12 Best Fixes: HBO Max Not Working On Samsung TV

Samsung TV has various streaming applications, and HBO max is one of them. This streaming service offers a large range of unique content. Therefore it can be annoying when the app stops functioning.

12 Best Fix HBO Max Not Working On Samsung TV | Troubleshoot Guide

Samsung TVs can provide a sharp and clear image. Given HBO Max’s widely used streaming service, Samsung users are accustomed to using the app. If HBO max not working on Samsung tv for you, see the specific issue and how to fix it below.

Why HBO Max Not Working On My Samsung TV

Issues with Compatibility

  • In some cases, compatibility problems can develop with older Samsung TVs.
  • Since the first Samsung Smart TVs hit the market, streaming has gained much traction.
  • Streaming movies and television shows have advanced and become more resource-intensive.

Your Samsung TV Technology is Outdated

  • Your TV software might need to be updated if it is outdated.
  • A new version will add new functionality while correcting old mistakes and issues.
  • Some third-party applications, like HBO Max, are made to only function with the most recent versions.
  • Because of this, HBO Max might not function on an outdated machine.

A network or power supply issue

  • The interchange of electrical energy and data between the routers, devices, and other equipment could lead to a system error. 
  • Compared to older TVs, Samsung Smart TVs perform substantially better. 
  • Because it includes built-in firmware, errors like this may occur even due to a slight power fluctuation.
  • You only need to exercise patience. All the programs may function normally due to bugs. However, some may become problematic.

HBO Max is Outdated

  • To stay current with technological advances, developers frequently release new iterations of their apps.
  • Users who dislike always needing to update their apps may find this to be a hassle.
  • The user may not be informed that the app is out-of-date on some older Samsung TV models. For it to work correctly, a new version must be obtained.
  • That explains why many users experience issues or sporadic crashes soon after opening the program.

HBO Max Not Working On Samsung TV 

Here are some fixes if your HBO max is not working on Samsung TVs.

  1. Unplug Samsung TV from the wall
  2. Check if you’re having network connection issues
  3. Reset your Samsung TV’s network connection
  4. Check if HBO Max is down
  5. Reinstall the HBO Max app
  6. Reset Samsung Smart Hub
  7. Reset your Wi-Fi router
  8. Update your Samsung TV
  9. A Glitch In Network or Power Supply
  10. Clear the HBO Max app’s data
  11. Install Available Updates For The HBO Max App
  12. Factory reset your Samsung TV

1. Unplug Samsung TV from the wall

Unplug Samsung TV from the wall

One of the simplest ways to operate HBO Max again is to unplug your Samsung TV from the wall socket. Here, it’s important to wait one minute. Before plugging it back in, be patient and wait until it has been at least a minute.

 hold the power button on your Samsung TV
  • Verify that you are pressing the TV’s power button, not the remote control.
  • This will enable the TV to soft reset itself and assist drain any remaining power in the device.
  • After 60 seconds, plug the TV back in and turn it on.
  • Check if a simple restart fixes the HBO max not working on Samsung TV issue.

2. Check if you’re having network connection issues

Check if you’re having network connection issues

HBO Max claims you must have a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps (HD) to watch in High Definition. And for 4K or Ultra High Definition, at least 50 Mbps. Therefore, if you’re having trouble streaming, there may be a problem with your internet connection.

Test your Internet Connection speed.

Now, you need to check the actual download speed of your internet. You can accomplish that by doing the following:

  • Open a browser and search “speed test.”
  • A box with a Run Speed Test button will be shown. To quickly determine how quickly your internet is, click it.
check internet speed
  • Additionally, if the internet speed is lower than the standard for your internet plan.

Perform A power Cycle to Modem Or Router

Both the modem and the router can be powered on and off again.

Your device will reboot or reset during a power cycle. It’s easy. But resolves a lot of technical concerns.

  • Plug your router and modem out of the wall socket.
  • Take a few minutes to wait.
  • Reconnect the router and modem.
  • Wait until all of the lights are stable. Your modem’s “Internet” indicator should be green.
 Your modem's "Internet" indicator should be green.
  • Afterward, reopen the HBO Max app. 
  • Check if this fixes the “HBO max not working on Samsung tv” issue.

3. Reset your Samsung TV’s network connection

The network connection on your Samsung TV can also be reset. Your Samsung TV will lose track of your home network when you do this. The password for your network will also be removed.

