10 Best Free Hard Disk Partition Software Tools (Merge And Recovery)

In today’s computers, system partition software is quite critical. They can store data, keep system files separate from user data, and run several operating systems on the same device.

10 Best Free Hard Disk Partition Software Tools (Merge And Recovery)

Safe, simple partitioning tools were not always accessible, and even when they were, they were expensive. There are many entirely free disc partition software solutions available these days.

10 Best Hard Disk Partition Manager Software Free Download

  1. Paragon Partition Manager
  2. Niubi Partition Editor
  3. Aomei Partition Assistant Se
  4. Acronis Disk Director
  5. EaseUS Partition Master
  6. Microsoft Disk Management
  7. TenorShare Partition Manager
  8. R-Drive Image
  9. [email protected] Partition Manager
  10. DiskGenius

1. Paragon Partition Manager

Paragon Partition Manager

Paragon Partition Manager is a hard drive partition software free that allows you to move partitions from one hard drive to another. It also helps you to manage hard disc partitions effectively.

You can use this software to create, format, delete, and hide partitions. It aids in the recovery of partitions that have been mistakenly deleted.


  • Organize your hard disc and expand the partitions you already have.
  • Slide the partition left and right to change the size, or type in the precise partition size you want.
  • If you delete a partition by accident, you can restore your volumes and data.
  • To make your SSD, HDD, USB, memory card, or SD card ready for reuse, format it, or erase a partition.
  • Use unallocated space and open space on neighboring volumes to redistribute free space.
  • To better data organization, change the name of a partition or a drive letter.
  • Convert a partition to a primary partition and the other way around.
  • Without reformatting, convert HFS volumes to NTFS.
  • Convert an MBR disc to a GPT disc and back.
  • Check for and correct faults on chosen partitions.


  • Paragon Partition Software is an entirely Free tool.
  • For more insights on this Partition Software, contact Paragon.

2. Niubi Partition Editor

Niubi Partition Editor

NIUBI Partition Editor is a partition software that divides a hard drive into partitions. It is compatible with Windows OS and servers.

This program allows you to make the most of your disc space. This application makes switching from one operating system to another a breeze.


  • Shrink, move, and merge partitions without misplacing data to optimize space utilization.
  • Explorer partitions can be created, deleted, and formatted. Change the drive letter and partition label. Set the active partition, and so on.
  • Convert an MBR disc to a GPT disc. Convert a partition to a primary partition, and an NTFS partition to a FAT32 partition.
  • A full-featured optimization and administration solution are available for both PCs and servers.
  • The majority of your disc partition maintenance needs can be met.
  • The operations you perform will be marked as pending, and the real disc partition will not be changed until you confirm them by clicking Apply.
  • Internal and external hard disks, Hyper-V, hardware RAID, VMware virtual discs, arrays of various types, and Drives are all supported.
  • Defragment your partitions. Fixing file system errors, scanning for faulty sectors, initializing the disc, viewing disk/partition characteristics, and so forth.
  • The partition should be hidden. Set the disc to read-only mode and delete all disk/partition/Unallocated space.
  • Back up or migrate data via migrating the operating system to a new disc, cloning the entire disc, or cloning a specific partition.


  • NIUBI Partition Editor Partition Software offers both Free and Paid versions.
  • For more information on this Partition Software, contact NIUBI Partition Editor.

3. Aomei Partition Assistant SE

Aomei Partition Assistant Se

The AOMEI Partition Assistant SE tool allows you to move your operating system to a new drive without reinstalling it. This partition software assists you in upgrading your hard drive from an old one to a new one.

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It permits you to partition the hard drive safely without losing any crucial files. Without losing any data, convert file systems (NTFS to FAT32).


  • Hard discs can be easily upgraded and vast amounts of data transferred from one disc to another.
  • It’s a powerful tool for changing file systems from FAT32 to NTFS without losing data.
  • AOMEI Partition Assistant has data security techniques at the sector level.
  • It allows you to perform even more secure partitioning procedures that fit your needs.
  • It can assist you in resolving a wide range of issues with your disc partitions, regardless of whether they are MBR or GPT formatted or the size.
  • To expand disc space beyond 2TB, convert MBR to GPT.
  • Without reinstalling Windows or apps, migrate the operating system to an SSD or HDD.
  • Partition manager that is free for personal and home use.
  • With no data loss, you can resize/move and merge partitions.
  • Cloning a disc or a partition allows you to update your hard drive while also making backups simple.
  • To manage hard disc partitions in Windows PE, create bootable media.


  • AOMEI Partition Software offers both Free and Paid versions.
  • The paid version starts from $47. For more insights on this Partition Software, contact AOMEI Partition.

