How To Find Out Who Made A Fake Facebook Account

Are you concerned about a fake Facebook profile impersonating you or someone you know? You’re not alone – it’s an alarmingly common issue. This blog post will guide you through the steps to potentially identify who is behind such fraudulent profiles using tools like BeenVerified, Duplichecker Reverse Image Search, and more.

Ready for some digital detective work? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • You can try to find the email address associated with a fake Facebook account by checking the “about” section on their profile.
  • Tools like iplogger.org and Facebook IP Location Tracker can help track the IP address of a fake Facebook account, which may reveal who made it.
  • Duplichecker Reverse Image Search and Google Image search can be used to find sources of profile pictures and determine if they are fake.
  • Using Facebook Login, you can report a fake profile directly to Facebook for further investigation.

How to Find an Email Address on a Facebook Account

Finding an email tied to a Facebook account could help in figuring out who owns it. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Facebook profile page you want to check.
  2. Look for the “about” section on that profile.
  3. Click on it and search for the email ID listed.
  4. Write down this email address if there is one.


How to Track the IP Address of a Fake Facebook Account

To track the IP address of a fake Facebook account, you can use tools like iplogger.org or the Facebook IP Location Tracker.

Using iplogger.org Tool

You can use the iplogger.org tool to track the IP address of a fake Facebook account. This tool helps reveal who made the account. Here are some steps to do it:

  1. First, go to iplogger.org.
  2. Pick “URL and Image Shortener”.
  3. Make a new shortened link.
  4. Send the link to the person you think made the fake account.
  5. Wait for them to click.
  6. Check back on iplogger.org.
  7. Find their IP details there.

Facebook IP Location Tracker

The Facebook IP Location Tracker is a useful tool. It helps in finding out who made a fake Facebook account. Here’s how:

  1. The tool finds the IP address of the person running the account.
  2. The IP address can tell you where the person is.
  3. You use this tool on Android or iPhone devices with the iStaunch app.
  4. This app is an IP address finder.
  5. It helps in checking for fake accounts on Facebook.
  6. Also, it traces the location of a Facebook account.
  7. Finally, it helps in identifying who made a Facebook account.

How to Find Out Who Made a Fake Facebook Account

To determine the creator of a fake Facebook account, you can utilize methods such as using the Duplichecker Reverse Image Search, conducting a Google Image search, or using Facebook Login to uncover the true identity behind the profile.

Using Duplichecker Reverse Image Search

You can use Duplichecker Reverse Image Search to find out who made a fake Facebook account. This tool can trace the IP address of the fake account, helping you uncover the true identity behind it. With Duplichecker Reverse Image Search, you can search for similar images and find sources from websites all over the Internet. It’s important to use this reliable and comprehensive tool to verify if a profile picture is fake or not.

Conducting a Google Image search

If you want to find out who made a fake Facebook account, you can try conducting a Google Image search. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Google Images website.
  • Click on the camera icon in the search bar.
  • Upload or paste the profile photo from the fake Facebook account.
  • Click on the Search button.

Using Facebook Login

To find out who made a fake Facebook account, you can try using the Facebook Login feature. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Log in to your own Facebook account.
  2. Navigate to the fake profile that you want to investigate.
  3. Look for the three dots (…) located on the cover photo of the fake profile.
  4. Click on the three dots and select “Find Support or Report Profile.”
  5. Choose the option that best describes your concern (e.g., “Pretending to Be Someone” or “Fake Account”).
  6. Follow the prompts to provide additional information and submit your report to Facebook.

Can Fake Facebook Accounts be Tracked?

Fake Facebook accounts can be tracked by involving the police and tracing IP addresses, allowing you to uncover the true identity behind a fraudulent profile. Find out how to authenticate and verify the authenticity of a Facebook account in order to expose the person responsible for creating it.

Read more to learn effective strategies for investigating and unmasking fake Facebook profiles.

Police involvement

Law enforcement plays a crucial role in tracking down the people behind fake Facebook accounts. When it comes to investigating cybercrimes like online impersonation, police intervention is often necessary.

In these cases, law enforcement agencies can collaborate with Facebook to obtain information about the fake account creator. They may request data disclosure from Facebook, such as IP addresses or account details, which can help identify and locate the individuals responsible for creating the fake profiles.

With their expertise in digital forensics and online investigations, the police play an essential role in ensuring user privacy and combating online crimes on social media platforms.

Tracing IP addresses

Tracing IP addresses can help determine the location of a fake Facebook account user. Websites like iptrackeronline.com or iplogger.org provide tools that allow you to track the IP address of a suspicious social media account.

By entering the URL or email associated with the fake profile, these websites can display information about the location where the account was created. However, it’s important to note that tracing IP addresses alone may not be enough to expose the person behind a fake Facebook account.

Additional methods and evidence may be required to gather information and uncover the true identity of an online imposter.


To conclude, finding out who made a fake Facebook account can be challenging but not impossible. By using tools like reverse image search and people search engines like BeenVerified, one can uncover the true identity behind a fake profile.

It’s important to stay cautious online and report any suspicious accounts to protect yourself and others from potential harm.