How To Hide Groups On Facebook

Are you tired of your Facebook friends seeing every group you join? This is a common scenario for many, as by default, groups on Facebook are not very visible unless you actively engage.

Luckily, this blog post will guide you through the process of hiding your Facebook groups from view. Keep reading to gain some control over what others can see on your profile!

Key Takeaways

  • Access your Facebook profile and click on the “More” dropdown menu to hide joined groups.
  • Uncheck the groups option in the “Manage Sections” menu to hide your joined groups from others.
  • Utilize privacy settings in Facebook groups to control visibility and access.
  • Learn how to post anonymously in a Facebook group from an iPhone.

How to Hide Joined Groups on Facebook

To hide joined groups on Facebook, access your profile and click on the “More” dropdown menu. Then, select “Manage Sections” and uncheck the groups option.

Access your profile

First, you need to get to your Facebook profile. To do this, tap the icon on the top right of your screen. Then pick “Groups.” This lets you see all groups that you are part of. You can choose which group you want to hide or unhide from view.

Use these steps if you want to fix how others see your joined groups on Facebook.

Click on the “More” dropdown menu

The “More” dropdown menu is key in hiding joined groups on Facebook. It’s easy to find. First, go to your profile page. There, you will see the “More” dropdown menu.

Choosing this menu will lead you to different options. One of these options is titled “Manage Sections”. Clicking on it shows all areas that are live for everyone to see. With just one click, you can hide any section from being seen by others! No longer do people have to know about every group you’ve joined.

By using the same dropdown menu again, Group Info becomes easy to reach too. Once there, privacy settings await a quick change if needed.

Change these settings with ease and decide who sees what about your groups!

In case of need for better control within a group itself, another option comes in handy – adding or removing a group expert! A few clicks here can make someone an expert or take them off the role completely.

This helpful “More” drop down even pays off when using the mobile app! In no time flat it lets users manage their presence in each group they’re part of while on-the-go!

Select “Manage Sections”

Go to your profile on Facebook. Look for the “More” dropdown menu and click on it. Here, you will find “Manage Sections.” This is a tool that lets you pick what others can see on your page.

You use this feature to hide the “Groups” section so people won’t know what groups you join. To do this, find where it says “Groups” and uncheck the box next to it.

Uncheck the groups option

To hide the groups you have joined on Facebook, you can uncheck the groups option. Simply access your profile and click on the “More” dropdown menu. Then, select “Manage Sections.” In the Manage Sections menu, deselect the groups option by clicking on it.

This will remove the visibility of your joined groups from your profile page and keep them hidden from others. Remember that this action only hides the groups; you will still be a member of those groups and able to access them.

Limiting Visibility of Groups on Facebook

Facebook groups offer privacy settings that allow you to control the visibility of your group. Here’s how you can limit the visibility of your Facebook groups:.

Make your group private and hidden in search.

– Set restrictions on who can find and join the group.

– Control who can see the group’s posts, members, and other activities.

– Adjust the membership approval process to ensure only invited members can join.

By utilizing these privacy settings, you have full control over who sees your Facebook group and what information is accessible to others.

How to Post Anonymously in a Facebook Group from iPhone

To post anonymously in a Facebook group from an iPhone, follow these steps:

Access the desired group by tapping on the top right corner of Facebook and selecting “Groups,” or go to the “Groups” screen and select the group.

– In the right pane or near the post creation area, tap on the “Anonymous Post” option.

– Alternatively, access Group Settings by tapping on the pencil icon next to it.

Enable anonymous posting by checking the “On” box in Group Settings and saving your changes.

That’s it! Now you can post anonymously in a Facebook group from your iPhone.

Changing a Facebook Group from Public to Private

To change a Facebook Group from public to private, access the group settings and tap on “More” followed by selecting “View Group Info,” then edit the privacy settings to make the group private.

Access the group settings

To access the group settings on Facebook, follow these simple steps. First, go to the group you want to modify. Then, tap on the “More” option in the top-right corner of the group page.

From there, select “View Group Info.” This will take you to a new screen where you can see various options for managing your group. Look for the “Settings” tab and tap on it. Here, you will find all the settings related to your group’s privacy, posts, members, and more.

Make any changes you need by selecting the appropriate options and saving your changes. It’s easy to access and customize your group settings to fit your needs on Facebook!

Tap on “More” and select “View Group Info”

To change a Facebook group from public to private, simply tap on the “More” option located within the group. From there, select “View Group Info,” where you can access the settings to modify the privacy of the group.

This is also where group admins can manage members and content.

Edit the privacy settings to make the group private

To make a Facebook group private, you need to edit the privacy settings. Simply go to the group settings and choose the option to hide the group. Once you have done this, only members of the group will be able to see it.

It’s important to note that once a group is made private, you cannot switch it back to public. So make sure you’re certain about your decision before making any changes. Keep in mind that modifying the privacy settings is irreversible for Facebook groups, so choose wisely!

Additional Tips for Hiding Groups on Facebook

Use the “Only Me” privacy setting and remove group activity from your timeline for added privacy. Find out more on how to keep your Facebook groups hidden from prying eyes!

Use the “Only Me” privacy setting

To hide groups on Facebook, you can use the “Only Me” privacy setting. This setting allows you to limit who can see your list of Facebook Friends. By adjusting the privacy settings, you can choose to include “Everyone” or restrict access to “Only Me.” When you select the “Only Me” option under the “Manage Group” section, it ensures that only you can see the group you have hidden.

This gives you control over who has visibility into your groups and helps maintain your privacy on Facebook.

Remove group activity from your timeline

To remove group activity from your timeline on Facebook, you can easily hide the updates and posts that appear. By doing this, you can keep your profile more private and control who sees your group activity.

Simply go to your profile, then click on the “More” dropdown menu. From there, select “Manage Sections” and uncheck the groups option. This will remove any group updates or posts from showing up on your timeline for others to see.

You can still participate in groups and view their content, but it won’t be visible on your profile unless someone specifically goes into the groups section of your profile. It’s a simple way to maintain some privacy while still being part of various Facebook groups.


In conclusion, hiding groups on Facebook is a simple process that allows you to control the visibility and privacy of your joined groups. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that your Facebook groups are hidden from others and only visible to you.

Take advantage of these features to customize your profile and maintain your privacy on Facebook.