How To Edit PDF In SharePoint

Unlock seamless document editing with our guide on How To Edit PDF In SharePoint. Editing PDF files in SharePoint can be a challenge, as it is not directly supported within the platform. However, there are some workarounds and alternatives available.

One option is to download the PDF file, edit it on your local PC, and then upload it back to the document library in SharePoint. Another option is to use Adobe Acrobat DC and map a SharePoint library with Adobe itself. This allows you to edit the PDF file within Adobe.

Microsoft and Adobe are working on better integration of Adobe in Office 365, so improvements in PDF document editing within SharePoint can be expected in the future. There is also a suggestion to open PDFs in Word, although this may not work for all documents. Some users have expressed frustration with the lack of functionality and have requested better integration and editing options within SharePoint.

Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat, such as PDFInApp, offer cost-effective solutions for editing PDF files in SharePoint and SharePoint Online.

Alternatives for Editing PDF Files in SharePoint

Explore alternative options for editing PDF files in SharePoint. While editing PDF files directly within the platform is not supported, there are workarounds available to meet your document editing needs.

One solution is to download the PDF file from SharePoint, edit it on your local PC using software like Adobe Acrobat DC, and then upload the edited file back to the SharePoint document library. By mapping a SharePoint library with Adobe, you can seamlessly edit PDF files within Adobe itself, taking advantage of its robust editing capabilities.

Microsoft and Adobe are actively working on improving integration between Adobe and Office 365, including SharePoint. This collaboration holds promise for enhanced PDF document editing within SharePoint in the future, delivering a more seamless and efficient editing experience.

In addition to using Adobe Acrobat, you can also consider cost-effective alternatives like PDFInApp. This solution offers a convenient and affordable way to edit PDF files in SharePoint and SharePoint Online, providing a user-friendly interface and efficient editing features.

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