How To Access Farm In SharePoint With Passwords

Accessing a SharePoint farm with passwords involves retrieving the credentials of the SharePoint Central admin App Pool, which uses the SharePoint Farm account. By utilizing a PowerShell script, you can easily obtain the required username and password for the SharePoint Farm account. If the password has already been changed in Active Directory, updating the Farm account credentials can be done through either the SharePoint Central Administration site or PowerShell. Additionally, if you wish to change the password for the SharePoint Farm account, you have the option to do so using the Central Administration site or via PowerShell. It is crucial to ensure that the Farm account is checked and updated in all other relevant areas where it is utilized.

SharePoint farm, passwords, credentials, PowerShell, Active Directory, and Central Administration site are all vital elements to consider when accessing a SharePoint farm with passwords. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article, you will be able to successfully navigate the process of retrieving, updating, and changing the SharePoint Farm account credentials. Stay tuned for the upcoming sections, where we delve into more specific details on updating the SharePoint Farm account credentials and highlight the importance of doing so.

Updating SharePoint Farm Account Credentials

If the password for the SharePoint Farm account has been changed in Active Directory, you can update the Farm account credentials through the SharePoint Central Administration site or using PowerShell.

To update the credentials through the Central Administration site, navigate to the Security section and click on Configure managed accounts. Locate the Farm account and click on Edit. Enter the new credentials, including the username and password, and save the changes.

If you prefer to use PowerShell, open the SharePoint Management Shell and run the following command: Set-SPManagedAccount -Identity ‘FarmAccount’ -NewPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText ‘NewPassword’ -Force). Replace ‘FarmAccount’ with the actual account name and ‘NewPassword’ with the desired password.

It is crucial to check and update the Farm account in other places where it is used, such as services, web applications, and application pools. Failure to update the credentials in all relevant locations may lead to authentication issues and potential security risks.

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