How exactly does “Build List on Startup” (field build.startup) option work for globallists

Current Helpserver:

Once you have created a global list with the Build List on Startup option selected, Service Manager automatically rebuilds the global list when users log in.


This is not completely true.

For globallists with “filename” and “limiting SQL” the background process “lister” must run and update the globallist if something has changed.

This kind of global list is not “_automatically rebuild when users log in_”. lister process is neccessary.

The “Build List on Startup” flag does not initiate a “Rebuild” of the list, it just makes the current list available to a new logged in user.

A globallist is new build on either one of these actions:

– press “Rebuild Global list” (current and new sessions get the new list)

– lister process runs on this globallist (expiration is in the past and background process “lister” runs).

This is neccessary for globallists with “filename” and “limiting SQL”.

In SM941 there is an optimization called “lazy loading Global Lists”. In SM940 and before, all globallists (GL) were loaded by applications (APPs) which caused a long login delay.

Since SM941, GL will be loaded into memory by RunTimeEnvironment (RTE) only when it is needed, and for a newly added Global List, a restart of RTE is needed unless the name begins with “$”.

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