How To Bold Text in Discord? 10 Best Ways

You may not be aware of several things if you are new to Discord. Some of your pals who have been using Discord for a while may already be familiar with the many formatting options. It would help if you learned how to bold text in Discord as one of the first methods in this lesson.

You can bold text (or even play music) in Discord because you have so many style possibilities. If this is your first time hearing about this method, this article will show you how to perform it.

how to bold text in discord

Among the other comments, a bold one sticks out. Only Discord does not provide a visible option for members to bold text. So, how do other people manage it? Do the processes alter depending on whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device? 

You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve been thinking about these issues. Read on to learn how to bold in Discord without delay.

What is Discord?

Discord is free audio, video, and text chat service used by tens of millions of individuals aged 13 and above to communicate and socialize with their communities and friends.

People use Discord regularly to discuss various topics, from art projects and family vacations to homework and mental health help. It serves as a home for communities of various sizes, but it is most commonly utilized by small and active groups of individuals who speak daily.

People use Discord because it serves as a hub for all of their communities and groups of friends. It’s a place where they can be themselves while still spending time with others who share their interests and hobbies.

There is no algorithm selecting what they should view, no never-ending scrolling, and no news feed. Common interests fuel discord conversations.

Discord Text Formatting – Understanding Markdown

For those unfamiliar with markdown, it is a lightweight markup language first presented in 2004 by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz. It has a simple text formatting syntax and is simple to read and write.

It only supported HTML at the beginning. However, Markdown is currently used in a basic text editor to produce rich content for message writing. Additionally, Markdown is hidden since it only operates in the background, preparing the content.

If you don’t want to use markdown, type your message in a single line code block, and you’re good to go.

how to bold text in discord?

When you want to attract emphasis to a message in Discord, the bolding text is a valuable feature. It also does not necessitate any sophisticated instructions for Text Formatting your discord messages. Instead, people may bold with a few easy clicks on Discord. This is how you do it:

  • On your PC, Android, or iOS device, launch Discord. 
  • Select the person or discord server to which you want to send a bold message.
  • Type two asterisks before entering the text to be bolded in the Discord discussion. Then start typing. Put two asterisks without a space at the end to bold the entire statement. It should look something like this: “**word**.”
 Bold in Discord
  • Press enter.
Bold in Discord
  • The text message you send is now in bold.

The content you wrote has been bolded. Your message will attract more attention and emphasize your argument than plain text.

How to Make Your Discord Status Bold?

The majority of Discord users want to modify their channel statuses. This feature allows people to communicate what they’re doing or feeling with other users.

It is possible to bold and italicizes your status. When it comes to utilizing Discord, customizing your status puts you ahead of the pack.

A status, on the other hand, cannot yet be stylized. You also can’t utilize the same method for bolding a message to bold your status. Here are some suggestions for doing so.

Look for a website that will automatically convert your regular text to bold. Take the following steps:

  • In your browser, go to the bold generator webpage.
 bold generator webpage
  • Then, in the supplied area, put the status.
bold generator webpage
  • Copy and paste the bolded status into your Discord status area.
  • Your status will be highlighted.

That’s everything! As you can see, while Discord does not enable users to bold their status, it is feasible to do so via another website.

Bolding Text in Discord Using Your iPhone

Bolding a message in Discord is also feasible for iPhone users. The processes are the same as when using a computer. Here’s how to use an iPhone to bold a message in Discord:

  • On your iPhone, open the Discord app.
  • Select the person or channel to whom you want to send a message.
  • Type two asterisks before inputting your message, then the word or message you wish to bold, followed by two asterisks. There should be no gap between the asterisks and the first and last words. **How are you?** shall be the format.
  • Then tap send.
  • Your iPhone message is bold.

There you have it! The text you sent on your iPhone is bold.

How to Make Text Bold in Discord on Android?

Bolding text in Discord is as straightforward for Android users as for iPhone or PC users. The steps are nearly the same.

  • On your Android smartphone, open the Discord app.
  • Select the person or channel to whom you wish to send the message.
  • Type ** as the start of your text, then type your message and finish with **. At the beginning and conclusion of the text, make sure there is no gap between the asterisks and the words.
  • When you’re finished, click the send message tab.

This is how you create discord bold texts. 

How to Italicize Words in Discord?

If you want to communicate sarcasm, or if you want to send an italicized message, you may utilize italics in Discord. The question is, how will you do it if Discord does not provide an option? It’s simple. Only a few characters must be chosen. The steps to italicize words in Discord are listed below.

  • Open the app on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Choose a location for the italicized words.
  • At the beginning and conclusion of your message, type an asterisk. It will resemble the following *text*.
Italicize Words in Discord
  • After that, press enter.

This is how you create discord italics text. 

How to Use Strikethrough in Discord?

To strikethrough (cross out) text, you can’t just press a key on your keyboard. Instead, you must follow certain procedures to make strikethrough text.

