How To Add Mee6 To Discord Server | 20+ Best Mee6 Commands

When you join a Discord server nowadays, there’s a good chance you’ll get a welcome greeting from MEE6. It’s one of the platform’s most popular bots, and most Discord mods use it to automate their servers. Learn “How to add mee6 to discord server” in this article. 

How To Add Mee6 To Discord Server | 20+ Best Mee6 Commands

MEE6 lets users execute tasks that generally take a few clicks while adding additional capabilities such as games, YouTube Videos, and music playback. Given many MEE6 commands available, determine all of the appropriate ones to utilize on your channel.

What Are Discord Bots?

Bots are programmable gadgets that connect to your Discord server and allow users to automate specific operations. You could, for example, create a bot that automatically awards users for sending a particular number of messages or one that tracks every time a user deletes a message. You may program Discord bots to do various functions on your server.

Discord bots now behave like server members when they are introduced. You must invite them to the server the same way you would any other member and then offer them access and authority to do whatever you wish. Learn more to Add Mee6 To Discord Server.

What Is The Mee6 Bot?

What Is The Mee6 Bot?

Our favorite game chat application is Discord. You’ve probably used Discord to communicate in a multiplayer game if you’re a gamer. Discord was initially designed for gaming, but it has expanded to include voice and text messaging in other applications.

Managing Discord Servers is crucial, particularly if you have a huge community and a small team to monitor data. Discord Bots come in handy in this situation. They are little pieces of AI software that you can employ to automate various server chores.

If you’re arranging a giveaway or a poll, Bots can automatically assist you with these duties.

MEE6 is a popular Discord Bot that can perform various duties, including moderation, role leveling, issuing announcements, playing music, etc. Add Mee6 To Discord Server in the next step.

Why Do You Need A Mee6 Bot?

The MEE6 Bot comes with a long list of advantages. When you need to manage data across multiple channels or with a small team, the MEE6 Bot shines the best.

  • Managing a growing audience while avoiding behaviors that could unintentionally lead to a heated dispute can be difficult.
  • With their extensive capabilities and commands, bots like MEE6 are suitable.
  • There’s something for everyone, whether creating custom commands, playing music, welcoming new members, or assigning levels.
  • The MEE6 dashboard comes with all of the functionality you’ll need for your Discord server.

Mee6 Bot Features

  • Use the welcome message to tell visitors about your server’s rules, topic, or upcoming activities. You can create your welcome card or keep it basic.
  • MEE6 allows you to design the command of your dreams with complete freedom. Create commands that provide and remove responsibilities and automatically deliver messages in the existing channels or the user’s DM.
  • Notify the server when the favorite content creators start streaming, uploading, or posting content.
  • You can quickly set up Twitch streaming notifications, publish YouTube alerts, and post-Reddit and Twitter alerts.
  • Reaction roles are now available for use on your server. Allow your community to be notified of new announcements and have access to other areas of your Discord server.
  • Gamers adore grinding. Use our leveling system to recognize and reward your community’s most engaged members.
  • Allow them to vie for the coveted top spot on your scoreboard by displaying a cool customizable rank card.
  • Give members responsibilities automatically when they reach a particular level to reward them with access to special channels and protected permissions.
  • A high-quality, customized auto-moderator will keep your server safe and clean.
  • Change your bot’s username, avatar, and activities to make it your own.
  • With the most steady and intuitive music bot, you can listen to music right from your Discord server.
  • Make a great mp3 file of your voice to save and put on your device.

How To Add Mee6 To Discord Server?

Adding MEE6 Bot to a Discord Server is a quick and uncomplicated process. If you’ve added any other Bots to your Discord Server before, you’ll need to repeat the process for MEE6 Bot.

  • Google for ‘MEE6 Bot‘ or go straight to the MEE6 Bot’s official webpage.
  • A ‘Add to Discord’ button can be seen on the home page. Select it by clicking on it.
Add to Discord
  • It will take you to the Discord sign-in page. Log in to Discord with your Discord Server credentials.
Log in to Discord
  • Select the server to which you wish to add the MEE6 Bot from the list of servers.
  • The MEE6 Bot will now request access to your Discord Server to govern and control it. Permissions must be granted.
Permissions must be granted
  • You can choose whether MEE6 Bot has administrator access or not. Finally, press the Authorize button. 
press the Authorize button
  • That is all there is to it. MEE6 Bot has been added to your Discord Server successfully.

