How to Delete a Discord Server

Discord and Discord servers are two of the most important elements of a gamer’s gaming setup. Discord is the biggest and the best online communication tool for talking with people who live far from you.

Users can create groups known as servers to talk and text their friends. Servers can be quite fun. A lot of popular gamers, streamers, and content creators have their own discord servers where you can share memes, text people, and talk with them.

You can create a server of your own for your friends and add interactive bots for fun. If you own a server and it is being inactive or a lot of content is being spammed, you may consider deleting your server.

If you do not know how to delete a Discord server, check this article out. 

Ways to Delete a Discord server

How to delete a Discord Server

Discord has various client applications available for various platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Discord servers are deleted, most of the time for these two reasons-

  1. The server is inactive.
  2. You have strange visitors on your server.

Before we get into the steps to be taken to delete a Discord server, let us divide these platforms into two on the basis of the type of devices they are – PCs and Mobile devices (phones and tablets). It is important that you know that only the owner can delete their servers. 

The following procedures will tell you how to delete a discord server on your devices. 

Deleting a Discord Server on your Windows or Mac PCs

If you are wondering how to delete a discord server, with access to a computer, you can do so with the help of both, the Discord client or the Discord website. If you do not have the Discord application for your computer, you can download it from the Discord download webpage.

Once you have downloaded the desktop application or gone on to the website, follow these instructions. 

  1. Log on to your profile with your login credentials, which are usually your registered email address or phone number, and the password. If you have your discord logged in on your mobile, you can use it to scan the QR code to log in, instantly. Skip this step, if you are already logged in.
  2. On the side of the Discord window, you’ll see a list of all the servers you are in. Click on the server you own to open the main text channel of the server.
  3. In the server window, click on the dropdown menu named after your server’s name. 
  4. Here, select Server settings from the drop-down menu and scroll down on the left panel.
Server Settings option
  1. Click Delete server at the bottom and a small dialog box will appear on the screen.
Delete server option in the Server settings
  1. Enter your server name and click on the Delete Server button.
The Delete server prompt window with the enter server name slot

This will delete your Server. If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you have to enter the six-digit authentication code that you will receive in your registered email address or mobile number.

Deleting a Discord Server through the Discord app for Mobiles

If you do not have the desktop app, you can use the discord app on your mobile device to use the delete server option. The discord app can be download for android devices from the Google Play Store and Apple (iOS) users can download it from the App Store.

If you have the Discord application, here’s how to delete a discord server:

  1. Launch the Discord server and go into your server.
  2. Touch and swipe your phone to the right or select the hamburger menu on the top-left corner to open the Server channels list.
The three dots menu next to the server name
  1. Tap the three dots menu, next to the server name, and click on the Settings (gear icon).
The Settings option for the server
  1. Click on the three dots menu in the next page and choose Delete Server.
The Delete Server option for a server
  1. In the prompt dialog box, click Delete server
The Delete server window for the Discord mobile app

The app will ask you why you are deleting the server, you can choose a reason or close the window by tapping on the X button on top.

Alternate ideas to execute instead of Deleting your Discord Server

There are two things that you can do instead of wiping your discord server out. After all, people can always use it, if your server existed and there isn’t much change to be brought on your Discord profile or computer if you remove your serve.

As an alternate, you can transfer ownership to a different server member, so that you no longer have to be responsible for the server’s management. Another option is to delete discord and use a different application, altogether, for online communication.

Making a fellow member the server owner

If you are looking to give up the responsibility as a server’s owner, you needn’t permanently delete the server, instead, you can transfer ownership of the server to one of the server members.

If you are considering not deleting the server and want to transfer the position of the owner to a member, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Discord application and go into the server you own. 
  2. Click on the down-facing arrow on the upper-left corner and go into the server’s settings with the gear icon on its right. 
  3. Scroll down on the left pane and select the Members option under the User Management section.
The Members tab in the Server settings
  1. Move your mouse pointer over the member’s name, who you want to appoint as your succeeding owner. A three-dot menu will appear on the right side of the name. 
The vertical three dots menu next to the member's name
  1. Click on it and select Transfer Ownership from the pop-up menu. 
The Transfer Ownership option for a member
  1. In the small dialog box, click on the acknowledgement toggle switch and then, select Transfer Ownership.
The Ownership transferring confirmation window

You will no longer be the owner of the server.

If you wanted to delete discord because of some bugs that you have experienced while using it, you can shift to other applications. If you use discord, mainly, for online gaming, you can try using the in-game voice chat or adding voice mods to your game. You can also join a new server, that is active. 

These are the methods to delete your discord server and alternate ideas that you can follow, instead of deleting them. Hope you found this article helpful! Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete a server on discord mobile?

If you wish to delete a server on your discord mobile app, you need to be the server’s owner. If you are the server’s owner, go into the server’s settings, and on the server settings page, touch the three-dot menu on top. In the prompt window, select Delete to permanently delete your server.

How do I delete a discord server?

You can delete the discord server that you own by going into the server’s settings and selecting the Delete server option on the bottom of the left-side menu. You will have to enter an authentication code, if 2FA is enabled.

How do I leave a discord server I own?

To leave the server you own, you first have to transfer your ownership to someone else. For this, go into your server settings, open the Members option, move your pointer on one of the members and open the member options. Choose the Transfer Ownership option, check the toggle box, and press the Transfer Ownership button again. After this is done, you can click on the left-hand menu and select the leave server option.

Can you clear a channel in discord?

Yes, the server owners can clear a channel on Discord. Right-click on the channel that you want to delete and select the Delete channel option. Confirm it in the prompt box to get rid of it.