12 Best Free Hardware Monitoring Tools

It’s nice to know that everything is working as it should, whether you’re a seasoned PC repair specialist or a casual PC gamer. If a problem arises, immediately identifying the source of the issue from your desktop can save you time.

12 Best Free Hardware Monitoring Tools

I have made a list of some of the most valuable and simple-to-use digital tools for keeping track of your PC’s performance. All programs are free or paid; however, you may not need all of them, depending on your setup.

What Is Hardware Monitoring?

Hardware and health monitoring are critical methods for avoiding overheating and overloading computers.

Real-time statistics of the CPU, RAM, Motherboard, GPU, Hard Drives, Network Adapter, and other PC components can be displayed using hardware monitoring software.

The system’s performance can be harmed by a rise in temperature caused by hardware failure or an unanticipated code mistake.

A Hardware Monitoring tool analyses the data obtained from the critical components and displays it in graphs. The software tells you to work on the problem quickly when an unexpected occurrence occurs.

What Constitutes In A Hardware Monitoring Tools?

  • CPU Usage: Code faults in the process can cause the CPU to consume more resources, perhaps raising the temperature.
  • Memory Usage: Excessive memory usage can negatively influence OS performance. For example, the system’s performance will suffer if a program uses too much cache memory.
  • Event Logs: These are logs kept in the background and can be used to detect suspicious activity or errors. The event logs associated with a failed disc or a high temperature can be communicated by email or another warning method.
  • The Core and Fan Speed temperature: The ideal temperature for a functioning CPU is as cold as feasible. A CPU that is not cooled correctly and is running hot can cause the entire system to crash.
  • Voltages: An electrical power discrepancy, such as over or under voltage, can affect and damage a server or PC.
  • Space: Physical Disk Another characteristic that may alert us to a bad disc is average response times.
  • Network monitoring: A malfunctioning adapter, bad hardware, protocol failures, and even potential cabling difficulties can impair the network’s bandwidth or perhaps its total traffic.

12 Free Hardware And Software Monitoring Pro Tools (Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, server, CIM Based)

  1. Ninja One
  2. Manageengine Opmanager
  3. Atera
  4. Hwmonitor
  5. ServiceNow
  6. Hwinfo
  7. Solarwinds
  8. Paessler PRTG
  9. Aida64
  10. Core Temp
  11. SysGauge
  12. Speccy

1. Ninja One


NinjaOne is a global monitoring and management solution that covers all hardware on a company’s premises, from network devices to desktops and servers.

Managed service providers (MSPs) and IT experts can proactively use NinjaOne’s easy endpoint management software to handle IT issues from anywhere.


  • Create custom alerts depending on system performance. It watches your whole IT infrastructure from a single pane of glass.
  • Its low-footprint agent uses native platform data-gathering techniques to run on Windows and Mac endpoints.
  • Keep an eye on your cloud infrastructure.
  • Its cloud engine can keep track of all parts of your Internet-facing hardware from the outside.
  • Install its network management agent to keep track of all printers, firewalls, routers, and switches on your network.
  • Disable alerts and actions on devices that are undergoing maintenance.
  • It’s ideal for application servers and websites, with capabilities like Ping latency, availability, and inbound port compliance.


  • Get a quote from NinjaOne to know more about prices and plans.
  • Request a quote from its official website NinjaOne.

2. ManageEngine Opmanager

ManageEngine Opmanager

ManageEngine OpManager is from ManageEngine. It will assist you in monitoring the consumption of CPU, memory, and disc space on Windows and Linux servers.

It supports Linux, Solaris, Windows, UNIX, VMware, and other operating systems. ManageEngine OpManager provides end-to-end network infrastructure visibility and analytics.


  • Monitor the health of essential device characteristics. It includes temperature, voltage, power, fan speed, CPU, disc array condition, etc.
  • It covers VMware, Dell, HP, Cisco, Nexus, and Checkpoint Firewall systems, informed if predefined values are exceeded.
  • The hardware health status of servers, routers, and switches is monitored and collected by OpManager using SNMP.
  • OpManager delivers historical hardware health reports. It can be scheduled based on user requirements.
  • You may disable hardware alarms for individual devices in OpManager.
  • You can modify each device’s hardware health monitoring interval from the device snapshot page.


  • ManageEngine Opmanager hardware monitoring tools provide different plans.
  • A free demo is available, and to know more about prices and plans contact, ManageEngine.

3. Atera


Atera is a cloud-based hardware monitoring and management package geared toward managed service providers who need to keep track of hardware across a network. The service is offered via the cloud, eliminating nearly all hardware needs on the MSP’s premises.

Any standard web browser can access the system’s console by MSP management and their staff. Atera also creates free apps for clients to access its system on their mobile devices.


