How to block emails in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and iCloud

iCloud email is, basically, an email service developed by Apple Inc. This is to iOS devices, what a Google account is for android mobiles. This account can be used to access the online storage known as iCloud, developed by Apple for those with Apple IDs.

As mentioned earlier, the iCloud mail shows the messages you received. Anyone with a method to be accessed or a way to be communicated can always receive unwanted information over mail. This could be spam or any other threats or even mail from unwanted people.

Some emails are generated by programmed bots, and you have to block emails as such. This article is all about stopping your iCloud account from receiving those.

How do I permanently block emails on my iPhone?

Of all the emails a person receives, not every email you receive is of use or needed by you. Some could be phishing for information; some could be coupons from an online shopping site that you once shopped from. You don’t need these kinds of mail.

Someone who uses an iPhone, obviously, can block annoying emails from unknown senders. But it depends on through which online mail service they have an account. A person with an iPhone may have an account in Google or Yahoo, for instance.

These are some popular online email service providers and how to prevent receiving email from unwanted sources if you have an account with them.

How to block emails on iCloud and automatically delete incoming spam messages

The right to prevent someone from sending you is a feature provided by every online mail service. So does the iCloud mail by Apple. It can also stop advertisements, spam, and mail that can bring possible harm to your device.

Spam is the commercial mails that you receive from marketers to promote their product or service in your inbox. If you do not want to see such mail, you can always block them.

How to Block Email Addresses on iPhone When Using Gmail

Blocking the needless emails in your Gmail account on an iPhone is the same as blocking them on an iPad and also other handheld devices.

  • Open the Gmail app and locate the mail, the sender of which has to be blocked.
  • Touch and hold the mail. It gets highlighted and selected.
How to block emails
  • Select Report as Spam.
Report as Spam

The email address you want to send the email that you just reported as spam is blocked.

How to Block Mail on iPhone When Using iCloud Mail

You can block emails from your iCloud email address on your iPhone. You’ll need to be on the browser to block the unwanted email that you receive in your iCloud mail. You can not block email addresses on your handheld Apple devices, like an iPhone or iPad.

  • Open a browser and type in the iCloud mail website. Log in with your credentials.
  • On the bottom left portion of the window, you’ll see the Settings drop down menu icon (cog). Click on it.
  • From the pop-up menu, choose Rules…
  • In the settings window, from the Rules tab, Select Add a Rule…
  • In the ‘If a message‘ dropdown menu, pick ‘is from.’ In the ‘Then‘ dropdown menu, select ‘Move to Trash.’
  • Click Done when you are.

This basically is you setting a condition for the iCloud mail to filter out the mail you don’t need. This filtered mail goes into the trash.

How to Block Mail on iPhone When Using Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail is another popular email giant on the market in use right now. It doesn’t matter what email service you have an account in; spam and unwanted emails can always find their way into your inbox. There are ways that can help you block emails with your iPhone.

Select-the-email method

  • Open the Yahoo application for iPhone. Log in.
  • Touch and hold the mail until it gets selected and highlighted.
Yahoo email
  • On the bottom right corner, you’ll be able to see the three-dot menu icon, touch it.
Select Yahoo email
  • Select Mark as Spam to do as stated.
Mark as Spam

Open-the-email method

  • Log into your yahoo mail account.
  • Find the emails you want to block, and open them.
  • On the bottom right, you can see the three-dot more menu. Click on it, and a pop-up menu appears.
Popup menu
  • Choose Mark as Spam from the drop down menu.
Mark as Spam from the drop down menu.

The results of both these actions are the same. This will send the messages from the sender, whose mail you sent to spam, to the spam folder. Either way, you block emails that you don’t need, from an email address, that could not be right for your digital imprint.

How to Block Mail on iPhone When Using Microsoft Outlook Mail

Outlook email is an email service provided by Microsoft. Outlook email has been on the rise for a while now and is on top of the most-used-email-services today. Block emails that you want to block on your Outlook email account. This should be easy if you want to block, then do it this way.

  • Log into your Outlook account, and on the top right corner, you’ll see the drop down menu icon, which is the settings.
  • Select View Full Settings.
  • In the mail tab, on the left, choose Junk Mail.
  • Enter the email address that you want to block in the blank box in the Block Senders dialog box.
  • Now, click the add button and then click Save.
  • The email address you want to block is now blocked

You can also easily add a calendar in outlook.

How to Block Email on iPhone and iPad

In very simple words, an iPad is a larger and better version of the iPhone. Just because the two devices have slightly different specifications doesn’t mean that they have entirely different User Interfaces (UI).

Blocking someone’s email address on your iPad is practically the same as blocking the email address from an iPhone. You can block an email address, and it remains blocked in every account that is logged in on your iDevices.

Block Unwanted Messages and Emails on iPad and iPad Air

Okay, we just had the same discussion on how to block emails on your iPhones and iPads. But if text messages are in the question, there’s a different approach. Text messages are from your contacts and sent from one SIM card to another.

So, the user has to block the contact number of the person on their mobile phone. This means you cannot call the person whose contact you have blocked. If it is someone who you might want to contact frequently, you will have to unblock them. You’re set if you blocked promotional texts or advertisements from marketing companies.


Everyone gets unwanted emails. But everyone does not know how to fix this problem or to block a sender. There are even third-party apps that block emails for you. This article was all about considering this problem and putting an end to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you block mail from unwanted senders?

You can’t, actually, block people from sending you mail that you don’t need or like. You can direct those kinds of mail to the trash or spam folder of your email account. You can program your email account service by setting a condition that commands it to filter spam or trash mail to the place it belongs to.

Can I block an email address on my iPhone?

Yes, you can block an email address on your iPhone.

How can I stop my inbox from receiving unwanted mail?

Simple. You can always transfer emails from certain individuals to the trash folder or set conditions that’ll take the mail to the trash when mail from an unwanted email address is received.

Do I have to delete mail that I don’t have any need for?

It is recommended that you clear out mail that you do not need. Mail containing advertisements or product promotions could be fronts for lethal viruses or an entry point to hackers. This is a reminder for you to check your inbox and delete suspicious mail.

What is spam?

Spam is a bunch of unwanted mail that is received by email addresses used for marketing products and services. They can be misleading.

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