Reset and reconnect the network connection on your Samsung TV.

Depending on the model of your Samsung TV, the instructions can be slightly different.

  • Go to Settings by pressing the Home button on your Samsung remote.
  • Go to General on the menu. Tap Network.
Go to General and select Network.
  • To get the Reset Network option, scroll down.
reset network settings
  • A confirmation prompt will appear. Select Yes. And watch for the procedure to be over.
reset network settings
  • A message box will show you that the connection to your TV has been reset.

How to re-connect your WiFi to your Samsung TV

On the same message box, click the Network Settings button now. Then carry out the reconnection procedures.

  • Choosing your network type will now be required of you. Decide on Wireless.
  • Locate and select your home network.
  • After providing your password, click OK.
  • Many people find that taking those actions is sufficient to resolve the internet problem with their TV.
  • Check if this fixes the “HBO max not working on Samsung tv” issue.

4. Check if HBO Max is down

Check if HBO Max is down downdetector

Technical problems do occasionally affect streaming services. And HBO Max is undoubtedly no different. The servers are under more stress the more users use the program.

Therefore, take the following safety measures if HBO Max isn’t working on your Samsung TV.

  • Check to see if the problem is with the app first.
  • You could try watching HBO Max streaming content from their website.
  • Alternatively, use a laptop or smartphone to access the app.
  • They may have a problem if it isn’t working on any device.
  • Visit the Down detector to see if HBO Max is down as well.
  • It provides a precise, up-to-the-minute status update for the app.
  • Simply wait for the service to start up again.
  • Check if this fixes the “HBO max not working on Samsung tv” issue.

5. Reinstall the HBO Max app

You should attempt to Reinstall the HBO Max app. Locate the HBO Max app on the Samsung TV’s Home screen. Go to Apps from there, then tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner.

After that, choose the HBO Max app and click “Delete.” You must choose to Delete it twice. After that, you should turn your Samsung TV back on. Simply return to the Apps menu and reinstall HBO Max from here.

How to uninstall HBO Max

  • Your Samsung TV remote’s Home button should be pressed.
  • Obtain the HBO Max app.
  • To display the menu, press the down arrow on your remote control.
  • Choose Remove.
  • Re-select Remove to finish the deletion.

How to install again

install HBO max on TV

The best action is to power cycle your Samsung TV before reinstalling it.

  • Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote to begin.
  • Visit the Apps section of your Samsung TV.
  • Press the Search button. (Person holding the magnifying glass)
  • Search for HBO max and Click Install after you’ve arrived at the HBO Max page.
  • Check if this fixes the “HBO max not working on Samsung tv” issue.

6. Reset Samsung Smart Hub

The Samsung “Smart Hub” is essentially your TV’s app store. Any data associated with your account is deleted, and the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV is reset to its default settings.

  • On your remote, click Settings to begin. You can press the Menu button if your device lacks a Settings button.
  • Go to Support next, and then Self Diagnosis last. An option to reset the Smart Hub should be visible.
go to Support and then Self Diagnosis
  • Your TV’s PIN will need to be entered. Unless you have set one, this will be “0000”.
  • You will reset your TV’s Smart Hub settings after entering the PIN.
reset your TV's Smart Hub settings
  • After resetting your Smart Hub, you must reinstall HBO Max and sign back in.
  • Check if this fixes the “HBO max not working on Samsung tv” issue.

7. Reset your Wi-Fi router

Reset your Wi-Fi router

HBO Max won’t work properly on your Samsung TV if your router malfunctions. Check your smartphone or other Wi-Fi-capable devices at home. Your router isn’t operating properly if they aren’t connecting.

  • Simply unplug the router for a short while, then re-plug it.
  • The router won’t reset entirely for a few minutes.
  • Additionally, you can modify other router parameters, such as extending the Signal range.
  • Ask to have your IP address changed by contacting your ISP.
  • It should assist your Samsung TV in connecting to HBO Max once it is back online.
  • Call your internet service provider if the issues with your internet connection persist.

8. Update your Samsung TV

Update your Samsung TV

To stay current with the newest software, you should ensure your Samsung TV receives frequent updates. You can be confident that your TV and the HBO Max app are still compatible. Just look for new Samsung TV OS upgrades.

You should think about checking the HBO Max app for updates. Older versions might not function well with your current Samsung TV OS.