  • Using your favorite device, open the Discord app.
  • Click on the name of your friend or the server you wish to communicate with.
  • Make up a message. Type two tidal characters to begin and two tidal characters to conclude your message. The tidal key is located under the Esc key or to the left of the F1 button.
  • This is how your message will appear:  ~~word~~.

This is how you create a discord strikethrough text.

How to Underline Words in Discord?

Underlining text is another option to arrange your messages in Discord. Again, the steps are straightforward:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Type two underscore characters at the beginning, and two underscore characters after your message. This is how the message should look: _word_
Underlining text
  • Your message will now be highlighted.
  • Discord Effects Combination Steps.

You may be wondering if you can mix bold and italicized text with a strikethrough to generate a stunning statement now that you know how to do so. The steps for combining these effects are listed below.

How to Combine Effects in Discord?

Now that you know how to bold italicize and strikethrough text, you probably wonder if you can combine effects. See what kinds of combinations Discord members may build below.

How to Bold and Italicize Word or Message in Discord?

Here are the basic ways to bold and italicize your message:

  • Open Discord and select your buddy or channel to chat with.
  • Type three asterisks at the beginning and three asterisks after your message.
Bold and Italicize
  • This is how the bold italicized text will appear. ***How are you doing today? ***.

How to Bold Italicize, and Underline Text in Discord?

Follow the procedures below if you wish to combine the three effects:

  • Open the app and choose the channel and buddy you want to chat with.
  • With an underscore and three asterisks, begin and end your message. The underscore (_) is usually on the same key as the hyphen (-)
  • How it will seem _***how are you doing?***_.

How to Write Spoilers in Discord?

If you’re about to censor something, you’ll need to write spoilers in Discord. Whether you’re using Discord on a PC or a smartphone, you can do so. To learn how to write spoilers in Discord, follow the instructions below:

  • To begin, open the app on your smartphone or computer.
  • To message a friend or a channel, click on their name.
  • Type double pipes before and after the message to keep the message between you and your buddy or channel.
Spoilers in Discord
  • The message with spoiler tags should look like this: ||I received your message||.

Because the content contains spoilers, Discord will recognize that you wish to conceal it. There is, however, a different way to write spoilers.

  • To begin, open Discord on your device of choice.
  • Choose the person or channel to whom you wish to send a message.
  • At the beginning of your message, type /spoiler.
  • Then, to send the message, press enter.

To see the spoilers, double-click the message, and the content will appear. A grey backdrop will be displayed.

Using International Keyboard Layouts for Formatting

Because Discord is utilized throughout the world, several keyboard layouts may exist. Use the following keys if you don’t have asterisks or tildes on your keyboard.

  • You can make asterisks by pressing Shift + 8 at the same time.
  • Tap Shift + Backtick (‘) for tilde.

This isn’t always the case, though. Check out the advice below for users that utilize international keyboard layouts:

  • French (Belgium): Shift+$ (key right of ^¨)
  • German: Shift+[+] (key right of Ü)
  • French (France): * (key right of ù%)
  • Italian: Shift+[+] (key right of èé)
  • French (Switzerland): Shift+3
  • Spanish: Shift+[+] (key right of `^ (Spain) or ‘¨ (Latin America))
  • Swedish: Shift+’ (key right of Ä)

Make the necessary adjustments to draw attention to your message using these various keyboard layouts.

The majority of Discord users use the normal English keyboard. Thus, this tutorial concentrates on that. However, we recognize alternative keyboard layouts. It implies that you can format your documents independently of your keyboard.


Although Discord has no apparent options that allow users to modify their content, they may do it with a few tactics. You know how to bold or italicize the text to accentuate the message. You may also use strikethrough or underline the text if you mistake.

Additionally, mix the functions to generate a unique message. Finally, to prevent making other people furious, understand how to write spoilers. Get out there and highlight your statements!


Can You Bold Text In Discord Status?

Yes, you certainly can on your PC, open Discord. Select the person or channel you wish to send a bold message. Tap “Enter” after writing double asterisks before and after the message. Your message will now be bold.

How Do You Make Text Bold And Underlined In Discord?

We’ve already covered how to bold text, italicize it, and utilize strikethrough in prior parts. You’ve also figured out how to put these functions together. But how can you bold and underline the text?
Follow this simple procedure:
– On your device, launch Discord.
– Type the message but don’t press the send button.
– Before and after the text, type two underscores and two asterisks.
– The text should look like this: “text.”

How Do You Make Text Look Different In Discord?

There are several ways to change the appearance of text in Discord. Users may use the keyboard to bold, italicize, underline, or strikethrough the text. Furthermore, you may mix these options to create a unique message. Finally, spoilers may be written such that other Discord users don’t read the message until they request it.

How Do I Change The Font Size In Discord Chat?

You may go to the settings in the bottom right corner, user settings, and Appearance. You may change the scale of your text size under the chat font scaling area.

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