Some of the Mee6 Commands To Use

1. Music Commands

MEE6 Bot also has a graphic music player that you may use to play and manage your music playlist. Without using any commands, the MEE6 Bot’s Music player dashboard allows you to play, stop, search for a song, play next or rewind a song, and loop the songs in a playlist. 

You can get your music from YouTube, Soundcloud, and Twitch. If you wish to skip to the next song in the playlist or play a music quiz with your friends, you can vote. The MEE6 Bot Music custom Commands are shown below.

  • !play: Begin playing a song from the queue. Press the play button.
  • !stop: Pause or stop the current music.
  • !search: To find a song, you must first perform a song search.
  • !record: Record the current voice channel discussion.
  • !stop-recording: Pause the recording and obtain the audio file’s URL
  • !seek: Fast forward to a specific point in the song
  • !volume: Up to a 200 percent increase or decrease in volume
  • !add: Add a song to the queue, follow the steps below.
  • !queue: Make a list of all the songs currently on the queue
  • !clear-queue: Get rid of all the songs in the queue
  • !skip: Skip to the next song in the queue.
  • !vote-skip: Start a poll about skipping the next song in the queue.
  • !join: Invite the MEE6 Bot to join your voice channel.
  • !leave: Get the MEE6 Bot to exit your voice channel.
  • !start-quiz: In Discord, start a music quiz with your pals.
  • !stop-quiz: Put an end to the music quiz

2. MEE6 Bot Moderator Commands

MEE6 Bot can operate as a moderator for your server, preventing spam, abusive content, and excessive usage of emojis, among other things. All of the MEE6 Moderator Custom Commands are shown below.

  • !ban: To kick someone off the Discord server.
  • !tempban: To ban a user from the Discord Server for a limited time.
  • !Clear: To delete a channel’s message according to a set of rules.
  • !Infractions: To show a user’s transgressions.
  • !Kick: To remove someone from a Discord server.
  • !mute: On the Discord Server, you can silence a person.
  • !tempmute: It is an abbreviation for Temporary Mutation. To mute a user on the Discord Server for a short period.
  • !role-information: To learn more about a particular role.
  • !server-info: To obtain information about the currently active Discord server.
  • !slow mode: Slow Mode can be enabled or disabled in a channel.
  • !unban: To remove a user’s ban from the Discord server.
  • !unmute: It is a command that allows you to hear what’s going on around you. On the Discord Server, unmute a person.
  • !user-info: To find out information on a specific user.
  • !warn: To issue a warning to a user.

Mee6 Bot Not Working

Make the MEE6 Bot offline and check out the MEE6 Bot’s support server if the MEE6 Bot in your Discord Server isn’t working correctly. You’ll discover the newest updates, announcements, troubleshooting tips, and other helpful hints for making MEE6 Bot a fantastic Discord server buddy.


MEE6 is a well-known bot that can assist you in controlling your Discord server. A quick overview of the MEE6 Bot and MEE6 Commands. You learned what MEE6 Bot is, its features, and how to add MEE6 Bot to your Discord server, MEE6 Moderator Commands, and MEE6 Music Control Commands.


How Do I Add Mee6 To Discord?

To utilize the MEE6 Bot on Discord, go to the Mee6 dashboard and log in to your Discord account if you haven’t already. Allow the MEE6 bot to connect to your Discord server. Now you must choose the server on which you want to utilize the bot and install it there.

Why Is My Mee6 Not Working?

To assist you if the MEE6 bot isn’t working, make sure the bot is turned off and then connect to the MEE6 support server. Here you may find the most recent announcements and a support channel that can undoubtedly assist you.

How Do I Add Bots To Discord?

Go to the website of the bot you wish to add and fill out the form. Then select Login from the drop-down menu. Use your Discord credentials to log in. Make the appropriate choices for your server and then click ‘Authorize.’ Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

How Do I Get Mee6 To Join My Server?

By visiting, MEE6 can be added to a server. You can select the “Add to Discord” button on that page, and if you’re signed into Discord, a popup screen will request you to “authorize” the bot to join your server. The majority of other bots work in the same way.

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