Top 5 Best Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

This 21st century is the era when the business network can tap numerous chances and choices to bear rising operational expenses. An organization can now and effectively utilize an outer or outsider organization to perform for its benefit specialized help. This is the thing that is more prevalently referred to today as “help desk outsourcing.” 

The multiplication of help desk outsourcing companies makes this business alternative an entirely reasonable and alluring system for contemporary ventures. In the event that an organization’s specialized professional staff comes up short on the fundamental IT abilities or if the head check is less than required, it will be sensible just to outsource the help or any other related services.

In opposition to what many may think in the first figure, outsourcing may be costly, but it is savvy. That is on the grounds that exponential competition among outsourcing services suppliers drives the costs lower. 

It is not necessary that a help desk outsourcing business may be within a similar network as the desk outsourcing client. Indeed, in numerous arrangements today, help desk support is regularly outsourced from a supplier that is situated in another country or continent. The introduction and appearance of current technological innovations break the barriers that arise through geographical constraints.

Why outsourcing is the better choice?

To ace in any service providing business, it is very important to consider reviews of the clients. All companies, whether big or small now inclined toward setting up customer feedback systems, and for this purpose, they outsource help desks.

Expanded knowledge like the use of e-support in addition to more appeal for unique input on help desk support services. Various organizations ranging from little to major, presently pick to outsource their assistance work administrations, and it is not unexpected. 

There are numerous explanations behind outsourcing help desk functions. To begin with, the unpredictability of IT frameworks makes organizations battling to adapt. Such organizations probably won’t have the necessary abilities and scale to support gadgets and programming that is required for efficient work. 

Second, help desk outsourcing services prepare for cost minimization. An organization will understand that it will be less expensive to outsource help desk functions than to enlist in-house employees to do as such. Besides the lower costs, the organization may be saved from restricted space, more governance, and adherence to explicit government guidelines.

Benefits of Help Desk Outsourcing

It is true that help desk outsourcing services are cost-effective and increase the efficiency of the workforce. Finding an optimal utility provider can be so cost-effective in comparison to doing it by yourself due to the variable economic situation across the globe.

Since outsourcers are operating at a large scale, they can thus pay suppliers less. For example, better arrangements are haggled with IT help desk tool suppliers. On the other hand, if they are giving the client’s IT gear and third-party services just as IT support, at that point, there will probably be huge funds saving across these expenses. 

There will also be savings on capital and human resources. Firstly you don’t need any capital expenditure on equipment, gadgets, floor area, etc., to set up your personal help desk. Outsourced service desks have multiple clients who have help desk support personnel employed by the outsourced service desk provider.

With the help desk, agents handling the feedback, problems, and requests of multiple customers is hassle-free and more efficient. Secondly, wherever possible, work will be in different countries where labor costs and other costs are minimal without hampering the ideal service quality.

Further engaging in a fixed price contract will also lower the cost of the IT services. There is a norm of fixing a specified amount for a specific utility for a stipulated time ranging forms months to years.

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Well, almost all the firms tend towards contracts to lower costs and increase efficiency. Of course, there will be cost variations to cover changes in workload and modifications to service levels and service.

Below are some other benefits one can enjoy by help desk outsourcing services.

  1. High enhancement in geographical outreach:  if your company has global outreach, there are multiple benefits. Firstly, it is easy to proliferate your business at a global level. Help desk utility providers have folks with multi-language prowess. The requirement of all staff to converse in the official language and providing local-language speaking personnel to cover different geographical locations if taken care of by help desk service providers. Additionally, there is also a  third option that pushes people to help desk-service, i.e., language translators applications such as technology can translate the interactions. Following the shared-employees model, staff can be provided with lower cost.
  1. Access to extra technical skills and knowledge: Service providers have the sole purpose of providing help-desk related service for this, they use high-grade technology and equipment. Simply if we look, getting access to such technology is like getting an extra burden on your pocket. Still, help desk outsourcing services provide access to some advanced technology and technical skills and minimize the human resource needed to master it. An outsourced help desk provider has a classification to enroll folks with variable skills through both higher salary packages and employing them with insufficient knowledge and training them. 
  1. Increased availability of services: It is very painstaking to manage a service center with 24/7 availability, and even if possible, the maintenance cost is exponentially high, obstructing a high-grade service to the end-users satisfaction. In the case of outsourced help desk services, various organizations can be hired at different geographical locations providing 24/7 services at optimal cost with the same degree of performance.
  1. Service level agreements (SLAs): Help desk outsourcing has a contract to provide agreed service with a pre-decided amount levels at a corporate level, which can then be measured at a transactional level. Take the example of the in-house help desk. It might work hard to achieve quick resolutions and provisioning, but there might be no agreed service level targets for different service types. Outsourcing brings with it such goals and weekly/monthly reporting that give an idea of outsourcer performance reports.
  1. “Pay as per work”-type contracts: Outsourced help desk contracts come in different types. There is one with an “all you can have” model in which you have to pay for the whole contract and another with a “tiered-consumption model,” which is like paying only for completed work. The second one has more advantages, as you have to pay only for the completed work.
  1. Benchmarking capabilities of help desk: A in-house service desk is more of a casual staff with low working efficiency, whereas, in the case of an outsourced help desk services, every task is monitored carefully for its performance and capabilities at par with the benchmarks and industry standards. In fact, the SLAs service desk will probably have targets created in line with international benchmarks for metrics.
  1. The use of best practice: in order to provide top quality services, help desk outsourcers differentiate themselves based on cost and qualities. Additionally, best practice processes are optimized such that they save both time and cost.
  1. Additional capabilities package: Outsourcers also provide the chance to bring in additional capabilities that will further garner the clients retained IT organization to attain its management. This could be a variety of IT support or IT service management activities that aren’t presently conducted.