4. Acronis Disk Director

Acronis Disk Director

Acronis Disk Director is a program for optimizing, protecting, and managing your data and hard disc. This program allows you to create a partition on your hard drive without risking data loss.

Your partitions can be created, formatted, resized, divided, and merged using the software. It also has a disc cloning tool that allows users to make an exact partition clone for backup purposes.


  • Simple data, operating system, and application migration from an old disc to a new replacement disc.
  • Even if your operating system fails to launch, you can quickly restore damaged or deleted data partitions.
  • Create, tweak, and manage partitions and the layout of your hard drive without risking data loss.
  • Use the Acronis Disk Editor’s direct byte access and editing features when altering your drive.
  • Examine and automatically optimize the use of hard disc space to get the most out of your system.
  • Using an intuitive user interface, complete complex processes quickly and effortlessly.
  • Split an existing volume into two and install an operating system to increase your processing capability.
  • In a matter of seconds, adapt your system to suit new and changing requirements.
  • It’s quick and straightforward to convert discs from basic to dynamic or vice versa.
  • Make the most of your disc capacity by combining unallocated space from numerous physical discs into a single logical volume.


  • Acronis Partition Software offers both Free and Paid versions.
  • The paid version starts from $50. For more insights on this Partition Software, contact Acronis.

5. EaseUS Partition Master

Easeus Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master is a complimentary partition software. It allows you to create, resize, and combine partitions, among other things.

You can use this tool to clone a smaller hard disc drive to a larger one. It also allows you to clone a hard drive to a solid-state drive (SSD) to improve performance.


  • A complete partition tool for managing and preparing hard drive partitions for Windows 11 without losing data.
  • You can alter the divider size by sliding it left and right, or you can type in the precise size you want.
  • To make your HDD, SSD, USB, memory card, or SD card ready for reuse, format it, or erase a partition.
  • Merge tiny partitions into a large partition to solve low disc space issues.
  • To save any confidential and sensitive data, thoroughly wipe off all data on the hard disc.
  • Optimize PC performance by correctly aligning partitions on SSDs.
  • Check for and correct faults on chosen partitions.
  • To better data organization, change the name of a partition or a drive letter.
  • You can go from MBR to GPT without losing data and vice versa. Convert a dynamic disc to a basic disc and the other way around.
  • Convert the FAT32 file system to NTFS. Convert primary partitions to logical ones and vice versa.
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  • EaseUS Partition Software offers both Free and Paid versions.
  • The paid version starts from $45. For Easeus free partition software download, contact EaseUS.

6. Microsoft Disk Management

Microsoft Disk Management

Microsoft Disk Management is a Windows system program that allows you to manage your storage. This program is already pre-built on your computer.

The EFI system partition is supported by this tool. It enables you to reclaim the C: drive.


  • See Initializing a new drive for instructions on setting up a new drive.
  • Extend an essential volume into space that isn’t already part of another on the same drive.
  • Shrink a partition to make room for an adjacent partition; for more information, see Shrink, a basic volume.
  • Modern PCs need this to start (boot) your computer and operating system.
  • Windows is installed, and this is typically where the remainder of your software and files are saved.
  • It is where you’ll find specific tools to help you restore Windows if it has trouble starting or encounters other major problems.
  • See Change a drive letter for information on how to change or assign a new drive letter.
  • See Free up disc space in Windows 10 for further information. See Defragment your Windows 10 PC.
  • Similar to a RAID, take numerous hard drives and pool them together.


  • Microsoft Disk management partition software is inbuilt in Windows Operating System.
  • For more insights and to learn about this Partition software, visit Microsoft.

7. TenorShare Partition Manager

Tenorshare Partition Manager

Tenorshare Partition Manager is a partition software that allows you to adjust the features and capabilities of your partitions. The software is also helpful for individuals who want to update the partition’s attributes and abilities.

You can alter drive letters, pathways, and volume labels for simple identification. With Tenorshare, you may mark a partition as active to boot from.


  • Tenorshare Free Partition Manager comes with several useful functions. Clone, Delete, Format, Resize.
  • It’s simple to optimize your hard drive partition and make the most of your disc space.
  • Convert a disc partition table from MBR to GPT and vice versa without losing data.
  • FAT, NTFS, EXT, HFS, and other file systems are supported.
  • Other characteristics include:
    • Windows 10/7/Vista/XP is the operating system.
    • To boot from, set, or label a partition as active.
    • To make it easier to recognize the volume, change the label.
    • Change the path and letter of the driver.
    • The HDD interfaces are SATA, SCSI, SSSD, IEEE, and USB 3.0.
    • NTFS/FAT32/FAT12/FAT16/EXT/HFS is available in the file system.
    • External hard drives, USB drives, and other removable media


  • Tenorshare Partition Manager partition copy software free offers Paid versions also.
  • Get a quote for paid version from Tenorshare. For more insights on this Partition Software, contact Tenorshare Partition Manager.

