How To Create A Survey In Microsoft Teams

Are you struggling to create a survey in Microsoft Teams for your next team meeting or project? A handy feature of Teams is the ability to whip up quick polls using Microsoft Forms.

This blog post will take you through an easy, step-by-step guide on how to create, share and manage these surveys effectively. Dive in as we simplify this process and make online collaboration more engaging!

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft Teams allows users to easily create and manage surveys using the integrated Microsoft Forms feature.
  • Users can start a new survey by opening Microsoft Teams, searching for “Microsoft Forms,” and creating a new survey with unique questions and participant selection.
  • Surveys can be scheduled to be sent out at a specific time or shared directly in Teams channels for easy access.
  • Survey responses can be viewed, downloaded, and analyzed within Microsoft Teams, providing valuable insights for decision-making.

Steps to Create a Survey in Microsoft Teams

To create a survey in Microsoft Teams, start by creating a new survey and naming it accordingly. Provide the survey questions and choose the participants who will receive the survey.

Schedule the survey to be sent out at a specific time and date.

Creating a New Survey

Starting a new survey in Microsoft Teams can be done through the simple steps outlined below:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams application on your device.
  2. Click on the ‘Apps’ icon at the bottom left corner of the application’s interface.
  3. Type ‘Microsoft Forms‘ into the search bar that appears and select it from the dropdown list of options.
  4. Click on ‘Create a New Survey’. This will open up a blank form where you can start building your survey.
  5. Each survey needs a unique identifier, so consider naming your survey in a way that is recognizable to potential participants.
  6. You have numerous question types for surveys to choose from when creating new queries, including multiple choice, text-based answers, rating scales, and more.
  7. Once you’ve decided on what questions to include, enter them one-by-one into the ‘add question’ section of the form.
  8. Be sure to save periodically during the process of designing your survey within Microsoft Teams.

Naming Your Survey

Begin the process of creating a survey in Microsoft Teams by giving your survey a suitable title. This step is crucial and should not be overlooked as it helps you and the participants understand the purpose of your survey at just a glance, cutting out any confusion.

It’s advisable to keep the name concise yet informative enough for respondents to know what they’re signing up for.

To successfully name your survey in Microsoft Teams, navigate to “Forms” in Teams, click on “New Form” and then input an appropriate title into the space provided. The best names are usually those that accurately reflect the content or goal of your questionnaire.

These could range from straightforward titles like “Team Satisfaction Survey” to more detailed ones such as “Q2 Team Performance Feedback”.

Providing Survey Questions

Creating survey questions in Microsoft Teams involves a simple yet comprehensive process. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Click on the Menu (“…”) below the message box, which opens up several options.
  2. Select Microsoft Forms from the displayed choices, indicating your wish to develop a survey.
  3. Type in a title for your survey, ensuring that it clearly conveys the purpose of your questionnaire.
  4. Use the Add Question feature to input your desired survey questions. This feature allows you to present multiple questions at once if necessary.
  5. Choose your preferred question format from an array of options such as Multiple Choice, Text or Date.
  6. Each formulated question can be marked as mandatory, ensuring that participants provide an answer before submitting their responses.
  7. Advanced features such as branching can be used, allowing certain questions to pop up based on specific answers given by the participant.
  8. Survey creation in Microsoft Teams also enables collaboration and sharing, making it possible for other team members to assist in creating and refining survey questions.

Choosing Participants

To create a survey in Microsoft Teams, the first step is choosing participants. You can easily select individuals or groups within your organization to participate in the survey. By doing so, you ensure that only the intended audience receives and responds to the survey.

This helps to gather relevant feedback and insights from those who are directly involved or affected by the topic of the survey. With Microsoft Teams’ user-friendly interface, selecting participants for your survey becomes a simple task that can be done with just a few clicks.

Scheduling the Survey

To schedule a survey in Microsoft Teams, follow these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and go to the channel or chat where you want to create the survey.
  2. Click on the “+” button in the message box to open the app tray.
  3. Search for “Microsoft Forms” and select it from the list of available apps.
  4. In the Microsoft Forms window, click on the “New Form” button to start creating a new survey.
  5. Give your survey a name that accurately represents its purpose.
  6. Add all the necessary survey questions by clicking on the “+” button under each section.
  7. Choose from a variety of question types such as multiple choice, rating scale, text response, and more.
  8. Customize each question by adding options, instructions, and required fields as needed.
  9. Once you have added all your questions, click on the “Send” button to choose participants for your survey.
  10. You can select specific individuals or entire groups from your Microsoft Teams contacts list.
  11. After selecting participants, you can schedule when you want to send out the survey by choosing a specific date and time or sending it immediately.

Viewing and Managing Survey Responses

To view and manage survey responses in Microsoft Teams, users can easily access and download poll results, monitor survey progress, and view response lists within the platform.

Viewing and Downloading Poll Results

To view and download poll results in Microsoft Teams, follow these steps:

  1. Open the form in Microsoft Teams.
  2. Select the Responses tab to access the survey responses.
  3. The Responses tab will display a summary of responses for each question in the form.
  4. To view detailed poll results, click on a specific question from the list.
  5. You can analyze response data by using advanced analysis and visualization features offered by Microsoft Forms.
  6. To download the poll results, simply click on the “View Results” button.
  7. The downloaded file will contain all the response data from the survey.

