5 Ways On How To Add Thumbnails To Google Chrome Homepage

Browsing through several websites might provide you with a lot of information. There are some places we’d want to visit more frequently.

5 Best Methods To Add Thumbnails To Google Chrome Homepage

It’s one thing to type the website’s name into the address bar. It’s a better idea to click an icon to open the site immediately. The thumbnails on the Google Chrome browser’s home screen make it easy for users to get directly to their favorite websites. Here’s How To Add Thumbnails To Google Chrome Homepage.

What Are Site Thumbnails Or Icons On Google Chrome Homepage?

In Chrome, a thumbnail represents the first impression or web content such as movies and images. A well-designed thumbnail image not only draws attention but also generates clicks.

Google gives Android users access to Chrome flags and activates hidden functions and the thumbnail feature to give them more options. To be more technical, a thumbnail is a picture with a compressed or decreased file size.

It can also be used to host full-size or original multimedia material. When a user touches a thumbnail, it brings them to the original media item, the same size as the thumbnail.

Advantages Of Thumbnails in Chrome?

Google image search thumbnails are extremely popular. Instead of full-sized photographs, Google uses thumbnails in its image search. Users are shown a large number of photos at the same time.

The following are some of the benefits of using thumbnails in Google Chrome.

  • Thumbnails help to make a website more user-friendly. It organizes a website so that users can navigate it fast.
  • The thumbnails are lower in size and are more commonly used for mobile surfing.
  • Thumbnails help save space. It allows internet users to preview different media content in a limited space.
  • Thumbnails make interacting easier. These small details keep consumers interested in the site.

How To Add Website Thumbnails To Chrome Shortcuts

  1. Automatically Add A Site Thumbnail To Google Chrome
  2. Manually Add A Website Thumbnail To Chrome Browser
  3. How Do I Add Thumbnails To Site Shortcuts On Chrome Mobile?
  4. How To Set Chrome Homepage To Google?
  5. How To Increase Thumbnails On Google Chrome Homepage?

Automatically Add A Site Thumbnail To Google Chrome

  • To begin, you must first open a new tab in Chrome Browser. You can also use the Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut. A new tab will open in a split second if you press (CTRL + T) together.
  • While using Chrome, start a new tab and go to the settings page by selecting More tools,  then Clear Browsing Data from the upper-right corner.
clear browsing data
  • Using the shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + Del), you can save time. When you use this shortcut, you’ll be taken to the option to wipe browsing data.
  • You must select a time range and check all browsing history types boxes. Then select the option to clear data.
  • This procedure will clear your browser’s cached file of all traces.
  • You must first close the new tab in the browser and reopen it.
  • Now navigate to the address bar and enter the website address you want to add as a thumbnail icon on the Chrome homepage into the search field.
enter web address
thumbnail added
  • When you reopen the Chrome browser, the thumbnail icon that you browsed will appear.
  • The webpage will be added as a thumbnail due to this process.

Manually Add A Website Thumbnail To Chrome Browser

  • Open the Google Chrome browser. Chrome will either open a website or load the New Tab page.
  • Make sure you’re using Chrome’s most recent version. Select Help and About Google Chrome from the three-dot menu.
  • A new page about your version of Chrome will appear, prompting you to upgrade it if necessary.
  • You’ll need to activate the New Tab page if you don’t see it.
  • In Chrome’s address bar, type chrome://flags hit Enter, and search for use Google-local-NTP.
  • Make sure it says “Enabled” instead of “Disabled” or “Default” in the box next to it.
Enabled" instead of "Disabled
  • On a phone or tablet, you can’t modify the thumbnails that appear on the New Tab Page because it only shows your recently-visited websites.
  • Long-tapping an icon will bring up a menu where you can Remove it, but another thumbnail will appear in its place.
  • You’ll require to open a new tab to find the shortcuts if your home page is set to a specific site rather than a New Page tab. To make a new tab, click the + icon next to the presently open one.
add shortcut tab
  • You may do this by selecting Remove from the three-dot option displayed when you hover over a shortcut.
  • Because you can only have ten thumbnails open at a time, you may need to eliminate a few to free up space.
  • For the shortcut name and address link, a dialogue box will appear. You can create up to ten thumbnails or shortcuts in this section.
  • The complete address of the website you want to see on the New Tab page can be typed or pasted here.
complete address of the website
  • After that, click Done. Your Google Chrome New Tab Page will be updated with the thumbnail.
  • You’ll get a pop-up after you add or remove a thumbnail or shortcut that allows you to undo your action or return to default settings.

