Top 40 Help Desk Interview Questions & Answers

Are you preparing for a Help Desk Interview? Do you want to secure a job In the Help Desk, then you are on the right page. We have researched the Help Desk and noted the most frequently asked Help Desk Interview Questions. Please go through our blog, so that it might be of some help to crack your Help Desk interview. 

First, Let’s have some introduction before we begin. What is a Help Desk? The Help desk is defined as a tool intended to provide end-users or customers with information and support regarding a product or service.

Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers
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Top 40 Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers

1.  Can you explain why you want to work as a desktop support specialist?

You can answer something like this,

  1. I love to communicate with people. Desktop support is all about communicating with the end-users or customers.
  2. I like to explore new things.
  3. I just love to troubleshoot computer problems.
  4. You need to show how enthusiastic and how passionate you are about the job position.
  5. Solving problems for customers is what I love the most.

2. Explain Safe Mode?

Safe mode is defined as a software mode that enables the Windows user to access an altered version of windows, and it fixes problems related to windows. The safe mode fixes almost every issue within an operating system.

3. What is PTR (Pointer Record)? Explain?

PTR record is a type of DNS, i.e., Domain Name System record, it checks whether the server name is associated with the specified IP address where the connection was initiated.

4. Explain logical drive in simple terms?

The logical disk, also called a Virtual disk, is a virtual device that provides a usable storage capacity area on one or more computer’s physical disk drives. It is specified as virtual or logical because it does not exist as a physical entity.

5. How does a VPN work? Explain?

A VPN, i.e., is a Virtual Private Network that establishes a secure private connection between the user and the internet. Here all the traffic is routed via an encrypted virtual tunnel. Doing so manipulates the IP address when you use the internet, making you an invisible user to others.

6.  Can you explain how a router works?

A router is defined as a networking device that forwards data packets from one computer network to the other computer network. A router directs the traffic on the internet.

7. How to make sure that a system is not infected with a virus?

  1. You need to install an antivirus program in your system.
  2. Do not open your mail attachments without scanning them.
  3. Don’t work with suspicious websites.
  4. You need to install anti-spyware and anti-malware programs.
  5. Make sure you install a firewall.

8. What is Active Directory? Explain?

Active Directory(AD) is a database and service that connects users with the network’s resources. The directory consists of information about the environment and the resources.

9. Can you explain what the Blue Screen of Death and how do you fix it?

The BSOD(Blue Screen of Death)  is an error displayed on a windows computer screen defining a fatal system error, which indicates a system crash.


  1. You need to try specific troubleshooting for your error code.
  2. BSOD may result from your recent changes, so have a quick check on your current changes and revert if you have made any.
  3. You need to check often for windows updates.
  4. Make sure you scan for malware.
  5. You need to run an SFC scan.
  6. If none of the above-specified steps works, then try reinstalling your OS.

10.Can you explain how to get the MAC Address for a specific NIC or Network Adapter?

  1. First, open your command prompt and type cmd.exe and right click and click as administrator on the menu.
  2. Now, at the prompt, type Type getmac /v, now the physical address, i.e., the MAC address, is displayed on the screen.
  3. You can get the MAC address of the network adapter using the ipconfig /all command.

Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers

11. Here is a scenario where a user complains that their system is running very slow. How would you solve this problem?

  1. First, uninstall all the unused programs, which frees up a lot of space on your computer.
  2. Delete all the temp files using the RUN command.
  3. Get more hard drive storage if possible.
  4. Make sure you run a disk fragment.
  5. Clean your computer dust regularly.

12. Explain a PST file and why is it important?

PST is a proprietary file format built by Microsoft to store calendar events, message copies, and other items within their software boundaries.

13. Can you explain what SCSI is?

SCSI, i.e., Small Computer System Interface, is a protocol for connecting and transferring data between peripheral devices and computers, Physically. Here the set of standards define protocols, commands, and logical interfaces.

14. Explain  IMAP?

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP can be defined as an Internet standard protocol where email clients use it to retrieve the email messages from a mail server over a TCP/IP connection.

15. Can you differentiate between incremental backup and differential backup?

Incremental BackupDifferential Backup
It backs up only the files that were changed since the last backup.Only the changed data is backed up by differential backup.
They are more flexible than full backups.They are not flexible.

