How to Blur Background In Zoom Meetings

We don’t always have the best surroundings when in a Zoom meeting. A good way to hide your background during a Zoom call is to use a virtual background. But this feature doesn’t work well without a green screen and sufficient lighting.

If a virtual background is not your thing, you can blur the background instead. It will blur everything in the background only leaving your image clear on the call. This article will help you with how to blur the background in Zoom.

How To Blur Background In Zoom Meetings - Zoom opening page

There are two methods of blurring the background on PC or Mac.

  1. Before a Zoom call
  2. During a Zoom call

How To Blur Background in Zoom Before a Meeting

If you haven’t started a call, you can change your background settings as follows:

Step 1: Open Zoom client on your PC or Mac and sign in.

Step 2: Click the Zoom Settings icon you see at the top right, below your profile picture.

Zoom Settings icon at the top right

Step 3: Click ‘Background & Filters’ from the sidebar.

'Background & Filters' from the sidebar

Step 4: You’ll see two options: Virtual Backgrounds and Video Filters. Select ‘Blur’ under ‘Virtual Backgrounds’.

'Blur' under 'Virtual Backgrounds'

Now make Zoom calls as you normally do and your live video background will be blurred automatically. Keep in mind that the blur feature will be enabled for all of your future meetings. If you don’t want the background to blur at any point in time, follow the above steps. And only at step 4, select ‘None’.

Blur Your Background During a Zoom Call

If you want to blur the background during a Zoom meeting, follow these steps:

Step 1: Among the options shown in the bar below the live video, find Stop Video and click the arrow on it.

the bar below the live video with the Stop Video option

Step 2: A small list would appear. Click ‘Choose Virtual Background’.

'Choose Virtual Background'

Step 3: Select ‘Blur’ that would be under the ‘Virtual Backgrounds’ option. You can also select a virtual background from here if you want.

'Blur' under the 'Virtual Backgrounds'

Blur Zoom Meeting Background On Android Or ios

The instructions for blurring your background for Zoom meetings on Android and iOS are the same. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Zoom app on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Start or join a new meeting by tapping the ‘New Meeting’ or ‘Join’ icon.

'New Meeting' & 'Join' icon

Step 3: During the meeting, tap anywhere on the screen to see the controls that appear below the video.

Step 4: Tap ‘More’ that has three dots above it.

More option in the Zoom meeting

Step 5: A small list would appear. Select ‘Virtual Background‘ if you’re an Android user. For iOS devices, select the ‘Background and Filters‘ option.

Step 6: You’ll see your camera video and a few options below it. Tap ‘Blur’ to blur the background.

Now you can go back to your meeting. Your video background will be blurred.

Why Can’t I See the Background Blur Option

If you followed the above instructions but don’t see the ‘Blur’ option on Windows/Mac, ‘Virtual Background’ option on Android, or ‘Background and Filters’ option on iOS, try these methods:

Check If Your Device Supports Zoom Background Blur

As a virtual or blurred background needs more processing power, the option is not available for all devices. You should first check if your device is supported by visiting the Zoom virtual background system requirements page.

Click your current operating system and the list will show the system requirements for that OS. It’s important to note that the system requirements for using a virtual background and blurred background are the same.

An easier way to see whether your device supports blur background or not is this:

Step 1: Open Zoom client and sign in.

Step 2: Click the Zoom Settings icon that is at the top right.

Zoom Settings icon

Step 3: Click ‘Background & Filters’ in the sidebar.

'Background & Filters' in the sidebar

Step 4: Uncheck the ‘I have a green screen’ option at the bottom. If it’s already unchecked, leave it as it is.

'I have a green screen' option

Step 5: Hover your mouse cursor over any image in the ‘Virtual Backgrounds’ tab. If it shows an error message that says ‘Your device does not support Virtual Backgrounds’ or ‘You need a green screen to support Virtual Backgrounds’, then your device can’t blur your background because it doesn’t support the feature.

 'Your device does not support Virtual Backgrounds'

In case your device doesn’t fulfill the requirements, you should continue using Zoom without a virtual or blurred background. You can try manual methods to hide your background like sitting in a corner or standing next to a wall.

Your System Is Supported But You Still Can’t Blur The Background On Zoom

If you’re not able to see the ‘Blur’ option even though your device meets the system requirements and you can set virtual backgrounds without a green screen, it’s possible that your Zoom desktop client is out of date. Consider updating your Zoom app.

Updating Zoom Client on Windows and Mac

Step 1: Open Zoom and sign in.

Step 2: Located at the top right corner of the app, click your profile picture.

Located at the top right corner of the app, click your profile pictur

Step 3: From the list, click ‘Check for Updates’.

'Check for Updates'

Step 4: It will check for updates and automatically download and install them.

Step 5: When it’s done, restart your Zoom client and follow the steps mentioned in the above section to blur your background.

Updating Zoom App on Android and iOS

Step 1: Open the Zoom app on your Android or iOS phone and sign in if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Tap ‘Settings’ at the bottom right of the screen.

'Settings' at the bottom right of the screen

Step 3: Tap ‘About’ on the list.

'About' on the settings list

Step 4: Lastly, tap ‘Version’, and your mobile app will check for updates.

'Version' option to check for updates

Alternatively, you can also update your Zoom app directly from Google Play or App Store. Once updated, set the background blur by following the steps above.

Sign Out and Then Sign In

This method has worked for some people who were having problems with setting a virtual background. Sign out of your Zoom client or app and then sign in again. Now check the blur background option.

Zoom Support

If your device supports virtual backgrounds, you’ve updated the app, and you’re still not able to see the option, connect with Zoom Support.

Why is Zoom Blurring My Image?

Ideally, Zoom blurs your background while keeping your video clear. However, if you see that some parts of you or your whole image are getting blurred, there may be an issue with the camera.

To fix this, see if your webcam has a manual focus ring. If you find it, turn it to adjust the camera focus. Alternatively, try wiping the camera lens clean with a microfiber cloth.

If your webcam doesn’t have a manual focus ring, or you’re using a built-in laptop camera, or the focus ring adjustments didn’t solve the problem, invest in a camera that has the autofocus feature . All good-quality cameras have autofocus.

Why is the Background Too Blur?

In case you find the blurred background too blur, Zoom doesn’t provide any blur adjustment settings. If you want the blur effect that you usually see when you take a picture in portrait mode, try the manual method of adding a blurred image as a virtual background.

Firstly, take a photo of your place that you want to be your background on a Zoom call and then follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to LunaPic. You can choose any image editor or app of your liking.

Step 2: Click ‘Quick Upload’.

Quick upload option in Lunapic website

Step 3: Click ‘Browse’ and select your image and click Open.

'Browse' option

Step 4: From the menu on the top, hover the cursor over ‘Adjust’ and select ‘Blur’.

hover the cursor over 'Adjust' and select 'Blur'

Step 5: Adjust the blur effect and click ‘Apply’.

 Adjust the blur effect

Step 6: Download the image by selecting ‘Save’.

image 74 2

You’ve blurred your image. Now we will set it as your virtual background on PC and Mac.

Step 1: Open the Zoom client and click the Settings icon.

Settings icon

Step 2: Select ‘Background & Filters’ in the sidebar.

'Background & Filters' in the sidebar

Step 4: Click the ‘+’ icon above the virtual background photos and click ‘Add Image’ to add your blurred image.

'+' icon above the virtual background photos

Now you’ve set a blurred background with your desired blur effect.

Backgrounds to choose from by default


Setting the blur background option on Zoom is fairly straightforward. Make sure your device meets the system requirements and your Zoom desktop client or mobile app is up-to-date.