Managing the Survey

To effectively manage your survey in Microsoft Teams, follow these steps:

  1. View and Download Poll Results: After participants have responded to the survey, you can view and download the poll results. This allows you to analyze the data and gain insights into participants’ responses.
  2. Manage the Survey: Microsoft Teams provides options to edit and customize your survey even after it has been created. You can make changes to the survey questions, add or remove question options, and update any other relevant information.
  3. View Survey Results and Response List: In Microsoft Teams, you can easily access the results of your survey by selecting the “Responses” tab within the Forms interface. This will provide a summary of all responses in a graphical format for easy visualization.
  4. Analyze Graphical Summary: The graphical summary of response data allows you to quickly identify trends or patterns in participant feedback. Use this feature to gain valuable insights that can inform decision-making.
  5. Conduct Polls: If you’re conducting a live meeting or presentation within Microsoft Teams, you have the option to create and launch polls before, during, or after the session. This enables real-time engagement with participants and instant collection of feedback.

Viewing Survey Results and Response List

To view and manage survey responses in Microsoft Teams, you have several options and features available:

  1. Detailed response analysis: You can view detailed responses from each respondent and open them in an editable spreadsheet by selecting “View results” and “Open in Excel” respectively.
  2. Results summary: The Results view in Microsoft Teams Survey app provides a comprehensive summary of the survey responses, including the number of responses received for each question and the percentage breakdown for multiple-choice questions.
  3. Response review: In Microsoft Forms, you can review the response summary information for a specific form by selecting the “Responses” tab. This allows you to see an overview of all the responses collected.
  4. Graphical representation: The graphical view option allows you to see a visual representation of the survey questions, number of responses, and percentages. This helps in understanding the overall trends and patterns from the survey data.
  5. Collaborative editing: Microsoft Teams allows you to collaborate with colleagues to create, edit, and review forms together. This means that multiple team members can access and analyze survey responses simultaneously, making it easier to discuss and draw insights from the data.
  6. Real-time poll results: If you are using polls within Microsoft Teams chat or channels, you can see real-time results as participants respond. The Polls tab or Polls pane will display these results as they come in.
  7. Data analysis capabilities: Microsoft Forms provides options for data analysis and viewing correct answers through features like inspect element. These tools help you analyze your survey data more effectively and extract meaningful insights.

Additional Features and Options

– The Polly app can be used to enhance survey capabilities in Microsoft Teams, providing additional features such as real-time polling and advanced analytics.

Using the Polly App for Surveys

The Polly app is a valuable tool for conducting surveys within Microsoft Teams. This third-party app offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive features that make it easy to create and manage surveys.

Users can utilize Polly to create quick polls in their conversations, gather feedback, and collect valuable insights from their team members. The app provides additional options to enhance the survey experience in Microsoft Teams, allowing users to analyze poll results and view response lists effortlessly.

With its availability as a free extension for Microsoft Teams, Polly has become a popular choice among users looking for an efficient way to gather data and opinions from their teammates.

Exploring Polly App Features

The Polly app in Microsoft Teams offers a variety of features to enhance collaboration and productivity. Here are some of the key features you can explore:

  • Native integration: Polly is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams, allowing users to easily create and manage surveys within the platform.
  • Collaboration features: With Polly, you can collaborate with your team members in real-time by creating instant polls and gathering feedback during meetings or discussions.
  • Productivity features: The app provides options for scheduling surveys, choosing voting options, selecting question types, adjusting anonymity levels, and controlling results visibility. This helps you tailor your surveys to meet the specific needs of your team or organization.
  • Instant polls: Polly allows you to create quick and responsive polls that can be launched instantly during a Teams meeting or conversation. This enables efficient decision-making and promotes active participation from all participants.
  • Live results: As participants respond to the poll, you can view live results in real-time. This feature provides immediate feedback and allows you to make data-driven decisions on the spot.
  • Scheduling options: With Polly, you have the flexibility to schedule surveys at a convenient time for your team. This ensures that everyone has ample time to respond and eliminates scheduling conflicts.
  • Voting options: The app offers various voting options such as multiple choice, rating scales, open-ended questions, and more. This allows you to gather different types of feedback depending on the nature of your survey.
  • Question types: You can choose from a range of question types provided by Polly including single choice, multiple choice, rating scales, open-ended questions, and more. This ensures that you can collect diverse responses based on your survey goals.
  • Anonymity levels: Polly allows users to control the level of anonymity for survey participants. You can choose between anonymous responses or identifying respondents. This feature promotes transparency while respecting individual privacy preferences.
  • Results visibility: You have the option to decide who can view the survey results. You can choose to keep the results private or share them with the entire team. This allows you to maintain confidentiality or foster transparency, depending on your organizational needs.

Availability and Pricing of Polly App

Polly is a highly accessible survey app that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, providing a user-friendly platform for creating, distributing, and managing surveys. Its availability and pricing details can be found on the software review website, Capterra.

Availability Pricing
Polly can be installed as an add-on in Microsoft Teams. Polly’s pricing details are available on Capterra for comparison with other survey tools.
The app allows users to create surveys in Microsoft Teams channels or group chats by simply mentioning “@polly. Pricing varies depending on the features and plans chosen, providing flexibility for different business needs.
Polly is recognized as one of the best apps for Microsoft Teams in 2023. Users can compare Polly’s pricing with that of other apps like Trivia, a fun social virtual team-building app.


In conclusion, creating a survey in Microsoft Teams is a simple and efficient way to gather insights and feedback from participants. With the integrated features of Microsoft Forms and the Polly app, users can easily create surveys with multiple questions and schedule them for distribution.

By utilizing these tools, teams can streamline their data collection process and make informed decisions based on the survey results. So why wait? Start creating surveys in Microsoft Teams today and unlock the power of collaboration and data analysis!

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