How to Block Ads on Twitch

how to block ads on twitch

Twitch depends on users watching their targeted adverts to stay profitable. Viewers only wish they’d come out and said it instead of posting a still image, implying that using an ad blocker impairs the experience.

Twitch has figured out how to get around some ad blockers and still show ads. However, on average, viewers of these programs will see fewer commercials. Twitch users may get a blank screen instead of the loud, tailored adverts.

Do Blocking Ads Possible on Twitch?

Twitch ads can now be blocked on Android devices. Install an ad blocker app from the store, such as AdLock. Open the Twitch app and turn it on. While watching streamers on their mobile device, viewers will see fewer ads.

iPhone owners have a few options as well. Only use Safari to view Twitch. If you watch Twitch utilizing the platform’s app, the apps mentioned above will not help in blocking ads.

Keep in mind that ads are one way for Twitch Affiliates to make money. When people watch Twitch commercials, a portion of the money goes to that streamer. Watching these ads in the middle of a show can help fund smaller content providers.

Twitch has figured out how to get around some Adblock and still show ads. However, on average, viewers of these programs will see fewer commercials. Twitch users may get a blank screen instead of targeted ads and video ads.

Methods To Learn “How to Block Ads on Twitch”

  • Block Twitch ads with VPN
  • Install Twitch Ad Blocker Extension
  • Use
  • Use The Alternate Player for Extension
  • Turbo Twitch
  • Watch The VOD
  • Subscribe To Twitch Channel
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1. Block Twitch ads with VPN

A VPN will not only keep you safer online, but it may also help for blocking Twitch ads entirely. The idea is to run the VPN through a country where ads aren’t seen.

Twitch ads may appear in some regions from time to time. You can generally avoid them by routing your VPN. Through an Eastern European nation with a non-native English-speaking population. The disadvantage is that, depending on your VPN, there may be some slowness.

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for Twitch. Since 2012. It allows hiding your IP address using one of their 5,000+ global server locations. It provides superior speed, allowing you to avoid excessive lag while also avoiding ads.


2. Install Twitch Ad Blocker Extension

On Twitch, there is an Adblock extension that allows Twitch users ad-free viewing. If it suddenly stops working, you’ll have to wait for the developer to update it and Google to approve it, which takes a few days.

Use some of the other solutions in this guide that may disable ads. Make sure you’re not utilizing the next fix and that Alternate Player for isn’t turned on.

To block Twitch ads, follow these steps:

Google Chrome

chrome web store page
  • The addon has now been deployed, and Twitch ads should now be banned.
  • If you used the previous patch, make sure you get rid of it first. This fix, like all of your other Chrome extensions, will update automatically.

Mozilla Firefox.

Here’s where you can get the add-on from the Firefox add-ons shop.

You should no longer see ads on Twitch now that the plugin is loaded.

If you already used this fix, make sure to delete the old extension. Like all of your other Firefox add-ons, the add-on will auto-update.

3. Use

It is also a straightforward remedy. It just necessitates the use of a different website. There’s no need to be concerned because the broadcast is still active, and the chat will continue to function.

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Here’s how to turn off Twitch ads:

  • Simply type ls before the .tv in the address bar and replace the .tv whenever you see an ad on Twitch. So, instead of 
    •, you can use 
  • The stream will now play in an embedded player on the site, with no advertisements.

We’ve put this workaround through its paces, and it currently works to get around the ad.

4. Use The Alternate Player for Extension

This update gets rid of the purple screen that many users experience from time to time.

It involves a alternative player Chrome plugin that replaces the default Twitch player with a bespoke one. One significant downside is that the feed will be slightly delayed (around 30 seconds).

Because the custom/alternate player does not insert advertisements, it will also solve your Twitch ad problem.

After installing the extension, a new toggle/button will appear in the top-right area of Twitch streams. By right-clicking on it, you can set the alternate player as the default.

5. Twitch Turbo 

Turbo Twitch

Twitch Turbo is a Twitch subscription service that includes ad-free Twitch viewing and a few other benefits. 

Although we at AdBlock are unable to comment on whether the benefits of Twitch Turbo justify the monthly fee, it may be worth investigating.

6. Watch The VOD

You can watch the VOD if you don’t mind the talk, which can be a little slow, and you want the opportunity to fast forward and rewind (Video On Demand). If there are any VOD pre-roll or mid-roll advertising, uBlock will block them.

The stream you want to watch is in progress. The VOD is still being created and can be played instead. 

  • To access the Twitch VOD, go to the player’s bottom and click on the streamer’s icon. 
  • Then go to the Videos page and select the most recent VOD.
  • The thumbnail of the VOD will be grey with a player icon if the streamer is live.
most recent VOD

7. Subscribe To Twitch Channel

You can subscribe if you only watch a few Twitch channels and don’t want to see adverts. Twitch subscriptions support the streamer financially. You will also be allowed to enjoy the channel’s emotes and other benefits. Users can also become Twitch prime members to block ads on twitch.

Subscribe To Twitch Channel


However, embedded pre-roll advertising may not always be identified, in which case they will be played. Hopefully, these issues will help to block Twitch ads. Twitch viewers can change channels without fear of advertising playing before the stream begins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Block Ads Permanently?

Settings can be found by clicking the menu option in the upper right corner. Take a look at your site settings after you’ve scrolled down the page. Once you’ve reached the bottom and found it, select Pop-ups and Redirects from the drop-down menu that appears. Tap the slider to turn off pop-up windows on a website.

How Do I Stop Ads On Twitch?

An ad blocker must first be found and installed by Twitch viewers who wish to block advertisements from appearing. Visit the AdBlock Plus website to download and install the software on your desktop computer. AdBlock can be installed in the computer’s browser by selecting the option to do so. This currently only works on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Can you watch Twitch without ads?

In order to enjoy ad-free viewing on Twitch Prime, you must subscribe monthly. If you have a yearly membership, you’ll be able to access the site for free. Until your subscription expires, you’ll be able to watch without interruption.

Is AdBlock for free?

Adblock Plus is a free browser extension that gives you more control over how you interact with ads online. Stop tracking, block malware-spreading websites, and disable adverts on twitch. tv. Web browsers and mobile devices from all of the main manufacturers are supported.