Drawbacks of help desk outsourcing services

Besides several benefits, there are also some cons if we outsource help desk services; some of them are as follows:

Initiating with the cost-related demerits: although help desk outsourcing services are cost-effective, that might not be true in every instance. This is only possible if certain aspects of the job are missed in the initial contract negotiations and subsequently added to the contract. This addition led to the extra workload, which demands extra proceeds.

Secondly, like all other business companies, the help desk service provider also needs to make some profit; for that reason, there will be a margin in the contract itself. Due to some inevitable situations like inflation, wage hike, depreciation, there will be an extra cost which may be adjusted in the form of quality level.

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If the required margins aren’t present and price renegotiation isn’t an option. Although the service level will not deteriorate significantly, there might be a small change, for say, top-quality to just okay. For the long term, this “just okay” type of service will cost more than what is saved because the adverse impact on employee and business operations caused by long-lasting IT-issue will have a high cost.

Besides the expense, various demerits identified with the help desk outsourcing are:

  1. Help desk staff may not be aligned with the customer satisfaction goals and culture; this might create friction and upset end-users in how the outsourced help desk personnel treats them. This can easily be resolved by providing information related to work and seminars for administration.
  2. The position of the outsourced help desk services may also cause problems for client workers, from cultural differences to the ease with which communication conversations flow from the help desk. Although the same language may be spoken, the extent of true understanding may not be enough.
  3. Due to a number of factors, from spiraling prices to a drop in quality and the business effect this has, the customer-supplier relationship may become fraught. With both sides pushing in the same direction, there’s no longer a workable relationship, but rather an adversarial environment where both parties try to maximize what they benefit from the touch.
  4. Due to the potential gap among outsourced help desk services and client staff, major incident type situations can feel “soft” or “expelled,” with it also being a different dynamic to the conventional “all hands to the pumps” approach as IT support is an in-house capability.
  5. Outsourced service desk staff transfers could affect the quality of service and the level of customer awareness. Let’s say with an example, before moving on to another; employees could be educated on one client account. This would also impact customer-supplier personal level connections.
  6. Service desk workers may only have a shallow understanding of the client company’s business functions, indicating that IT problems’ context and impact may not be clearly grasped and then dealt with.

Below is an inventory of a few firms that will make your help desk service pleasurable

  1. Science soft

ScienceSoft provides IT help desk services to firms that want to outsource user and solution support. The services cover corporate applications (CRM, ERP, HR management solutions) and software products (both mobile and web) based on SLA agreed with a client. ScienceSoft reports monthly on the achieved targets with a system of KPIs linked to customer’s requirements.

  • Founded In: 1989
  • Locations: US & Europe
  • Employees: 700 employees
  • Annual Revenue: $25 M
  • Core competencies: Managed IT Services, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Help Desk Services, Software Development, etc.
  • Current clients:  eBay, Walmart, Nestle, Leo Burnett,  IBM, NASA JPL, etc.


  1. ScienceSoft has more than 30 years of experience in IT.
  2. ScienceSoft can also manage a 24/7 private label help desk.
  3. The company provides a three-month trial period for their help desk services after they may introduce changes as per requirement.
  1. Buchanan Technologies 

For IT Service Desk, Buchanan offers variable options such as IT Service Desk with 24*7*365 and IT Service Desk After Hours. IT Service Desk Weekends, Also it is HDI certified.