If the software is outdated, your Samsung TV may experience various problems

  • All you need to do is search for the latest firmware update for the Samsung TV model.
  • Navigate to Settings and choose Support.
  • Go to Software Update now.
Update your Samsung TV
  • Choose Update Software from the listed menu.
  • Your TV will update on its own. This procedure may take a while. Your TV will let you know when it’s finished.

9. Clear the HBO Max app’s cache

Every app on your Samsung TV maintains temporary files known as a cache. Your most recent searches with HBO Max are stored in cache files. You paused midway through watching a movie or a television show.

The cache is used to speed up the application. Cache files, however, can occasionally develop corruption. And it might make apps stop working.

  • Go to Settings by pressing the Home button on your remote.
  • Click Support after navigating there.
  • Select Manage Storage after choosing Device Care.
  • To view details, select the HBO Max app when it is selected.
select view details tab
  • To leave, select Clear Cache and then click the Close button.
clear HBO app cache and data
  • Check if this fixes the “HBO max not working on Samsung tv” issue.

10. Clear the HBO Max app’s data

Your account information will be removed by clearing data. Consequently, you will need to sign in again. Downloading HBO Max is possible for offline viewing. But all your downloads will be lost if you wipe the app’s data.

  • In essence, the app is being reset. It will resemble the state it was in before you installed it.
  • Click Settings after selecting Home on your Samsung remote.
  • Select Support from the menu, then click Device Care.
  • In the HBO Max app, select Manage Storage and Navigation.
select view details tab
  • Select the Clear Data checkbox after clicking View Details.
clear HBO app cache and data
  • Check if this fixes the “HBO max not working on Samsung tv” issue.

11. Install Available Updates For The HBO Max App

For their app, HBO Max frequently publishes upgrades. Some of these updates aim to improve the functionalities of the app. Others are tasked with fixing bugs that keep happening.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll outline how to upgrade your HBO Max manually. Additionally, how to make the updates automated.

How to receive updates automatically.

  • On your remote, select the Home button, then select Apps.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Toggle it on by selecting the Auto Update option.
  • Thanks to this, you won’t need to be concerned about your HBO Max app getting obsolete. Updates ought to run in the background and install themselves.

How to update manually

  • Go to Apps by pressing the Home button on your Samsung remote.
  • On the Settings icon, click.
  • To display the menu options, highlight and select the HBO Max app.
  • Click View Details after scrolling down.
  • If updates can be installed, you ought to see an Update button.
  • Updating the OS will fix the “HBO max not working on Samsung tv” issue.

12. Factory reset your Samsung TV

  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • Select Settings, General, and then the Reset option to return your Samsung TV to its factory settings.
Factory reset your Samsung TV go to settings
  • Type in the 0000 security PIN. After turning it off, your TV will show the initial configuration screen.
enter the Samsung pin
  • Choose the Reset again to confirm.
Press the reset button to reset
  • All the problems can be fixed by resetting the TV, including the “HBO max not working on Samsung tv” issue.


Does your Samsung TV not currently support HBO Max? You’re not alone, so don’t worry. The majority of Samsung TV customers occasionally encounter this issue. And to their amazement, there is a straightforward solution to this problem.

Above are some common fixes if THe HBO max on your Samsung smart TV does not work. If none of the solutions fix the “HBO max not working on Samsung tv” issue, then you can contact Samsung and HBO official support pages. They will have a solution to fix this issue.


Why isn’t my HBO Max working on my TV?

You may fix this by restarting your TV or the HBO Max app. Nearly anything can trigger a minor glitch, but none of your equipment will ever be permanently harmed by one. Try giving it a quick restart if you’re getting a blank screen where the HBO Max menu should be.

Why doesn’t my HBO Max work on my TV?

First, ensure your Android TV and HBO Max apps are up to date. App for HBO Max: Select the HBO Max tile on your Android TV, then press and hold the select button. Next, select Update > View Details. Google TV: Go to Settings > System > About > System update > Check for updates on your Android TV.

How Do You Reset HBO Max On Samsung?

Navigate to Settings > Apps on your Android TV. Choose HBO Max from the available apps. Choose Clear cache. To clear data, select. Launch HBO Max, login, then attempt streaming it once more.

How Do I Update HBO Max On My Samsung TV?

Enter HBO Max in the search field after opening the Smart Hub, choosing Apps. Next, pick HBO Max from the list of possibilities and download it. 2, Access HBO Max after it has been downloaded, sign in, or start your subscription. This program does not work with all Samsung television models.