How To High Five On Peloton: An Easy To Follow Guide

The peloton community has created plays a significant role in its success. Owning a high five on Peloton makes you feel like you are a part of something greater. Peloton is mainly designed to boost physical performance. It is one of the popular virtual workout platforms.

High Five On Peloton

Peloton supports this community and even provides various opportunities for community members to engage with one another.

For example, this interaction can take place through the high five feature.

This online workout platform is the right choice for you if you don’t like to step outside to go to the gym for exercise. 

What Is Peloton High Five?

Peloton’s virtual high five is precisely that—a simple way to greet one another, encourage one another, or celebrate—in which two people smack open palms together while elevating their arms.

What Is Peloton High Five?

For a monthly subscription fee, peloton is a business that provides exercise equipment and online workouts.

In addition to leaderboards and an extremely dynamic platform where users can give each other “virtual high fives,” this service is created with several features. These features include live and on-demand classes, leaderboards, and leaderboards.

Etiquette of Peloton High Five

Although there aren’t any formal guidelines on how to high-five, the Reddit Peloton Board has seen quite a few discussions on the subject. Whether you send and receive high fives ultimately depends on you.

High fives are something I enjoy giving out, especially during challenging sections of my rides.

I’ll also give a short high five to my live team members if I’m participating in a Power Zone Challenge.

Etiquette of Peloton High Five

When a rider wishes to send and receive a high five is entirely up to him. The practice of high-fiving has no set rules.

Some cyclists give high fives to their neighbors and those who live nearby. Some cyclists offer high fives to the riders at the top of the leaderboard, while others give to the closest racer. Some people are reluctant to give or receive high fives.

How can You High Five On The Peloton App

Have you ever considered utilizing the Peloton App to high-five someone after learning how to do it on the peloton Bike and tread touch screen?

How can You High Five On The Peloton App

As of right now, you may accomplish that using either the iOS app or the Android app, albeit you could receive fewer High Fives on the latter.

How To begin A High Five To A Peloton Rider

The peloton’s high five feature will be used when you receive a high five or transmit one to someone else. Tap on the screens of other Peloton usernames to accomplish the same thing.

How Do You High Five on Peloton?

Here’s a quick guide to high-fiving in live and on-demand classes on the Peloton digital app. Should we move forward now? Here is the simplified way mentioned how to high-five on the peloton app.

How to High-Five in a Live Class on the Peloton digital app

The leaderboard, where the actual competition on the peloton takes place, is visible when you are in a live class.

Using the leaderboard will allow you to give a high five to a fellow student or user.

The leaderboard, where the actual competition on the peloton takes place

The username can be found by scrolling down the leaderboard. Next, lightly tap. The user can now receive a high five.

The username can be found by scrolling down the leaderboard. Next, lightly tap. The user can now receive a high five.

If you receive a high-five of congratulations, you will be alerted on the bottom left side of your screen. You’ll probably want the high five to be reciprocated by giving one back. To give the user a high five, tap the pop-up notice.

How to High-Five on On-Demand Peloton Classes

You must limit your leaderboard to “Here Now” if registered for the on-demand programs.

If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to see other people’s names who are riding beside you simultaneously.

You must limit your leaderboard to "Here Now" if registered for the on-demand programs.

Members get 24/7 access to the classes, so keep that in mind. Most members will be ready to accompany you on your journey, which is the most excellent part of the arrangement.

To see who else is biking with you, set the Leaderboard filtering to “Here Now.” 

During the run or ride, you will be able to interact with the cyclists who are traveling with you. Go down the leaderboard after clicking “Here Now.” Along the leaderboard, browse. To your name, give a high five.

How to Fix Peloton High Fives; If That Didn’t Work.

On a peloton, a high five is a standard feature. The fact that yours is broken, though, is not unexpected. Check the following things in this situation;

  1. Network Connection
  2. Peloton Equipment

Restart your bright screen if your internet connection works appropriately (10MBps minimum). Then, to improve the device’s speed, clear the cache (DO NOT choose “delete data”).


  • Choose “Settings”
Choose "Settings"
  • Pick “Apps”
Pick "Apps"
  • Select “Peloton” and “Force Stop” the program.
Select "Peloton" and "Force Stop" the program.
  • Navigate to Storage and select “Clear Cache.”
Navigate to Storage and select "Clear Cache."
  • Please turn it off, then on again.

You can also see if you unintentionally disabled the high-five notice. Please turn it on and give another high five.

How To See High Fives On Peloton App

Let’s see how you can see the peloton high-five. You only need to touch on the username from your peloton screen to high-five another member.

how you can see the peloton high-five

When you send someone a high five, the app will notify them on their screen and provide them the option to do the same for you. Therefore, they have the option of returning it to you.

What happens when you high-five someone

When you send someone a high-five, they get a notification in their FEED merely telling them that you did so.

