How To Access Sharepoint On-Prem

Configure Federated Authentication for SharePoint On-Prem

To configure federated authentication for SharePoint on-premises, several key steps need to be completed. First, you will need to create an enterprise application in Microsoft Entra ID and configure the SAML authentication. This will allow SharePoint to communicate securely with Microsoft Entra for user authentication.

Next, you will need to create a SPTrustedLoginProvider in SharePoint. The SPTrustedLoginProvider is responsible for storing the configuration settings for the federated authentication. By configuring this provider, SharePoint will know how to handle the authentication requests from Microsoft Entra.

After creating the SPTrustedLoginProvider, you will need to configure a web application in SharePoint to trust the Microsoft Entra enterprise application. This step ensures that SharePoint recognizes and accepts the authentication requests coming from Microsoft Entra.

Finally, you will need to create a self-signed certificate for the SharePoint site and set it in the Internet Information Services (IIS) site. This certificate ensures secure communication between the SharePoint site and the clients accessing it. By following these steps, you will successfully configure federated authentication for SharePoint on-premises, allowing you to access the platform using your Microsoft Entra ID identity.

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