How to create or modify SAP Solution Manager structured parameters

Starting on Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.52, it is possible to pass complex values from SAP Solution Manager to UFT tests.

When working in integrated mode with SAP Solution Manager, structure-type test parameters can be used to pass complex values such as XML values or arrays from a Solution Manager test script to a GUI test, or vice versa.

The structured parameters are created and maintained in SAP Solution Manager. After test parameters are defined via SAP Solution Manager the action parameters can be mapped to the structured parameters in the test. When a test runs, UFT receives the defined structure from SAP Solution Manager, and resolves the mapped local parameter with the actual structured parameter value from SAP Solution Manager.

To create or modify the structured parameters of a test:

1. From SAP Solution Manager, launch the test as an external test (UFT will open with the test displayed)

2. In the Parameters tab of the Properties pane, click the Maintain SAP Parameters icon . If the Properties Pane is not already open, select View > Properties to open it (SAP Solutions Manager opens and UFT is hidden)

Note: SAP Structured Parameters can be maintained only in SAP Solution Manager.

3. In SAP Solutions Manager, create or modify the desired structure parameters, save your changes and click Back (UFT re-opens with the changes now available)

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