  • Potential problems will be alerted to you in real-time before they occur, allowing you to prevent them.
  • You may customize how often you’re notified using the customization settings.
  • Administrative and maintenance activities are pre-configured in Atera.
  • It can be used on servers and workstations per-device basis and for entire enterprises and groups.
  • Atera provides a comprehensive framework for automating Patch Management straightforward and quick-to-implement manner.
  • You have complete maintenance tools, from Task Manager to Service Manager and Command Prompt Access.
  • Splashtop integration allows you to deliver remote help to your customers anytime and from any location.


  • The Atera hardware Monitoring tools provide three plans with different features.
  • Prices start from $79 per month. For more details contact Atera

4. HWmonitor


Reading voltages, temperatures, fans, and speeds is how the HWmonitor hardware monitor software works. It is compatible with the Windows operating system. It can read the temperature of hard drives using S.M.A.R.T.

It can detect the temperature of the video card’s GPU. The tool displays all the data in a single window that can be separated into different layouts.


  • HWMonitor, a hardware monitoring tool, reads a computer’s primary health sensors’ voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds.
  • The application supports many sensor chips, including the ITE IT87 family, most Winbond ICs, and others.
  • It can read modern CPU on-die core thermal sensors, hard drive, and video card GPU temperatures via S.M.A.R.T.
  • Using a simple TCP/IP connection, monitor the sensors of one or more remote PCs or Android devices.
  • Bitmap files are used to save monitoring data and to create logging graphs.
  • Sensors in the system tray have been improved, and sensor labels may now be edited.


  • HWmonitor hardware monitoring tools mainly focus on the CPU and other peripherals.
  • HWmonitor pro version is available with enriched features.
  • Get a quote and download Hardware monitoring tools from HWmonitor.

5. ServiceNow


ServiceNow is an American software firm in Santa Clara, California. It creates a cloud computing platform to assist businesses in managing digital workflows for business operations.

It uses machine learning to help businesses become more efficient and scalable by leveraging data and workflows. ServiceNow also has an app marketplace with third-party tool options.


  • Organize asset information by manufacturer, model, and model number.
  • You can deliver services faster with procedures and activities across the full lifetime.
  • RMA operations for products that need to be returned, repaired, or serviced should be automated.
  • Temporary assets should be reserved, fulfillment should be tracked, and future requests should be predicted.
  • As you onboard new personnel, source, set up, and deploy hardware and software.
  • Using a mobile device, receive numerous assets in response to a buy order.
  • End users should be able to request and see assigned assets and open incidents.
  • With streamlined mobile inventory operations, you can manage assets across many locations.
  • Reduce costs and risks by immediately surfacing items on a unified dashboard.


  • ServiceNow offers a free demo with all features.
  • To get a quote for hardware monitoring tools contact, ServiceNow.

6. HWinfo


HWiNFO is a set of hardware monitoring, analysis, and reporting tools. It’s used for detailed hardware data, real-time system monitoring, and reporting.

It is compatible with both Windows and DOS operating systems. It also keeps track of the current state of Windows system components and predicts failures in real-time.


  • High-level overview of all hardware components to a comprehensive investigation.
  • Compliant with the latest technological advancements and industry requirements.
  • Monitoring and failure prediction of all system components is done accurately.
  • A hierarchical presentation of hardware components provides a wealth of information. As the hierarchy rises, more and more information is disclosed.
  • Monitor the performance of your computer’s processor, graphics card, hard drive, network interface card, peripheral devices, and other components in real-time.
  • Predictive failure can be identified by overheating and overloading.
  • A complete hardware inventory report or several hardware-related characteristics may be obtained with this tool.
  • You may get reports in numerous forms and integrate them with other software or add-ons.


  • HWinfo offers plans for different Operating systems.
  • Get a quote from HWinfo hardware monitoring tools and learn more about features and plans.

7. Solarwinds


SolarWinds hardware monitoring tools are a flexible and effective solution that uses reports and intelligent alerts to help you handle issues faster. It can monitor Azure and AWS IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services.

You may use NPM to keep track of network availability, performance, and issues. With its clever topology-aware network alerting system, you can quickly determine the underlying cause of any problem.


  • To avoid performance concerns caused by hardware breakdown, utilize a hardware monitor.
  • Monitor hardware fan speed, CPU load, voltage, and memory to avoid outages.
  • Hardware monitoring tools can gather a wide range of data about the health of your hardware.
  • Check if any hardware or software has been upgraded with the Server Performance & Configuration Bundle.
  • Troubleshoot server hardware failures and performance concerns.
  • From a single customizable panel, efficiently manage a heterogeneous IT infrastructure.
  • With a hardware monitor, you can optimize resource consumption and avoid disruptions.


  • Solarwinds Hardware monitoring tools offer two licensing options.
  • Get a quote for license and plans from Solarwinds.

8. Paessler PRTG


PRTG is a hardware monitoring software that does everything. A network, server, and application monitoring tool can be fine-tuned by turning on or off hardware monitoring devices.

