How to change permissions for a default user group

When an administrator of a project logs into the Customize section of that project to change the permissions for a system defined user group, he is only able to View the group permissions and not change them (the "Change" button is disabled).


Adding a new user group

By default, TestDirector does not allow the customization of default system defined user groups. When a project requires that certain user groups have privileges that are outside the scope of their default permissions, you can add customized user groups and assign each group a unique set of privileges.

1. Launch TestDirector and click on Customize.
2. Log into the desired TestDirector project as an administrator.
3. Click on the Setup Groups link in the Project Customization window. The Setup Groups dialog box opens.
4. Click on the New button. The New Group dialog box opens.
5. In the Name box, type a name for the user group.
6. In the Create As list, assign the new group the privileges of an existing user group. By default, TestDirector will assign the new group privileges from the first group in the list.
7. Click <OK>.
8. Click <Yes> to confirm. The new group name is added to the Groups list in the Setup Groups dialog box.
9. Highlight the new group name and click on the Change button. The Permissions Settings dialog box opens. Customize the permissions for this new group according to preference.
10. Click <OK> to save changes and close the Permissions Settings dialog box.
11. Click <OK> to close the Setup Groups dialog box.

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