How To Adjust Column Width In Sharepoint List Without Designer

Adjusting column width in a SharePoint list without the need for SharePoint Designer is a straightforward process that can be accomplished by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint site and click on the Site Settings gear.
  2. Select Edit Page.
  3. Add a Script Editor web part to the page.
  4. Edit the snippet and insert the following style code:


.ms-vh-div[DisplayName='ColumnName'] {

width: ______px !important;



Replace ‘ColumnName’ with the display name of the column you want to adjust.

Specify the desired width in pixels in the code.

  1. Save the changes.
  2. The column width in the SharePoint list should now be adjusted.

Note that this method may vary depending on the version of SharePoint and the specific list view being used. Additionally, users with appropriate permissions may be able to adjust column widths themselves in modern SharePoint Online lists by simply resizing the column using the horizontal resizer and saving the view.

Adjusting column width in SharePoint Online lists offers users a quick and effective way to customize their views. Whether it’s adjusting column width without the need for SharePoint Designer or resizing columns in modern SharePoint Online lists, these methods provide flexibility and simplicity for SharePoint users. By following the steps outlined here, users can achieve their desired column widths and enhance their SharePoint experience without the hassle of complex coding or additional tools.

Adjusting Column Width in SharePoint Online Lists

For SharePoint users who have access to modern SharePoint Online lists, adjusting column width is even more convenient as it can be done through a simple resizing process. With the ability to resize columns using the horizontal resizer, users can easily customize the display of data in their lists to suit their needs.

To resize a column in SharePoint Online lists, users with appropriate permissions can follow these steps:

  1. Open the SharePoint Online list that contains the desired column.
  2. Hover the mouse over the right edge of the column header until the cursor changes to a double-sided arrow.
  3. Click and drag the edge of the column to the desired width.
  4. Release the mouse button to set the new width.
  5. Save the list view to apply the changes.

By following these simple steps, SharePoint users can easily adjust the column width in their lists without the need for any advanced tools or coding. This method provides a quick and efficient way to customize the appearance of data in SharePoint Online lists, allowing users to organize and present information in a way that best suits their requirements.

Please note that the availability of the column resizing feature may vary depending on the version of SharePoint being used and the specific list view. Some list views may have restrictions on column resizing based on predefined settings or customizations implemented by administrators. However, for most users, the column resizing functionality offers a straightforward solution for adjusting column width in SharePoint Online lists.

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