How To Create A Microsoft Teams Group

Struggling to navigate the intricacies of Microsoft Teams and create your own group? You’re not alone! Over 115 million people interact with this innovative platform daily, but setting up groups can be a daunting task.

This blog post will guide you through the steps, from creating a new team to adding users from other platforms and more, simplifying what seemed complex before. Ready to conquer Microsoft Teams creation process? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Anyone with appropriate permissions can create a new team in Microsoft Teams by following easy steps.
  • Users from other platforms like Slack, Webex, and Zoom Team Chat can be added to a Microsoft Teams group for seamless collaboration.
  • Channels can be created within a Microsoft Teams group to organize conversations and files effectively.

Creating a New Team in Microsoft Teams

To create a new team in Microsoft Teams, anyone with the appropriate permissions can easily set up a team by following these steps.

Who can create teams in Microsoft Teams?

In Microsoft Teams, all people can make teams. It does not matter what job these people have. They can start a team from the start or use a group that already exists. If there is also a team in place, they can even form new teams from it.

This includes bringing in channels, tabs, stuff and members. Team members are then able to talk and share ideas in their own spaces within the team. Students can join too! They use Microsoft Teams to work together with friends from school on projects and homework tasks.

How to create a new team in Microsoft Teams

Creating a new team in Microsoft Teams is easy. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Teams app or page.
  2. Find a spot called “Teams”. Click on this.
  3. Look for the words “Join or create a team” at the bottom right part of your screen.
  4. Click on “Create team”.
  5. You now have two choices: start new or use an old group as a starting point.
  6. If you pick ‘Start from scratch’, you have another choice: make it private or public.
  7. Fill in the name and description for your team.
  8. Click on “Create”.

How to Setup a Team in Microsoft Teams

Creating a team in Microsoft Teams is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams app on your computer, tablet, or phone.
  2. Look for “Teams” on the left side of the app and click on it.
  3. At the bottom, you will see an option called “Join or create a team”. Click on this.
  4. Now, click on “Create team”.
  5. Choose if you want to make a new team from nothing or use an existing group.
  6. Give your new team a name and write a short description about what it’s for.

Creating a team in Microsoft Teams on a phone

To create a team in Microsoft Teams on a phone, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Teams icon on your phone.
  2. Hover over the Create a team card.
  3. Choose “Join or create a team.”
  4. Select “From scratch” to start creating a new team.
  5. Add people by inviting them to join the team.
  6. Add channels to organize conversations and files within the team.

Adding Users from Other Platforms to a Team in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to seamlessly add users from Slack, Webex, and Zoom Team Chat to your Microsoft Teams group and improve collaboration across platforms.

Adding Slack users to a team in Microsoft Teams

  • You can add Slack users to a team in Microsoft Teams.
  • To add a Slack user, simply type their email address as a guest.
  • The Microsoft Teams Calls app allows Slack users to start and join Microsoft Teams calls from their Slack workspace.
  • Integration between Slack and Microsoft Teams can be achieved using the Teams Calls app for Slack or through Zapier for setting up integrations and automation.
  • Communication across Slack and Teams can be streamlined using an integration that sends direct messages on Slack.

Adding Webex users to a team in Microsoft Teams

To add Webex users to a team in Microsoft Teams, follow these steps:

  1. Connect Microsoft Teams with Cisco Webex to accommodate user preferences and minimize platform switching.
  2. Schedule, start, or join Webex Meetings directly from Microsoft Teams.
  3. Invite people to join Webex meetings or Webex Personal Room meetings through Microsoft Teams.
  4. Create a universal channel in Microsoft Teams for easy communication with Webex Teams users.
  5. Take advantage of the integration between Webex Calling and Microsoft Teams, but be aware of potential deployment issues.

Adding Zoom Team Chat users to a team in Microsoft Teams

To add Zoom Team Chat users to a team in Microsoft Teams, you can follow these steps:

  1. Integrate Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
  2. Use the integration to initiate and utilize Zoom Team Chat within Microsoft Teams.
  3. Start instant meetings and join scheduled meetings through Bots.
  4. Access Zoom Team Chat features seamlessly in Microsoft Teams.
  5. Enable collaboration with Zoom users while using Microsoft Teams.
  6. Add Zoom Team Chat users to your team by going to the team name and clicking on More options.
  7. Type the name of the Zoom user you want to add as a member.
  8. Enjoy inclusive collaboration and communication across platforms.

Creating Channels in Microsoft Teams

To create a channel in Microsoft Teams, click on the “Teams” tab, select the desired team, and then click on the three-dot menu next to the team name. Choose “Add channel” from the menu options and enter a name for the new channel.

How to create a channel in Microsoft Teams

To create a channel in Microsoft Teams, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the team you want to create the channel for.
  2. Select “More options” (usually represented by three dots).
  3. Choose “Add channel.”
  4. Enter a name for the channel and add a description if needed.
  5. Select the visibility option: standard or private.
  6. If you choose a private channel, specify which members can access it.
  7. Click on “Add” or “Create” to finish creating the channel.


In conclusion, creating a Microsoft Teams group is easy and straightforward. You can create a new team from scratch or convert an existing SharePoint site into a team. Adding members to your team is simple, and you can also create channels within your team for different topics or projects.

With its collaboration tools and group messaging features, Microsoft Teams is an excellent platform for effective team communication and online collaboration.

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