How are permanent and temporary cookies handled by LoadRunner

How are permanent and temporary cookies handled by LoadRunner

Explanation of cookie handling

Permanent cookies are session information that is stored on the local file system by the browser for later use. Netscape stores its permanent cookies in a cookies.txt file under the Netscape/Users/<UserName> directory. Internet Explorer keeps this information in a Windows home subdirectory.

LoadRunner records a web_add_cookie() when a browser sends a cookie from its permanent cookie table to a server. If a server sends a "Set-Cookie" header to a vuser, LoadRunner will add this cookie to the Vusers virtual cookie table.

All cookies in LoadRunner are maintained in memory. Cookies can be set by the server automatically, or by the client, using web_add_cookies. When the user invokes web_cleanup_cookies(), ALL cookies are removed from the Vuser’s cookie cache including those added with web_add_cookie(…); and those set by the server.
If you desire to remove a specific cookie from the table, be it set by the web server or via web_add_cookie(), you can use web_remove_cookie(…) function.

Please see the on-line reference for more details on these functions.

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