You can find the FEED on the left side of your panel, where you can also see who gave you a high five while riding.

You can find the FEED on the left side of your panel, where you can also see who gave you a high five while riding.

It, too, can be concealed, just like the leaderboard. It is useful when somebody is high-fiving you every several seconds while you’re on a ride with lots of other people. That can become quite annoying.

And as a quick hint, if somebody high-fives you, you may return the favor by clicking the FEED button on the left side of the screen, saving you the trouble of searching for them on the leaderboard.

When to give a high five

High fives are a great way to interact with other Peloton runners and riders, but they can be much more.

When to give a high five in a Peloton class is as follows:

  • You arrived right at the start of the lesson. The participants appeared. Give the class some affection. Make them excited!
  • I enjoy giving high fives to students immediately in front of and behind me on the leaderboard during a ride during class. It stokes some competition and fuels the fire.
Tap on the face to high-five.
  • Giving high fives to people after the class after a solid workout may seem insignificant, but after working hard, it feels fantastic.

Of course, you can high-five anytime, but those are some of the most suitable scenarios.

Avoid high-fiving the same person repeatedly at any cost. It isn’t enjoyable. You’ll be OK if you exercise common sense and follow some basic high-five protocol.

Who can high five

Anyone participating in a Peloton class could high-five anyone else who is also participating in a class.

So what does the word “active” actually mean?

Everybody on the leaderboard is “active” and can high-five if you are in a live class. Yes, you can even receive a high five from a Peloton teacher!

On the other hand, you can only high-five other Peloton users in the HERE NOW area of the scoreboard if you’re in an on-demand class.

you can only high-five other Peloton users in the HERE NOW area of the scoreboard if you're in an on-demand class.

In an on-demand lesson, the trainer is not “active”; thus, nobody will be giving them a high five.

How to get more high fives

Filling out all of the information on your Peloton Social Profile is the most excellent method to receive more high fives. Age, sex, city, a hashtag, and a profile photo all increase engagement and result in more high fives.

The leaderboard will reflect these changed fields the following time you ride. 

For instance, somebody from the same city as them or using that hashtag is much more likely to receive a high five.

Click on your name in the down left corner of the screen and choose Profile Image to change your Peloton Public Profile. The data in the Public Profile section should be updated.

Significance of High Fives

  • They result in your brain producing feel-good chemicals. Every time you get a Peloton high-five alert, your brain has a response. Release dopamine when you get a good reward, making you want more of the same thing.
  • A Peloton high-five, for example, might encourage someone while they are exercising and make them feel better and more encouraged. You can not help but beam when you see that alert.
  • You may be inspired to work out more often by receiving High Fives. Exercise releases good feelings chemicals into the brain, enhancing your exercise performance.
  • This gadget makes working out with others more enjoyable. Even if you’re out in your gym, receiving the notice (high-five) seems like you have a friend encouraging you.
  • Giving high fives to one another can boost exercise performance. Your motivation to keep doing what you’re doing will increase when your work and successes are recognized.

How Do I Turn Off Peloton Notifications?

Many motorcyclists prefer to avoid getting high fives while they are riding. Therefore, you must turn off your notification if you fall into that category. Switch the “Get a notification when someone…” setting to “Off” to stop receiving messages. 

Notifications of peloton app

Adjust your options for email alerts by scrolling down to Content preferences. Make sure you click the save key at the bottom if you make significant changes.

High-fives from strangers can work as a distraction while you are riding. So, turning the notifications off might be a good choice.

Peloton Turn Off the Feed

Unfortunately, you cannot turn off the notifications if they make you anxious while riding.

Consider using somewhat older rides as a workaround for now, possibly until the peloton finds a solution.

What is a Leaderboard Name?

Your Peloton touchscreen name is similar to your Leaderboard name. This name appears on your profile, the class list (or leader board), and other places. 

The leaderboard on the Peloton cycle shows your level of fitness at the moment. You could see all of your workout stats on the leaderboard.

It will allow you to assess your progress by comparing your actions to those of earlier days.

Can Peloton Instructors See You?

Members in the peloton are hidden from the view of the instructors. Instead, the cadence, heart rate, and resistance will be provided to the instructors by the peloton participants.

Additionally, there will be strict restrictions on exposure. You will easily be able to decide which of the metrics to use to show the Peloton instructor that you have achieved success.

How Can I See How Many High Fives I Receive?

Although the number of high fives you get on a ride isn’t recorded anywhere, you may navigate through the notification page to check how many you’ve earned. Occasionally, instructors may board rides and give people high fives, so it can be entertaining to do this!

Is there any limit on How Many High Fives I Can Receive?

There is a limit of one high five every minute that can be given or received by a single Member.

High fives are optional; you can give and receive several at once. You can see, for instance, how many high fives you got while riding in the peloton. Following your workout, you can check again.