16. Can you describe what cookies are?

In simple terms, cookies are the messages that a web server passes to your web browser each time you visit an internet site.

17.  Can you describe what a Cross Cable is?

A Cross Cable, also called an Ethernet crossover cable, connects two devices of the same type. For example, you are connecting two computers or two switches to each other.

18. Can you differentiate between FAT32 and NTFS?

It is the most modern file system.It is an older file system.
It is more efficient.It is not efficient as NTFS.
Windows makes use of NTFS.FAT32 is compatible with other operating systems.

19. How can you backup Outlook emails? Explain?

To backup your outlook emails:

  1. Click on File—>Open export—>Import/Export.
  2. Now, select export to file and click on Next.
  3. From the dropdown, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on next.
  4. Next is to select the mail folder you want to export and click on next.
  5. Now, choose a location and name for the backup file and click on finish.
  6. You can set a password for the exported file also.

20. Explain the difference between serial and parallel ports?

Serial PortsParallel ports
As the name suggests, serial ports transmit serial data.Parallel ports transmit parallel data.
The transmission speed is slow.The transmission speed is fast.
Example: Modems, security cameras.Example: Harddrives, printers.

Questions Help Desk Interview

21. Can you describe phishing attacks?

Phishing is an illegitimate attempt to obtain sensitive data or information that includes username, password, banking details, and other personal information. Here the user is tricked into opening an email or text message, which results in data loss.

22. Can you explain what is boot.ini and when do you use it?

Boot.ini is a kind of text file containing boot options for computers with a BIOS framework running. Windows uses this file method to let users select what operating system to load while initializing a computer.

23. What is DHCP? Describe?

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DHCP is a protocol for network management that is used to automate configuring IP Network devices, which in turn allows them to use Network services like NTP, DNS.

24. How long do you believe a phone call should last? Explain?

The call should take no longer than 5 minutes.

25. Can you please explain the difference between RAM and ROM?

Random Access MemoryRead-Only Memory
In terms of speed, it is a High-speed memory.The speed of ROM is slower than that of RAM.
The CPU can access the data stored in RAM.The CPU cannot access the data stored in Read-only Memory.
RAM is larger in size and higher in capacity.ROM is small in size with less capacity.

Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers

26. Can you mention a few skills that a customer service representative or a help desk representative must possess?

The customer service representative must have the following skills:

  1. The candidates should possess problem-solving skills.
  2. The candidates should have good communication skills and sound technical knowledge.
  3. With their problem-solving skills,  the help desk specialists have to solve the end-user problems or issues.
  4. They should have patience, an essential feature for any help desk specialists, and solve problems.

27. Situational Questions: How do you deal with angry customers?

To deal with an angry customer, as a customer service representative, you need to be very polite, calm, have patience, apologize if something is wrong. As a customer service representative, you need to reduce the wait time and fix the solutions quickly.

28. How do you keep yourself updated with technology?

I keep on reading blogs related to technology, and Whenever I get a chance to attend live events, I will make sure to participate in the event, and I check with my company colleagues for more updates.

29. Tell me, how good are you at solving problems on the phone?

I make sure I am on point while explaining to the customer, and I will make sure that I will reduce the call time and solve their problems ASAP.

30. How important is customer service for you?

Customer service is very important for any company because, through services, one can increase the company’s sales and overall performance.

So far, we have discussed technical help desk interview questions. Now you need to be prepared for general interview questions also. I have listed a few most frequently asked general questions below. To answer this broad question, you have to clearly understand what the interviewer is asking about. Based on your previous job experience, you have to answer these kinds of questions. These are the possible Interview questions.

Apart from the above questions we have listed out some common questions for which you should be prepared. 

31. Tell us about yourself? 

33. Can you tell us about Your Biggest Weakness?

34. Why Should We Hire you for a help desk position or customer service representative? Explain?

35. Can you tell us about Your Salary Expectations?

36. Do you have any questions regarding the help desk position?

37. Can you explain what type of problems you have worked with the most as a customer service representative?

38. Can you describe a  day in your previous help desk position?

35. Can you explain some of your past experiences in technical support?

39. Will you be able to work on weekends?

40. Tell me something about our company?

 Best of luck with your help desk job interview, and I hope our Help desk interview questions and answers will help you to secure a help desk job. You can follow us for other technical interview questions and answers on related blogs.

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