How To Change NAT Type On Xbox One: 7 Solutions

If you cannot join multiplayer games or cannot party chat with other players on your Xbox One, a strict NAT type might be the reason for it. 

Read on how to change nat type on Xbox One to fix the strict NAT problem and enjoy the whole multiplayer gaming experience on Xbox One.

What is NAT?

In homes and offices, many devices connect to the Internet through a single gateway (mostly a router-cum-modem device) – your PC, mobile devices, printers, and gaming consoles like the Play Station or the Xbox One. NAT (or Network Address Translation) is your router’s technology to identify these devices and send the incoming data to the correct device. 

Xbox NAT Types

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) sometimes restricts the kind of content to be forwarded to different devices. It uses different NAT types to do this. Different consoles follow various naming schemes for these NAT types.

For example, Sony consoles like the PS4 and PS5 use NAT Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3. But Microsoft makes it even easier on the Xbox One by having one of three NAT types at any given time:

Open NAT Type 

This is the ideal NAT type for multiplayer gaming. It does not restrict the data flowing in or out of your Xbox One. If your Xbox One enjoys an Open NAT type, you can chat, voice call, text, and join any multiplayer game from your Xbox One.

Moderate NAT Type

A moderate NAT type restricts certain traffic from reaching your Xbox One. A moderate NAT type will spoil some of your multiplayer gaming fun by not allowing you to join some games or chat with some players.

Strict NAT Type

If you are getting a Strict NAT type on Xbox One, then you are pretty much off multiplayer gaming. You will face many problems on a strict NAT type – you won’t be able to host multiplayer games and party chat and will experience poor performance, including lags and drops.

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The Problem – Xbox One Strict NAT Type

Usually, your Router uses another technology called UPnP or Universal Plug n Play to route the incoming requests to the correct device automatically. But, sometimes, the UPnP is not enabled, or it does not work reliably.

So, your Xbox One NAT type changes to Strict. Then, you won’t be able to host multiplayer games or party chat on the Internet.

The Diagnosis – Find out Xbox One NAT Type

Before we move on to fix the Xbox One NAT type problem, you first need to find out the NAT type on your console.

To find out NAT Type on your Xbox One:

  • Hit the Xbox button on your game controller
  • Click on Profile & System
  • Next, click on the Settings option
How To Change NAT Type on Xbox One
  • Click on General
  • Navigate to the Network Settings tab 
Change Xbox Network Settings to Get Open NAT type
  • Click on Test NAT Type
Click on Test NAT Type to see your Xbox NAT type
  • You will see your current NAT Type listed here.
Xbox One Strict NAT Type Problem AW

How To Change NAT Type On Xbox One

  1. Automatically Change Xbox NAT Type with UPnP
  2. Disable “Instant On” and Enable “ Energy Saver”
  3. Manual Reset
  4. Alternate Port Selection – Manual Select a Port that Provides NAT Open Type
  5. Refresh UPnP Xbox – LT + RT + LB + RB Key Combo
  6. Manually Change NAT Type – Port Forwarding on Xbox One
  7. Bonus Method – Port Triggering Xbox One

For the best multiplayer gaming experience, you should aim for the Open NAT type on your Xbox. You can set the Xbox NAT type to Open automatically using UPnP or manually.

(Please note that these methods work for both Xbox One and the Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X because Microsoft aims to maintain compatibility across different generations of its gaming console).

1. Automatically Change Xbox NAT Type with UPnP

Enable UPnP on Xbox One

To enable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) on Xbox One:

  • Open your router login page in your web browser. (The exact process varies for different models, and you should check out your router’s user manual to do this).
  • Login to your router with your username and password (Again, default values for these depend on your router’s model, but if you changed them, then use those values).
  • Search for the UPnP menu (Its location will depend on your router’s make).
  • Check the box to Enable UPnP. 
  • Save the changes and exit your router’s admin panel
  • Now, open the Settings app  on your Xbox One
  • Click on the Network tab
  • Click on the Test NAT type tile to check your NAT type.

If you still do not get the Open NAT type, you need to fix some issues with UPnP on your Xbox One.

Troubleshooting UPnP – 4 Simple Tricks to Set UPnP Right on Xbox One

Xbox One uses UPnP to port forward requests from the router automatically. However, if your Xbox stays inactive for some time, other devices request the router to release those ports to them. This dynamic port allocation helps optimize resources while also providing better security.

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When your Xbox One is again ready to receive its data, it needs to request the router to open ports. But the Xbox One needs to reboot to do this. However, some settings prevent your Xbox One from a complete restart. You can fix this in a couple of ways to enable UPnP to function correctly on the Xbox One.

