How To Call Into A Zoom Meeting

Dialing into a Zoom Meeting from Your Smartphone

If you’re using your smartphone, here’s how you can easily dial into a Zoom meeting. The dial-in feature allows you to join a meeting without a computer or smartphone app. To get started, find the dial-in information for your country or city. This information is typically provided at the bottom of the meeting invitation or in the Zoom International Dial-In Numbers sheet.

Once you have the dial-in number for your location, simply dial the toll number. This will connect you to the Zoom meeting. If you’re the host, you may need to enter a host key before proceeding. It’s important to note that dialing into a Zoom meeting may incur usage charges from your service provider.

If prompted, follow the instructions to enter your Participant ID or password. This ensures that you are properly identified in the meeting. Once you’re connected, your presence will be displayed to other participants as a phone symbol. This indicates that you are dialed in from your smartphone.

Using *6 and *9, you can also access additional phone controls during the meeting. Pressing *6 will mute and unmute your audio, which is helpful if you are experiencing audio connection issues. To raise your hand, simply press *9. This allows you to interact and participate in the meeting even when you’re dialing in from your smartphone.


  1. Find the dial-in information for your country or city.
  2. Dial the toll number to connect to the Zoom meeting.
  3. Follow the instructions to enter your Participant ID or password if prompted.
  4. Once connected, your presence will be displayed as a phone symbol on other participants’ screens.
Phone Controls Description
*6 Mute and unmute your audio
*9 Raise your hand

Additional Phone Controls for Zoom Meetings

In addition to dialing into a Zoom meeting, there are several phone controls you can utilize to enhance your participation. These phone controls come in handy when you encounter audio connection issues or need to interact during the meeting.

One of the most important phone controls is muting yourself. To mute or unmute your audio, simply dial *6 on your phone keypad. This allows you to easily control your audio status and prevent any background noise from disrupting the meeting.

Raising your hand is another useful phone control that allows you to get the attention of the host or other participants. To raise your hand, all you have to do is dial *9 on your phone keypad. This sends a signal to the host indicating that you have a question or something to contribute.

These phone controls can be a lifesaver when you’re on the go or experiencing technical difficulties with your computer or smartphone app. Remember, *6 for muting and *9 for raising your hand. Make the most of these features to ensure seamless and productive Zoom meetings from your phone.