Select what you want to do. If necessary, Enable lock and erase.
Locating a lost mobile phone

2. Secure your device and leave a contact number

  • The first thing one should do for the device’s security is making sure the software is updated.
  • Use a strong password, and no one can easily guess.
  • Please do not change your phone’s security settings on your own, as they are pretty safe.
  • Avoid using an unencrypted public wireless network.
  • Do not believe that paid access wifi is secure.
  • URLs with “https” are safer but not foolproof.
  • If you find a VPN (Virtual Private Network), avail it. It provides security to a network if your phone automatically fills in login information and password on your most-used apps, turn off this feature. It can be a privacy threat.
  • It would be best if you were careful about your apps. Apps are good, and many of them are free. But you should take a look at some reviews before downloading any app.

3. Locate your android smartphone in your house using a smart speaker

Our cellphones are portable, compact in size, and easy to carry. They can also be lost more easily than our landline phones.

If your phone is lost somewhere at home, it can be found by following some tricks:

  • Call on your android phone from another phone, listen to the ringtone carefully and search where the sound is coming from. If another phone is not available, then go for other sources.
  • Search your lost android phone in sofas and cushions. Commonly they get hidden on the couch or pill cushions. Check between the space.
  • You can also search for lost android phones in drawers, cabinets, beds, etc. You may also check the refrigerator, and it may sound funny! But possibly it can happen sometimes, and you forget your phone in the fridge.
  • Your lost android phone can be found in cars. Search underneath the driver’s seat, the pocket behind the seat covers, and small areas where it can be easily lost.
  • Another option is to call your wireless service provider to locate your lost phone by GPS if the lost Android phone is not at home.
Mobile left on a table

4. Google is your best solution for finding your phone

From a recent update, it was found that Google made some of their search pages results in a bit updated. That means now you can find your lost android phone quickly by locating it from the search results.

For instance, when you type the phrase where my phone is? Google will show you a little map above search results, and then it will try to find your lost android phone.

When you find it, let your phone ring by clicking ring. It is more convenient to find your lost phone quickly.

If you don’t have a laptop, you can find it on someone else phone. You can use find my device instead of using the browser.

The other option can be signing in as a guest through guest mode. You should be able to track your lost device this way. If not found yet, your lost device has no internet access.

After signing in to your account, make sure location history and location reporting are turned on. The timeline feature on Google Maps does not focus on tracking your lost phone.

You can have a better option of using your location data for different things, like looking for past travel routes. It is the best way to locate your lost phone.

If your lost phone and it is off, try location history data to find the last recorded location.

You can also use google photos location to locate your lost android phone. For this, you need to:

If your Android phone was snatched, use google photos. When you log in to your Google Photos from your laptop and have backup and sync mode on, you can find all your pictures there.

That is good news! How? If the person who stoles your phone clicks any picture, it will be uploaded to your Google Photos and location.

If you are still logged into your account, your location on photos is turned on. You can easily find the location of those pictures uploaded after you lost your Android phone.

So if you find this opportunity to get back your phone through the photo’s location, you are lucky! Do not panic and try to reach that location with authorities and safety. You might get your lost Android phone.

Here meeting all requirements, what you need to do is:

  • Go to photos.google.com, log into the device which you logged into your lost android phone
  • Refresh google photos, and check if there is any picture taken after your phone was stolen.
  • If yes, open the image.
  • Select the icon bar on the right side.
  • Go to image information or details and find out the location.

What Should You Do if You Find a Lost Android Phone?

You find a lost android phone in the washroom, at a shopping mall, or back of the cab. You feel bad for the owner who lost it and want to return it to its owner because it may be you someday. And it is your ethical responsibility also not to keep it yourself.

So if you want to send a lost android phone back to its owner but do not know the procedure, it is the right place to learn. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Losing your smartphone is like losing something very dear to you. So if you find a lost android phone on any place or floor, being a good human, you naturally want to return it to the owner.

But due to security concerns on mobile, like fingerprints, facial unlock, and passwords, it is difficult to call the owner directly.

Before giving it to the police and leaving the rest to them, here are some tricks you can use to return this lost phone to the owner yourself.

1. Check the mobile for contact information:

Some people are aware of losing cellphone, and they put their info somewhere on the device. But it is not always there.

Some people leave their emergency contact number on their lock screen. So when someone finds their phone, they can immediately contact him and give it back to the owner so early.

Many phones have this feature, whether android or Apple iPhone.

It would help if you touched the emergency button on the screen. If you find an emergency contact number, call them and ask to give the owner your phone number.