2. Disable “Instant On” But Enable “Energy Saver”

The “Instant On” option bypasses the entire reset process if you reboot your Xbox One. So, you should disable this “Instant On” setting to do a complete reset every time your Xbox One restarts.

This way, it will make new requests to the router for port forwarding after periods of inactivity. So, your UPnP will function correctly, and you will get NAT type Open.

Enabling “Energy Saver” also forces a full reset on reboot. So, you should also enable this option.

3. Manual Hard Reset

If the above tweaks don’t work, you should reset your Xbox One manually. You should press and hold down the power button on your console for 20 seconds for this to happen.

A manual reset will refresh your console’s Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) settings and send a new port forwarding request to the router. Hopefully, you will now get an Open NAT type to enjoy multiplayer gaming.

4. Alternate Port Selection – Manual Select a Port that Provides NAT Open Type

You can try to manually set a port if it has an Open NAT type at the moment.

  • Go to Network Settings
Go to Network Settings
  • Click on Advanced Settings
See if other ports have Open NAT type by going into Advanced Settings
  • Click on Alternate Port Selection
Alternate Port Selection is a clever hack to solve Xbox Strict NAT type issue
  • Toggle the switch from Automatic to Manual
Manually a port can solve the Xbox Strict NAT type issue
  • Check if any of the listed ports shows Open NAT type. Then, you can select that port to fix the issue.
See if any port on the list provides Open NAT type

5. Refresh UPnP Xbox – LT + RT + LB + RB Key Combo

If the above solutions do not work, you should 

  • Test your multiplayer connection. Go to the Settings app 
  • Click on System Settings
  • Select Network Settings
  • Chose Wired Network or Wireless Network (depending on how you connect to your router)
  • Click on Test Xbox LIVE Connection 
  • When the multiplayer connection test completes, hold down the LT + RT + LB + RB key combo.
  • You reach an Advanced options box now.
  • Here, Xbox One automatically tries to renew UPnP and make new port forwarding requests to the router.

6. Manually Change NAT Type Using Port Forwarding

If none of the above methods solves the Strict NAT type issue, you must manually port forward data from your router to your Xbox One. First, you need to give your Xbox a static IP address and then update router settings to tell it to port forward requests to this IP address.

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To find out your Xbox One’s IP address:

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Network Settings
Network Settings are key to solve Xbox Strict NAT problem
  • Select Advanced Settings
Find Xbox IP address under Advanced Settings under Network Settings
  • Click on IP Settings
Note down Xbox IP Address and Mac Address to Manually Port Forward
  • Note down the IP Address and Mac Address 

To Setup Port Forwarding on your router:

  • Go to the Router login page  using a web browser from your PC (The exact process depends on your router’s model)
  • Set your Xbox IP Address in your router settings as Static (The specifics again depend on your router) and punch in the IP address you grabbed from your Xbox.
  • Go to your router’s Port Forwarding option. 
  • You need to set three parameters: the service name ( your Xbox One), the Protocol (UDP and TCP), and the port numbers.
  • Enter these port numbers – 3074, 88, 80, and 53 – these are the ports the Xbox One commonly uses. Make sure to set the service name to Xbox One and the protocol to UDP and TCP.
  • Save the changes and exit the router admin page.
  • Your Xbox should now get an Open NAT type.

7. Bonus Method – Use Port Triggering to Fix Xbox NAT type Problem

You could do one better than port forwarding to fix the Xbox NAT type issue by using Port Triggering. The port trigger function is similar to port forwarding but fine-tunes the process dynamically.

  • Log in to your router admin page from your web browser
  • Search for the NAT – Port Triggering option (The actual location will depend on your router’s make)
  • Type Xbox in the application/service type field
  • Add the ports – 80, 53, 88, and 3074 – as port numbers and UPD/TCP  as the protocols.
  • Save and Exit


Xbox Strict NAT Type stops you from enjoying the full multiplayer gaming experience. You cannot host multiplayer games, party chat, and face lags when you play on a Strict NAT type.

You can use the methods on our list to change your NAT type to Open or at least Moderate. 


Can you change NAT type on Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can change the NAT type on Wi-Fi. Use one of the methods on our list to do so.

Why is my NAT Type still strict?

The UPnP function on Xbox is flawed. When the Xbox is inactive for some time, it needs to reboot to refresh its UPnP leases with the router. But certain settings can prevent that. So, you keep on getting a Strict NAT type.

Why does my Xbox keep saying NAT type unavailable?

Problems with your network or Xbox UPnP may cause your Xbox to keep saying NAT type unavailable. You should restart your router, and reset your Xbox to fix this issue.

What NAT type should my PS4 be on?

PS4 follows a different NAT naming scheme than Xbox. You should be on NAT Type 1 on PS4 which is the same as Open NAT type on Xbox.