Your cloud computing services may be managed and monitored from a single location. It can track the Availability, Accessibility, Capacity, and Reliability of various servers in real-time.


  • PRTG monitors hard drive space, records data changes, and identifies whether a particular file is available.
  • You can learn about the printer’s accessibility, ink cartridge levels, printed pages, and any specific errors.
  • PRTG keeps track of network hardware and everything else administrators care about, including network traffic, software, and websites.
  • You receive a data cockpit with many valuable tools that make monitoring your network devices a breeze.
  • PRTG can monitor any other SNMP-enabled computer or device.
  • PRTG keeps track of the temperature and humidity in your server rooms.


  • PRTG hardware monitoring tools offer a full free version for 30 days.
  • After trial, you can get a quote from the company for further plans.
  • Get a quote and other features from PRTG.

9. Aida64


AIDA64 Extreme is a hardware detection engine with advanced features. The software gives diagnostics and detailed information on installed software and hardware.

AIDA64 Extreme is a system information utility that provides detailed information about your system. It also includes benchmarks that may be used to assess the PC’s overall performance.


  • AIDA64 includes over 50 pages of hardware setup information and over 50 pages of installed apps.
  • The 64-bit multi-threaded stress testing module in the AIDA64 System Stability Test is used to push the machine to its absolute limits.
  • AIDA64 gives you precise information on the insides of your computer without having to open it up.
  • Measure system RAM bandwidth and latency, multi-threaded memory, and cache benchmarks are offered.
  • AIDA64 can tell you about your installed programs, software licenses, security applications, and Windows settings.
  • SensorPanel allows you to use a variety of graphs, gauges, custom graphics, and dynamic or static text linked to all sensor data.
  • On various LCD/VFD devices used with a computer, AIDA64 can display crucial system data.


  • AIDA64 Extreme license is for personal use and allows a single user to install and use up to three machines.
  • To know more about license policy and plant contact, AIDA64.

10. Core Temp


The compact option for monitoring CPU temperature is Core Temp. You’ll be able to see the temperature of every core in each of your system’s processors.

You can also get information like the program’s current operating frequency, power usage, and core voltage. It will tell you what processor, socket, and architecture you have in your machine.


  • The temperature of each core of each processor in the system is displayed by CoreTemp, which is a unique feature.
  • With varied workloads, you’ll be able to see temperature swings in real-time.
  • The Android and Windows Phone apps are available. It will allow you to keep track of things when you’re on the go.
  • This Windows 10 CPU temperature monitor provides a platform for plugins, allowing developers to add new functionality.
  • It has a graph display as well as color-coded readings.


  • Core temp Hardware monitoring tools are open-source and free tools.
  • Download these hardware monitoring tools from Core Temp.

11. SysGauge


SysGauge is a hardware monitor showing how many devices are connected to your network. The utility keeps track of CPU, memory, resource, and storage space utilization.

It is carried out for all logical and physical drives in a computer. The System Status Monitor will be where you spend the most time regarding hardware monitoring.


  • A specific CPU monitoring GUI module is the ‘CPU Monitor’ GUI module.
  • The ‘System Status’ GUI module is a straightforward system status monitor displaying CPU use.
  • The ‘Memory Monitor’ is a monitoring module showing how much memory is used.
  • The ‘Process Monitor’ is a specialized process monitoring module that displays a list of currently running processes.
  • The ‘Disk Monitor’ is a dedicated disc monitoring module that displays a computer’s logical drives list.
  • The ‘Network Monitor’ module is devoted to network monitoring and displays a list of network interfaces.


  • Sysgauge hardware monitoring tools offer both free and pro versions.
  • Pro versions start at just $50. Download the Pro version from SysGauge.

12. Speccy


Speccy is a hardware monitoring program that you can use to see what’s happening inside your machine. It scans and displays all of the hardware in your computer, as well as its specifications.

You may see overall load, core temperature, core speed, and bus speed, among other things. View RAM utilization, motherboard voltage information, HDD temperature and storage statistics, and more.


  • Get a fast overview or go into every detail of your PC’s hardware.
  • Speccy provides precise information about each component of your computer’s hardware.
  • Everything will be set out for you in a single, easy-to-use interface.
  • See the temperatures of crucial components in real-time so you can notice problems early.
  • For easy sharing, Speccy enables you to save your result data as a snapshot, XML, or text file.
  • It’ll come in handy if you want to make sure your new computer has the proper specs or if you need tech support to diagnose a problem with your computer.


  • Speccy hardware monitoring tools are free of cost for the basic version.
  • Speccy pro version cost around $16. Buy pro-version from Speccy.


The hardware load might occasionally rise due to malfunctioning programs or OS services. The temperature rises and other hardware malfunctions occur when the number of CPU computations increases. Use all of the tools in the Hardware Monitoring area to keep an eye on the health of your hardware and extend its lifespan.

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