6 Easy Ways: How To Change Gamertag On Xbox App

Choosing the correct Xbox Gamertag is the first step in revealing who you are to the rest of the world. Players’ Gamertags don’t quite fit them, whether they’ve outgrown them or they simply don’t like them.

How To Change Gamertag On Xbox App

Fortunately, changing your Xbox Gamertag is a relatively simple procedure. We’ll go over a couple of options for changing your Xbox Gamertag, as well as some other elements you might want to update, such as your Gamerpic. We did not know how to change Gamertag on Xbox app until we read this article. This will help you with this process.

What Is Gamertag On Xbox?

Unlike the Xbox app’s Gamerpic, which reflects a user’s profile photo. Gamertag is an alias that shows to the right of the Gamerpic. When you’re playing games and sharing with others in the Xbox community, it’s this that represents you.

To put it another way, your Gamertag is your name on the Xbox app. The goal of having a Gamertag on the Microsoft Xbox app is to give you a method to identify yourself. 

How To Change Your Gamertag On Microsoft Xbox?

  1. How To Change Gamertag On Xbox App?
  2. How To Change Gamertag On The Xbox One Console?
  3. Change An Xbox Gamertag From A PC
  4. How To Change Gamertag From The Xbox Website?
  5. Change An Xbox Gamertag Profile Picture
  6. Change An Xbox Gamertag Email
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1. How To Change Gamertag Name On Xbox App?

Your Gamertag must be in the required alphabet and be no longer than 12 characters. Microsoft implemented a suffix system for users with the same Gamertag. If your chosen tag already exists, it will provide you with up to five unique digits.

The digits will be displayed smaller than the tag text in this situation. You’ll be given a Gamertag when you join up for a Microsoft account for the first time.

  • To update your Gamertag, follow these steps:
  • Open the Xbox app on your phone.
  • Choose “Menu” from the menu. Select your Gamerpic by clicking on it.
menu settings of Xbox
  • Choose “Customize” from the menu.
  • Select “Change Gamertag” from the menu.
change gamertag
  • You are allowed to modify your Gamertag once for free. If your free pass has expired, you will be charged the $9.99 cost.

2. How To Change Gamertag On The Xbox One Gaming Console?

Using your Xbox One, update your Gamertag. Ensure the console is up to date and running the most recent firmware.

  • Simply press the Xbox button on your controller to access the overlay menu.
  • Navigate left through the available tabs to the Gamerpic and select the profile you want to alter to make changes to a profile.
  • Select the ‘Customize Profile’ option after clicking on ‘My Profile.’
customize profile
  • You must click on your Gamertag on the left side of the screen.
  • On the next screen, you can check and update a new Gamertag.
choose new gamer tag
  • Find the correct Gamertag and double-check your changes.
  • The new Gamertag will be reflected across all platforms once the adjustments are made.

3. Change An Xbox Gamertag From A PC Xbox Settings

Microsoft and Xbox are tightly connected. You should already have the Xbox app loaded on your Windows 10 computer. Windows will sometimes refuse to let you change it for inexplicable reasons.

  • From the Start menu, launch the Xbox app.
  • Select your image by clicking on it (top left corner).
  • Now go to the settings option.
xbox settings
  • Change your Gamertag by going to “Change Gamertag.”
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4. How To Change Gamertag From The Xbox Website

You can update your Gamertag from any web browser if you don’t have access to your console.

  • Go to the Xbox website and Modify Gamertag page in the browser.
  • You’ll be required to enter login credentials.
choose new gamer tag
  • Select Check Availability after entering your new Gamertag.
  • Select Claim It, just like on the Xbox One if the Gamertag is valid.

5. Change An Xbox Gamertag Profile Picture

The image you use as your avatar is just as significant as your Gamertag. If your current picture isn’t working for you, there are a few options on your Xbox console to change it.

  • On the controller, press the Xbox button. Select “Profile & System” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose “My profile” from the menu after selecting your profile.
  • Change your Gamerpic by clicking “Customize Profile” and then “Change Gamerpic.”
  • You will have three alternatives to choose from: “Take a picture of my avatar,” “Upload a custom image,” or “Select a photo from the list that appears.”

6. Change An Xbox Gamertag Email

The email address associated with your Xbox account is the one you provided when you first signed up for a Microsoft account. You’d instead link your Xbox account to a different email address.

Change An Xbox Gamertag Email
  • “Your Information” should be selected.
  • Choose “Manage how you sign in to Microsoft” from the drop-down menu.
Manage how you sign in to Microsoft
  • Then click “Add email” and enter a new email address.
add email in Xbox
  • Select “Add Alias” from the drop-down menu.
  • Make sure the new email address is correct.
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7. How To Change Your Xbox Passkey?

Your Xbox passkey is a six-digit password used to protect your Xbox account. Any Xbox One system can be used to log into your Xbox account. 

You can make your Xbox One require the passkey to turn on. Use it to lock functions like purchases and parental controls, or never use it at all.

  • You can also modify it using the main Microsoft account login.
  • You must first erase your current passkey.
  • Go to the Xbox One home screen and scroll left to access the instructions.
  • Navigate to Settings, All Settings, and Account.
  • You should see the option to erase your passkey under Sign-in, security & passkey.
  • After that, you’ll be able to create a new passkey.


When you communicate with friends or other members of the Xbox community, your Gamertag can quickly identify you. If you don’t like your existing Gamertag, you can change it for the first time without incurring any costs.


Why Does The Xbox Gamertag Have Numbers?

This was because many Gamertags had already been claimed, making it more challenging to create or update your Gamertag. Because of the new system, you have a better chance of acquiring the name you desire.

How Do You Choose Your Gamertag?

Press the Xbox button on controller, then navigate to System > Settings > Personalization > My profile > Customize profile. Pick your Gamertag, then select it again to type a new one or choose from a list of suggestions.

What Is My Xbox Gamertag?

Your Gamertag appears next to your Gamerpic. If you don’t see your Gamertag, you likely created your Xbox account with a different email address. Log out of Xbox.com and try again with a different email address.