How To Add 60 Seconds Music On YouTube Shorts

Unlock the secret on how to add 60 seconds music to your YouTube Shorts videos with these easy-to-follow steps.

YouTube Shorts, the popular short-form video feature, has now expanded its music options, allowing users to add music or soundtracks that are up to 60 seconds in length. This is a significant update from the previous limit of 15 seconds, providing creators with more flexibility and creative possibilities.

The expanded music duration will be available for both iOS and Android users, making it accessible to a wide range of content creators. To take advantage of this feature, users can follow a simple process within the YouTube app.

First, open the YouTube app and navigate to the Shorts camera. From there, access the audio picker by tapping on the music note icon. This will bring up a wide variety of music tracks to choose from.

To select longer music tracks, users can scroll through the options and look for tracks that are labeled as 60 seconds or longer. Once a suitable track is found, simply tap on it to add it to your Short video. You can then customize the placement and timing of the music within your video editor.

The introduction of longer music options on YouTube Shorts is part of the platform’s effort to compete with other short-form video platforms, such as TikTok. By expanding the music duration, YouTube aims to provide a more engaging and creative experience for both creators and viewers.

So, if you’re looking to add captivating music to your YouTube Shorts videos, don’t miss out on this exciting update. Follow these easy steps and unlock the full potential of your creative expression.

Expanding Music Options on YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts now allows users to add longer music tracks, expanding from the previous limit of 15 seconds, giving creators more creative freedom on the platform. This new feature aims to enhance the overall experience for iOS and Android users, providing them with a wider range of music options to choose from while creating short-form videos.

With the increased music duration, creators can now express their artistic vision in a more comprehensive way. The longer music tracks enable them to synchronize their visuals with the rhythm and mood of the chosen music, adding depth and emotion to their Shorts videos.

To take advantage of this expanded feature, users simply need to access the audio picker within the YouTube app. This intuitive tool allows them to browse and select from a variety of longer music tracks, ensuring that their Shorts videos are not restricted by the previous time limitations.

This update is part of YouTube’s ongoing efforts to compete with TikTok in the short-form video space. By providing users with more music options, YouTube aims to attract and empower a broader community of creators, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of diverse content on its platform.