  • Founded In: 1988
  • Locations: Kanas, Texas, Canada, North Carolina, and Bulgaria.
  • Employees: 300-500 employees approx.
  • Core competencies: It Service Desk, Field Services, IT Staffing, Cloud Services.
  • Annual Revenue: $80 – $100 M approx.
  • Clients: it has clients from different domains like government, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, etc.


  1. It provides top-notch service through ITIL based ticketing system.
  2. Buchanan provides bilingual agents and platform-agnostic services.
  1. 31West 

31West offers IT support desk outsourcing services that are appropriate and efficient. It offers outsourcing services from contact centers. 31West allows you to choose from multiple options for the contract, such as normal business hours, extended business hours, hours after hours, or 24*7 help. It outsources small and medium-sized enterprises with support desk services. 

  • Founded In: 2002
  • Locations: Canada, UK, and Western Europe.
  • Employees: 51-200 employees.
  • Core competencies: Technical Support and Customer Service.
  • Annual Revenue: $2 – $5 M
  • Clients: 31West has clients from multiple industries such as Technology, Finance, Healthcare, etc.
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  • 31West has more than 30 years of experience.
  • There will be a billing system on a monthly basis and no contracts.
  • It offers flexible plans, and free reporting, free quality audits.
  1. CGS Inc.

Changing technology and business needs can be handled by the CGS team. In the U.S., Romania, Chile, Israel, and India, it has call centers. It has tracking capabilities for social media. The CGS team is going to try to make and interaction personalized and friendly. Seventy percent of its workers have advanced certification in the area of service.

  • Founded In: 1984
  • Locations: New York, Romania, Chile, Israel, Canada
  • Employees: 5001-10000 employees.
  • Annual Revenue: $250 – $300 M
  • Core competencies: Business Process, IT Services Outsourcing, Learning, etc.
  • Clients: Movistar, Unicef, Xylem, United Rentals, etc.


  1. CGS Inc. has  ISO 9001:2017 certifications, COPC certified, ServiceNow Certified System Administrator, and PCI compliant.
  2. To usher you the best Help Desk service, CGS Inc. will give you the chance to choose and optimize the tools and best systems.
  3. CGS can provide services in multiple languages of the world.
  1.  Global Help Desk Services

Global Help Desk Service is a Help Desk located in the US. Live 24*7 agents can be given. It provides large corporations with services. It offers services such as support for software, diagnosis of hardware, support for the network, and support for proprietary applications.

  • Founded In: 2002
  • Locations: Connecticut, US.
  • Employees: 51-200 employees
  • Core competencies: Help Desk Outsourcing and Onboarding Process.
  • Annual Revenue: $5 – $10 M


  1. GHDSI performs frequent customer satisfaction surveys.
  2. It also offers multiple Language Support.
  3. It also provides remote control assistance.


Outsourcing your help desk services is very important to run and proliferate your businesses. It depends on the requirement of the businesses to choose among the various firms. After reading this article, you will easily get an idea about an outsourcing help desk and its pros and cons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the help desk service and call center the same?

A help desk, while somewhat close to a call center, generally focuses more on internal IT and employee support than on crisis management relevant to customers. The tasks of the help desk problem ticket program can vary from basic, quick-fix issues such as password resets, complicated network, or software problems to a fairly wide range. The service arena of the help desk is not limited to solely internal problems, although it is often the case that they are more successful in that way due to the essence of their expertise. So, we can say that a call center is a subset of the contact center. Likewise, the help desk is also a subset but with specified tasks.

How to increase service desk performance

S.M.A.R.T. design for Your group
SMART is an acronym which is explained as follows
Specific: A goal needs to be clear and perceptible.
Measurable: A goal must be trackable at par with the standards set by the organization
Attainable: the goal should not be frivolous; it should be attainable with all the present elements in a time-bound manner.
Relevant: Agents should be able to comprehend the motive behind goal establishment by seeing its relevance to their regular efforts. Using the above epitome, “Decreased cost management can establish rewards for agents who achieve that goal.
Timely — Goals must have stipulated deadlines. Otherwise, it’s very hard to quantify success.
 Provide Frequent Feedback: frequent feedback is sacrosanct as it provides an end-user experience regarding the level of satisfaction or if there is any need of improvement
Offer Training for Your Agents: trained employees are much more efficient than unskilled ones. Training helps them to learn and adapt to new skills and perform better.
Recognize and Reward Success: rewarding is another method to enhance the efficiency of employees. This also works as a catalyst to complete tasks in stipulated time.

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