How to disable ” add new users from Project”

The site configuration window and the parameter ADD_NEW_USERS_FRPM_PROJECT is set to  “N”, assume that users can not add from project customization , but add user button has been enabled in project customization window.
Regarding to the Add users permission from within the project customization module, when the parameter ADD_NEW_USERS_FRPM_PROJECT = N is configured in the site configuration, users are not allowed to Add New users to the site; but this does not disable the Add Users (which allow to add existing users in the site to the project) which makes this as expected behavior.

One way to manage Add users option would be to have only few tdadmin users allowed to add existing users to the site, and create groups based on the tdadmin, but with the users tab disabled in customization, so they will not be able to add existing users to the project.

  1. As is not possible to disable the add user button, I found the option to hide all the Project user module, please check the below steps.
  2. Go to customize > Groups & permissions.
  3. Create a new tdGroup, please called it “newTdadminGroup”
  4. Add the example user to the group
  5. On permissions tab > uncheck Set Up Project Users > Save

Now when user uses his username to login into ALM, and  goes to customize, the Project user module is not available.

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