There is another possibility of finding the owner’s

contact information. If the lost Android phone you found has a case on it, remove that and check if there is any information inside it.

Because many people do that as a precaution if they lose their phone. Suppose you find any contact inside the case, contact and return the phone to its owner.

2. Try the phone’s voice assistant:

If you can not find any information on the phone, try voice assistant to make a call. Mostly, phones allow you to talk to Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Samsung Bixby if the phone is locked.

You can disable this feature, but most people do not do it if they lose their phone somewhere.

So, try voice assistant by pressing the home button in Apple and Bixby buttons in Samsung. And say “Hey Siri, hey Bixby, or hey Google,” respectively.

Wait for the response. If you get it, say call mom or call father. It depends on your luck! If you would be able to place a call, you can tell them all situation.

Phone voice assistant

3. Take it to the carrier (or police):

If you have made all the possible efforts mentioned above, they did not work. The final solution is to give it to the local police.

If you find a Verizon phone, you can submit it to the nearby store, where they will try to contact its owner.

Prepare before your mobile gets lost or got stolen by a thief

Losing your cell phone creates panic. How to find your lost Android phone? Or how to prepare before theft or loss?

Here are some tricks you should follow:

1. Use strong password protection:

It is the first and strongest protection you should give to your phone. Today, most phones are given biometrics authentication.

It requires fingerprint or facial recognition technology. But still, your password must be strong enough so that no one can easily guess it.

If it is easy to think of your password, one can quickly unlock your phone and change the biometric settings.

2. Enable find my phone:

The GPS helps you find a nearby restaurant and a quick way home. It can also help you protect your Android phone from missing. The phone must be on and has a cellular or wifi connection for this advantage.

A cellphone can also be traceable with the help of the last location recorded when it was powered on. Location tracking must be on to find the lost Android phone on a map.

3. Attach a note:

It may not be appreciated to spoil your phone looks. But it is beneficial for you and the cellphone if you lose it and an honest person finds it.

Tape a tiny piece of paper with your email or contact number. So the person who has found your cellphone may contact you.

4. Back up your photos and videos

In most Android cell phones, backup is given for photo settings. These settings appear mostly when you set your phone the first time. But it can be changed through the Android device manager app.

On an Android phone, you can save your memories in Google Drive, which you can back up on different devices.

5. Write your unique ID number:

Smartphones have a unique ID number, known as the phone’s IMEI number. It is etched in the cellphone structure and cannot be altered.

Your cell carrier has this number and may write it down in the missing list. In some police stations, they note IMEI so that they can return your phone if it is recovered.

Mobile IEMI number

Customize and expand on location methods

Sometimes the app needs to request location or receive permission updates. Your android device needs an appropriate system to enable system settings.

Such as wifi and GPS. The app specifies the system setting. The system location request data object defines these settings.

Install a Tracking App to Secure device and Track Device location of a Lost Mobile Phone in the Future

How to find my lost android phone? You must download any tracking app or “find my device app” from the google play store to secure and track your device of loss.

There are many apps possible to track your lost android phone. They are powerful enough to track all kinds of Samsung phones, Samsung devices, Ipad, tablets, or any other cell phone.

To track a lost device, log in to the control panel, and the device should be marked as missing. After this, various features are presented.

The features usually include GPS location, capture photos, and more. Follow the steps as you log into prey:

  • Find your phone on a map using GPS or wifi
  • Take pictures
  • Locate your device
  • Trigger a loud alarm remotely
  • Gather the network information
Tracking application

Can I Use the Methods to Find a Lost Android Phone to Locate Friday Night Funkin on my Android?

If you want to play friday night funkin on android, you can use methods similar to those used to locate a lost Android phone. By following these techniques, you may be able to find and enjoy the popular game on your Android device.

Can the Methods for Finding Hidden Apps on Android Devices Also Help Locate a Lost Phone?

Yes, the ways to find hidden apps on Android devices can also assist in locating a lost phone. By using similar methods to uncover hidden applications, such as checking the app drawer, settings, or using third-party software, users can potentially track down their missing device as well.


Today, mobile phones are a must for all of us. We can do most of the work through it. They are easy to carry and suitable in size.

With all this, they have more chances of being lost or stolen. This article has all the details if you are searching for how to find my lost android phone for free? Try to secure your phone as soon as possible when you buy it to prevent it from snatching or losing.

Use strong passwords and biometric recognition. Leave an email address or contact number if your Android phone is found by someone who can return it to you.