How Do I Add Thumbnails To Site Shortcuts On Chrome Mobile?

The thumbnails function is now available to mobile users. Your thumbnails may change as your site’s activity changes.

To keep the thumbnail displayed on your Google Chrome homepage, you must visit a site more frequently.

How To Set Or Change Chrome Homepage To Google?

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Click the three circles on the far-right top-right toolbar from any webpage.
  • Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • It will take to Chrome’s settings page. In the right sidebar, select the “Appearance” tab.
appearance tab
  • The second option on this screen will include a switch that says “Show home button.”
Show home button
  • Make sure this switch is switched on first. Click the toggle to convert it from grey to blue if it isn’t already blue.
  • Change the homepage from the default “New Tab page” to a customized web address once the feature is enabled.
  • Enter the site of choice by clicking the second circle.

How To Increase Thumbnails On Google Chrome Homepage?

People may want more than ten domains. On Android phones and computers, users can use the Google Chrome extension to increase the number of thumbnails.

How To Restore Thumbnails On Google Chrome?

  1. Turn Off Permanent Private Browsing
  2. Update Graphics Card Drivers
  3. Reset Chrome
  4. Simple Workaround
  5. Change Search Engine

Why Thumbnails Go Missing On Google Chrome New Tab Page

The fact that Google Chrome’s most visited thumbnails aren’t displayed can quickly become irritating. Many users have reported that this problem started occurring following a recent Chrome upgrade.

Chrome updates itself regularly, and you have enabled automatic updates on your device. The browser likely changed to a bug-infested version, and the most frequently visited thumbnails vanished.

Some have suggested that the issue could be caused by something seemingly unrelated, such as a mismatch with the address bar search engine. When the search engine is Google, the thumbnails disappear from the browser, reappearing when the search engine is changed.

It’s also possible that your browser’s permanent private browsing mode has been enabled. Many things might cause your system’s settings to alter, which could be one of them.

Turn Off Permanent Private Browsing

Some Chrome users prefer not to save any history between sessions. This is an excellent alternative for those concerned about their privacy, but it may prevent Chrome from registering your favorite websites.

This setting can easily be adjusted if you do not start it on your device.

  • On your device, launch Google Chrome.
  • In the corner (top right) of the application, click the Menu button.
  • Select Settings from this menu.
  • Scroll down to Advanced in the Settings tab and click it.
  • Select the Site Settings option.
site settings
  • Under the Permissions section of the Site Settings page that appears next, click on Cookies and site data.
Cookies and site data
  • To restart Chrome, type chrome:/restart in a new tab and click Enter.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

Drivers are the configuration files that allow your device to communicate with your operating system.

  • By hitting Win + R, you can bring up the Run dialogue box.
  • To open Device Manager, type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter.
  • Locate your devices and right-click them to bring up the context menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Update Driver.
  • Although it may appear unrelated, this could be one of the reasons Chrome isn’t displaying the most visited thumbnails.

Reset Chrome

Chrome may be restored to its basic configuration. If the configuration files for your browser are corrupted for whatever reason, and you wish to revert to the original settings, you can reset Chrome.

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Select the hamburger menu from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Scroll down to Advanced and select it.
  • Click Reset under the Reset and Clean Up area.
reset chrome settings
  • Click “Reset Settings” in the confirmation box.

Simple Workaround

Some people have submitted a simple remedy on support forums that involves a simple workaround. If your new tab just has the ‘Add Shortcut’ button, follow these steps.

  • In Google Chrome, create a new tab.
  • To manually create a shortcut, click the ‘Add Shortcut’ button.
  • Create a test shortcut and then save it.
  • You should be given a choice to Undo or Restore default shortcuts when you save this shortcut.
  • Select Restore default shortcuts from the menu.
  • This should restore your preferred Google Chrome shortcuts in the new tab.

Change Search Engine

Changing the default search engine appeared to be the solution to their problem. This may be due to a disagreement between the search engine and the thumbnails.

  • In Google Chrome, create a new tab.
  • Select “settings” from the Menu button in the top right corner.
  • To find the Search Engine area, scroll below.
  • Select a new default search engine for your browser’s address bar from the drop-down box.
default search engine google
  • If this was the cause, restarting your browser should resolve your problem.


A Google Chrome malware appears to have eliminated a critical feature, leaving many users wondering, “How to add thumbnails to the google chrome homepage” Follow all of the procedures mentioned above and solutions.