6 Best Methods to Hide Steam Activity from Friends

Valve is the creator of Steam, a gaming platform. You will be able to purchase, develop, and even discuss PC games. It does provide you access to the platform’s thousands of games. The portal offers a large selection of downloadable content. There is also some user-generated content, such as game mods.

The term “Steam Games” refers to games made available through the Steam platform. Hide Steam Activity from Friends.

After paying the fees and other expenses, you can download the games. You may even create your games and host them on the forum if you are a game developer.

Why Is It Necessary To Lock Games In Steam?

Steam now allows you to play and access content that has been labeled as only for adults. It doesn’t belong in the Work category of games. One of the reasons you should look into the options for “how to hide Steam games from friends” is this.

You should take a look at the methods for hiding Steam games from friends. Your games can be hidden from your profile, library, and even Steam chat.

You can permanently unhide your game by reversing the same technique, regardless of the option you use to hide it.

Methods to Hide Game Activity From Friends On Steam.

On Steam, there are several options for hiding game activity from friends. The essential strategies for hiding games from friends on Steam are given below. You are free to employ any of the approaches that you believe best fit your needs.

  1. Hide Steam Activity From Privacy Settings
  2. Hide Or Remove Games From Your Steam Library
  3. Set Your Profile To Private
  4. Hide Gameplay Activity From Steam Chat
  5. Steam Hide Specific Game Activity
  6. How To Hide Steam Games (One / Specific Friends)

1. Hide Steam Activity From Privacy Settings

By altering the privacy settings on Steam, you can hide the game activity. You might not be aware of how to use the privacy settings to hide Steam activities. Take the actions outlined below to learn “how to hide game activity on steam.”

  • On your computer, open the Steam client.
  • On the top ribbon bar, click on your Steam name.
view my profile in steam - hide steam activity
  • To reach your account’s Profile page, select Profile from the menu.
  • To edit your Steam profile, go to the right side of the page and select Edit my Profile.
  • On the right side, go to the My Privacy Setting button. Change your privacy setting by clicking on them.
privacy settings
  • Find the “My Profile” entry in the Setting box and choose it from the menu near the Game Details.
my profile status
  • Then, from the options, select Private to make the Game Activity private.
change privacy to private
  • Check if it hides your Steam activity from private settings.
  • In Steam, simply right-click on an empty slot. From the pop-up window, choose Copy Page URL.
  • Copy the URL address. Now, paste it into your browser to see if the gaming activity is hidden.

2. Hide Games Activity From Steam Library

On your PC, you can conceal a game from the Steam catalog. You have the choice to hide it or remove it from your Steam library.

Any achievements will still be visible to others who have access to your profile’s game details. In addition, the amount of time you have spent playing that game. Anyone who has access to your PC will not view the game in your Steam library.

Adult-only games and other NSFW content are now available on Steam. The ability to conceal the games you’re playing is becoming increasingly vital. Even if you’ve been playing other games, it’ll come in handy.

3. Set Your Profile To Private

Another approach to hide game activity on Steam is to make your profile private. It means you’ll be completely cut off from your friends. Other gamers you encounter while playing are another factor to consider.

Features, such as the Friend, Inventory, Game Details, and comments, will be affected. Follow the steps below to make your profile private:

  • Open the Steam client on your computer. Select your Steam name from the menu.
  • Select Profile from the menu to go to your account’s profile page.
  • Select Edit my Profile on the right side of the page.
  • Then look for the “My Privacy Setting” button on the right side of the window.
privacy settings
  • Click the menu near My Profile in the window. From the menu, change the status from Public to Private.
change the status from Public to Private
  • The adjustment will be implemented right away. After that, go to your profile and see if Steam hides gaming activity or not.

4. Hide Gameplay Activity From Steam Chat

You don’t want to notify all of your pals that you’ve begun playing the game. Also, disable them, so they aren’t aware that you are playing the game on their friend’s list. On Steam chat, you can go offline or become invisible.

  • In Steam, go to the Friends and Chat option.
steam friends option
  • Select “Offline or Invisible” status by clicking on your username.
make the friends option invisible or offline
  • Under your profile page, the game information would still be displayed. Your friends will be unable to see what games you are now playing.
  • You change the Game information to Private. If you’re online in Steam chat, your friends won’t be capable of seeing what games you’re playing.

5. Steam Hide Specific Game Activity From Friends

Without making your account private, you can keep your friends from seeing the games you’re playing. You can use the following procedure to accomplish it.

  • Open the game you wish to play while being unseen.
  • Open a second Steam game.
  • Return to the state of being available.
  • Steam will always represent you as being in the middle of the most recent game you’ve started. You can keep something open in your library running in the background. The game you’re trying to hide won’t show up on Steam.

You’d like to keep the game out of your library.

  • You may manage it by right-clicking it and selecting the “Manage option.”
  • Select “Hide this game” from the menu.
  • It’ll merely keep it hidden in your library. It means that you and anyone who has access to your Steam game library can see it.

6. How To Hide Steam Games Activity (For One / Specific Friends)

You may simply wish to conceal the Steam games from one or two friends. You can hide your game activity from a subset of your friends without affecting the rest of your list. You must temporarily disable them by performing the following actions:

  • Steam should now be open. In the bottom-right corner, click “Friends & Chat.”
friends and chant in steam
  • Select “Manage” from the menu next to a friend’s name.
  • “Block all communications” should be selected.
Block all communications
  • From the perspective of your friends, you will appear to be offline. They will see that your profile is private when they visit it. 
  • Unblocking them, on the other hand, will restore your game activity and online status.
  • You can play a game for a short period without letting a specific friend know. It is a simple way to do it without them realizing they’ve been blocked.


Steam is a fantastic gaming platform for sharing your accomplishments with friends. You don’t want your Steam account to display the activities and games you’ve been doing. I’ve covered all of the techniques for protecting your privacy on Steam in this tutorial.