2 Easy Ways To Use The Hide Comment Facebook Feature

The need to hide comments on Facebook can arise abruptly. After all, it is a popular social media platform. As such, there are plenty of people on it. There will always be some people who wouldn’t agree with everything you post. Some might even comment in foul language or leave vulgar remarks. These call for various actions like deleting them. 

But what about the ones that do not qualify to be offensive? For such scenarios, Facebook has the feature of hiding a comment. If you don’t already know about it, then brace yourself. We are going on a ride to learn about this brilliant hide comment Facebook feature and how to use it: 

Hide comment feature on Facebook

Why Hide Comments On Facebook?

Sometimes a single comment on a fantastic post can take away its charm. Such things can make you wonder whether the efforts you put in while uploading a post are worth it or not. Besides, all this can generate negativity that you do not need or have time for.

So, how can you cope with all these things? Of course, deleting the comment sounds like a viable option. But what if the person is a close friend or someone you don’t feel like offering.

Can a simple Hide Comment feature make a difference? The answer to this is yes! But, if you are still wondering about hiding a comment, let us help you by providing you with the right reasons. You should hide a comment if:

  • The language used in the comment is inaccurate or offensive. Remember, one bad comment can tarnish your image on social media. Also, Facebook is a place for the general public, and they would not like to see the unpleasant use of words.
  • The comment contains random links that have the potential of containing a virus. You have all the right to hide the comments providing links to other pages. Especially those that have the possibility of containing viruses. 
  • The comment is degrading someone’s caste, creed, or religion. Nobody likes discrimination, and people comment on it more often than you think. So, to keep your profile discrimination-free, delete or hide such comments as soon as possible.
  • The comment could easily be a method for the bots to post advertisements. These include promotions to fake advertisements. It would be ideal for getting rid of these to safeguard your followers. 

Remember that before you start hiding the comments or deleting them, it is worth talking to the person who posted them. Diplomacy often helps in calming things down. You can ask them to tone things down. If they don’t listen, you can take suitable actions. 

But, you can also choose to hide the comment if you don’t want to confront the person. Maybe they are just someone you don’t know, but you also don’t want them in your comment section. 

Comments censored on facebook image

Solutions to the Hide Comment Facebook feature

  1. Using The PC or Mac To Hide The Comment
  2. Use The App To Enable The Feature

Methods To Hide A Comment On Facebook

Now that you understand the need for the feature and the reasons behind using it let’s get down to learning to enable it. Many people use the Facebook App, but conventional folks prefer to use web browsers. So, we have made sure to cover both of these sectors to provide you with a thorough guide: 

1. Using The PC or Mac To Hide The Comment 

Facebook desktop version hiding comment option

Hiding a comment on Facebook is not as complicated as you think. But there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, you need to log in to your Facebook account to hide a comment. 

Also, you can’t hide the comments on someone else’s post. To hide a comment, you should be the owner of the post, page, or group.

So, if you understand all the things mentioned above, you can proceed with the steps. Here are the instructions to hide comments on Facebook using PC or Mac:

  • Launch a browser on your Mac or PC. Login with your Facebook credential.
  • Now open the post of which you want to hide the comment.
  • When you take the mouse pointer over the comments, you will notice that three dots will appear on the right. Take the pointer to the comment you wish to hide.
  • Tap on the now visible three dots
  • Choose the Hide Comment Option to hide the comment.

The instructions mentioned above will help you hide the comment you do not want others to see. If you want to unhide the comment:

  • Take the pointer towards the hidden comment.
  • Long press on the comment and tap on the unhide button.

Your comment will be visible again. Keep in mind that the owner of the comment can see the comment even if you hide it.

2. Using The Facebook Application

A comment on facebook DC and superheroes

Hiding the comment on a Facebook application is more accessible than using a PC or Mac for the process. So, if you are using a mobile, then you can hide the comment with these simple steps:

  • Launch the Facebook application on your device.
  • Login to your account if you are not already logged in.
  • Now, go to the post where you want to hide the comment and open the comments section.
  • Long press on the comment that you want to hide from your post.
  • Now tap on the Hide Comment option.

You can unhide the comment by carrying out the same steps. But this time, choose the Unhide option so that the comment can become visible.

There are also many other similar features, like hiding the comment. You can hide a post from your timeline. This feature is handy in posts that aren’t relevant to you. Thus, you maintain a cleaner timeline. Similarly, you can also remove tags from the posts and comments after hiding them. 

Pros And Cons Of Hiding Comments On Facebook

Multiple comments and replies on the Facebook

Are you confused about the usability of this feature? Perhaps you’re wondering if it is worth a try. Any action has its consequences. Likewise, if you hide a comment, it has its perks and drawbacks.