What to do To Receive more High Fives

You likely enjoy giving high fives to other riders and giving them 100 or more times without getting even one in return.

It could be frustrating sometimes, but it’s not really about you; perhaps you’re already worn out from feeling like nobody notices or think the other riders are just rude.

It is not valid.

All of this should indicate that there is a problem. Here’s how to fix the issues if you’re experiencing them.

Power OFF and Unplug Device

  • You should first turn off your peloton ios device.
  • Additionally, disconnect the peloton bike while you wait for 5 min.
  • Switch on the addon and the Peloton bike after 5 min; if it doesn’t fix the issue, you need to clear data storage of your high five.

Reset High Fives Cache Memory

  • Find “setting” on the tablet screen, typically in the top bar.
Find "setting" on the tablet screen, typically in the top bar.
  • Tap “app” and then “peloton” to continue.
Tap "app" and then "peloton" to continue.
  • Now select “Force stop” to continue.
  • Then select “Clear Cache” under Storage.
Then select "Clear Cache" under Storage.
  • The tablet should now be turned off, so wait two minutes before turning it back on.

You must be an expert at high-fiving the peloton by this point. Now that we’ve covered some of the frequently asked questions from Peloton users, let’s move on to the screen.

What do Peloton Instructors See on Their Screen?

If you’re interested in this, you might think the instructor can watch a live video of you while you run or cycle; however, this is not the case.

They see the same straightforward leaderboard page, which displays how many rides a user has taken.

Additionally, a teacher can switch between users in the studio, at home, or likely utilizing a digital app.

Peloton Group ride with Friends

Follow the instructions below to go on group rides with your buddies.

  • Open the Peloton iOS app.
  • Choose between cycling or riding sessions based on what you want to do with your buddies.
  • Select the hour and day that you want to start the lesson. Probably within the next 10 minutes, you want to begin. Choose the time.
Add them for group ride.
  • Finally, click “invite” to spread the word about the group workout. 

Everyone you invite will receive a push notification on the Peloton app and the equipment when the time comes. From there, you may join the workout.

Can High Fives be Distracting on Peloton?

The opposite. Fortunately, the peloton is set up so you can only send or receive one high five each minute from a single person.

Therefore, you won’t be overly distracted by the high fives.

Like the power zone challenge on the peloton, it’s a fun opportunity for people to appreciate and support one another.

Your mid-workout dip of fatigue might be alleviated by it.

Exercise and high fives can be done simultaneously. But you may turn off the notifications if you feel distracted.

Are 20 Minutes on Peloton Good for decreasing Weight?

A proper diet and regular exercise are the two main components of weight loss. For instance, it will be effective if you do the workout every day.

Consequently, the 20-minute Peloton ride will be an excellent substitute for cardio and strength exercise.

Don’t forget that even if you only exercise for a few minutes daily, it will still be good for your health and reduce weight.

Peloton also created Peloton Tread, which is advantageous if you routinely run on it.

Can you see who opens your Peloton profile?

Only individuals that you allow can view your Peloton profile when it is set to privacy; otherwise, if your account is set to public, anyone can view it.

Can you see previous High Fives on Peloton?

Have you ever considered utilizing the Peloton App to high-five someone after learning how to do it on the peloton Bike and tread touchscreen?

As of right now, you may accomplish that using either the iOS app or the Android app, albeit you could receive fewer High Fives on the latter.

Final Thoughts

You can high-five other people on the peloton to engage with them in class.

Just click on somebody’s profile picture on the leaderboard to give them a high five! The viewer will immediately notice a high five alert in their FEED on the left side of the touch interface if they are engaged in the class you are taking.

Be on the watch for a high five from your Peloton trainer if you’re taking a live session! They can and frequently do give high fives during class.

High fives, in a nutshell, are a great technique to keep people interested, and they can even be inspiring.


Can Peloton Instructors Hear You?

No, Peloton coaches can’t see you when you run or cycle. Only when you are both enrolled in the very same Peloton session can you utilize the constructed camera to face conversation with a friend. Choose “Enable Video Chat” under the social tab in Preference Pane to start a face chat.

How To High Five On Peloton?

Tap the username of the person you observe improving on the leaderboard to support them virtually. You’ll notice the notification appear in the bottom-left corner of your display if you get a high five. You can reciprocate the high five by hitting the high five on your feed.

Why Are There So Many High Fives On The Peloton?

All of the community elements that will enable users to “remain connected” are listed by the corporation. When used responsibly, the High Five feature, similar to Facebook’s poke tool, is meant to encourage riders to communicate with one another.

Do Peloton Instructors Give High Fives?

Yes, a Peloton teacher will even give you a high five! On-demand class participants can only high-five with other Peloton users in the HERE NOW area of the scoreboard. Additionally, the instructor won’t be giving out high fives in an on-demand session because they are not “active.”