8. R-Drive Image

R-Drive Image

R-Drive is a partition software that creates disc image files for duplication and backup. It’s one of the most excellent partition software since it replicates a hard drive, logical disc, and partition.


  • You may entirely and quickly restore your system with R-Drive Image after a severe data loss caused by an operating system crash.
  • R-Drive Image is one of the most effective backup and disaster recovery options for preventing data failure in the event of a fatal system breakdown.
  • Almost all operations can be started with a few mouse clicks, and no prior knowledge of computer maintenance is required.
  • R-Drive Image can create a group of all the same computers.
  • Save time and money; its disc image can be produced and deployed to all other machines.
  • English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and other languages are available in the user interface.
  • When a hard drive’s S.M.A.R.T. system detects a potential hardware failure, it issues a special warning.
  • R-Drive Image provides such warnings in its confirmation e-mails and posts them on its website.


  • R-Drive Partition Software offers both Free and Paid versions. It is a mac partition software free.
  • The paid version starts from $45. For more insights on this Partition Software, contact R-Drive.

9. [email protected] Partition Manager

Active@ Partition Manager

Partition software called [email protected] Partition Manager allows you to manage your partitions. It will enable you to create, delete, format, and name partitions while the machine is shut down.

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The best thing about [email protected] Partition Manager is that you can alter the boot volume and edit the MBR table. The MBR partitioning scheme can be converted to GPT.


  • [email protected] Partition Manager allows you to manage storage devices and the logical discs or partitions they contain.
  • Without shutting down your computer, you can create, delete, format, and name partitions.
  • The majority of setting modifications take effect right away. The most prevalent file systems are supported.
  • Assign partition properties, such as drive letter and active status.
  • View a partition’s, logical drive’s, or hard drive’s/advanced disk’s properties and attributes.
  • Restores the functionality of lost partitions and drives.
  • Recover deleted files or files from partitions that have been destroyed or damaged.
  • A RAID array that has been disassembled can be virtually reconstructed, and files stored on the array can be retrieved.
  • In a sophisticated editor, inspect and edit partitions and file structure.
  • Works with both disc images and actual discs.
  • Even if the files aren’t in the File Table, you can find them using their unique format definition.


10. DiskGenius


DiskGenius is a professional free partition backup software. It aids in the recovery of a lost file.

It is one of the top free partition software for Windows 10 that assists you in efficiently managing partitions. You can erase a disc to make it unrecoverable.


  • Change the size of an existing partition or split a larger partition into two smaller ones without losing data.
  • Partitioning a new hard drive or repartitioning a disc that already has partitions is relatively simple.
  • Permanently erased existing and erased data on partitions, ensuring that files cannot be restored and sensitive data is protected.
  • DiskGenius can assist you in creating and formatting partitions in the filesystem format of your choice.
  • When your system crashes, create a WinPE bootable CD so you can control your disc partitions.
  • Freely migrate Windows to a new HDD or SSD to improve PC performance without reinstalling Windows.
  • To better use disc space, convert a drive from MBR to GPT or vice versa without destroying existing data.
  • Copy dynamic volume to basic disc or convert dynamic disc to basic disc without losing data.
  • Without affecting data, you can switch between primary and logical partitions immediately.


  • DiskGenius is a free hard drive partition recovery software.
  • For more information on and to download this partition software, contact DiskGenius.


Partitions on a hard drive or storage device enable you to separate or organize data to your liking. It’s critical to know how to handle them. With above mentioned Free Partition software, you don’t need to worry much. Use any software for better health for your hard disk and manage important files.


Should I Choose MBR Or GPT For Windows 10?

When creating a drive, you’ll almost certainly want to utilize GPT. All computers are heading toward a more current, sturdy standard. On a machine with a standard BIOS, boot Windows from a disc. For the time being, MBR will have to suffice.

What Is the Difference Between Basic Disk And Dynamic Disk?

A hard drive is partitioned into preset partitions in Basic Disk. A hard disc is partitioned into dynamic volumes in Dynamic Disk. A hard disc can contain three or four partitions, including one extended secondary partition. There is no such restriction with Dynamic Disk.

What Should Be The Partition Type For Windows 10?

When installing Windows on a UEFI-based computer, you must use the GPT file system to format the Windows partition’s hard disc. The master boot record (MBR) or the GPT file format can be used on additional drives. Up to 128 partitions are possible on a GPT drive.

Is Basic Disk Better Than Dynamic Disk?

Several links describe the difference between a basic disc and a dynamic disc. The basic disc is the volume produced during Windows installation. The dynamic disc is the volume created after Windows installation. Faster response and data security due to disc health.