Ahead are the pros and cons you might experience after hiding a comment on your Facebook post. These will help you get a better idea regarding the ‘Should you use the hide comment feature on Facebook?’ factor:

Pros of Hiding A Comment On Facebook

If you have people who are nice to you, but you don’t want them visible on your profile, this is a good step. Other pros include the following benefits: 

  • Your profile looks neat and clean.
  • You can unhide the comment and make it visible to the public whenever you feel like it.
  • By hiding the comment you do not hurt the person’s sentiments who commented on your post.
  • If the comment discriminates among the caste, creed, or gender, it won’t do so as people can’t see the comment.
  • It is the best way to avoid conflict from the commenters as they won’t know that you hid their comment.
  • It helps you hide the unwanted links that your commenters share via comments.

Cons Of Hiding A Comment On Facebook

Of course, the primary disadvantage is that the comment still exists. You haven’t deleted it. This leads to other two issues: 

  • The comment remains visible to the person who posted the comment and the Facebook friends. It means that they can still interact with it. The comment will be visible to you, as well. So, if you get hurt by these comments, you can’t do much about it. 
  • The person who posted the comment and his friend can continue replying to the hidden comment. You will receive updates and notifications regarding these. It can get a little annoying. 

Function Of Hiding Comments On Facebook

Hiding nasty or inappropriate comments on your Facebook post is not a big deal. But, before proceeding with it, you should know about its functioning. So, here are the things that happen once you hide a comment on your Facebook post:

  • You cannot see what the commenter wrote on the comment until you unhide it.
  • The comment becomes invisible to the public. But, you can see the comment slightly faded. This makes it convenient for you to find the comment if you choose to unhide it in the future.
  • The commenter and his Facebook friends can see the comment. Even if you hide the comment from your post.
  • The commenter and the Facebook friends can comment on the hidden comment as it’s visible to them. Also, they can have a full-fledged discussion on the hidden comment via comment.
  • The commenter won’t know that you hid the comment. 

Hiding And Deleting Comments On Facebook

Comments on Facebook delete option

Hiding and deleting Facebook comments is not the same thing. Often, people confuse the two, But that’s not the case. Hiding a comment and deleting it are two entirely different things. Here are some pointers to help you clarify the difference: 

  • Hiding a comment makes a comment invisible. Thus, the total number of comments is not affected. Whereas, once you delete a comment, you can’t undo it, and the total number of comments reduces.
  • You can unhide the hidden comment and make it visible to the public whenever you want. While after you delete a comment, you can’t add it again. You can only delete your comment and re-add it on any post. But, that will affect the timestamp.
  • The hidden comment is visible to a small area of people like the commenter and the Facebook friends. A deleted comment, once removed, won’t be visible to anyone. You also can’t see the comment that you have deleted.

Both the features have their respective functions. Often, if you delete the comment, the other person might get to know about it. However, if you hide it, they can still see it intact. There are also many different ways to hide a person’s comment, like restricting their profile access or blocking them. 

Conclusion – Facebook Comments Hidden

Hiding comments is always better when you do not want to hurt the person’s sentiments. It works best in scenarios where conflicts can happen. Also, the person who comments can always see the comment until it is deleted. 

Deleting the comments comes in handy when the comment is offensive, or you do not want anybody to see it. 

But, bear in mind that you can only control the privacy of your posts and the page or groups that you handle. You can’t change the privacy of someone else’s post. Nonetheless, now that you know the process of hiding the comments, you can use it to your advantage. 

FAQs – Facebook Hidden Comments

Can You Hide Comments On Facebook?

Yes, you can hide anyone’s comment on Facebook who has posted the comment on your wall. Hiding the comment means that the person who commented can see the comment. Their Facebook friends can also see the comment. But, if you delete a comment on your post, nobody, including you, can see the comment. 

Can You Delete Other People’s Comments On Facebook?

Any comment that was written on your wall, post, or on the group or page you manage, you can delete. But you can’t delete comments written on other people’s posts. On other people’s walls, you can only delete your comment. 

How To Block Someone On Facebook?

To block someone on Facebook, go to the settings and open the Privacy. Click on the Blocking option and choose the Add to Blocked list option. Now, search the person you want to block on the search box and click on the Block button. You will have to tap on the Block button again to confirm. 

Who Can See A Comment When You Hide It On Facebook?

When you hide a comment on any post on Facebook, the comment gets invisible to everyone. But, the person who comments can see the comment on the post. Often, people tagged and the facebook friends of that tagged person (or the commenting person) can also see the post. 

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