7 Fixes For Discord Groovy Bot Issues

What is a Groovy Bot?

The name gives a good notion of what Groovy bot for Discord is all about. You may use this bot to play music and tunes from many platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud. Also, share with friends your favorite music. 

There is already a slew of music bots available on Discord. The Groovy bot is convenient to use because it is simple to set up and maintain.

groovy bot discord not working

The Groovy bot isn’t entirely new; it’s been around for quite some time. It has, nevertheless, undergone numerous adjustments and upgrades over time.

Premium features include nonstop music, audio effects, and the ability to save queues. Much more for those who want to pay for the premium services on Discord servers.

The advantage of using this bot is that you will never experience lag or delay when listening to music on any Discord server, and you will also get the highest possible audio quality. Furthermore, you are not allowed to use this bot with commands that are difficult to understand.


The Groovy bot offers a lot of unique music-playing features and commands. However, you must first ensure that the Groovy bot is deployed on a speech channel before you can begin playing music.

  • Use YouTube, Soundcloud, or Spotify to play your favorite music.
  • The Groovy bot is completely free. There is a premium account available that includes additional features. It includes operating the bot 24 hours a day, remembering your queued songs, and running the Groovy bot on many servers at once.
  • While a track is playing, you may add songs to queues, store them as playlists, and pause, continue or skip tracks at any moment.
  • Show lyrics and determine whether users or roles have permission to utilize the Groovy bot to play music.

Methods To Fix Groovy Bot Discord Not Working

  1. Ensure Groovy Is Not Muted
  2. Check Output Settings In Discord
  3. Device-Specific Solutions
  4. Installing Groovy Bot on Discord Server
  5. Groovy Bot Commands
  6. Remove Songs From The Groovy’s Queue
  7. Remove Groovy’s from the voice channel

1. Ensure Groovy Is Not Muted

  • First, Groovy should appear in your voice chat like one of the two examples below:
  • Make sure the “Server Mute” option is turned off. If you can’t see this option, ask a Discord server moderator to unmute Groovy.
  • You muted Groovy on your end if it looks like this.
  • Make sure the mute checkmark is unticked.
  • Groovy does not have the authority to speak on your channel if it looks like this.
  • Request that a Discord server moderator unticks “Server Mute.” Update the voice channel’s permission overrides to allow Groovy to “Connect,” “Speak,” and “Use Voice Activity.”
  • Finally, double-check that Groovy’s volume isn’t set to zero percent.

2. Check Output Settings In Discord

Switch to the Desktop client if you’re using a browser.

Make sure the device chosen in Settings -> Voice & Video -> Output Device matches the name of your speakers in the Desktop app.

3. Device-Specific Solutions

Using a PC or a Mac

  • Discord’s audio client doesn’t always work as it should. To restart Discord in the Desktop app, click Ctrl+R (PC) or Cmd+R (Mac).

In the Web browser

  • Check that the tab Discord is using has audio playback permission.
  • The tab is muted if you see a mute icon beside the ‘close tab’ button (as seen above). Right-click the tab and select ‘Unmute site’ to unmute it.

4. Installing Groovy Bot on Discord Server

  • Go to the Groovy bot’s official webpage.
  • Click the ‘Add to Discord’ button on the main page.
click to Add to Discord button
  • Sign in using your Discord account.
Sign in
  • Now you must grant all of the permissions that appear on your screen.
 grant all of the permissions
  • Under the “ADD TO SERVER” area, select the Discord server to which you wish to add the bot from the drop-down list.
add to server
  • After that, click Continue and then Authorize.
  • Enter the captcha.
  • Return to your Discord server dashboard, where the Groovy bot should now be visible.
groovy message

5. Groovy Bot Commands

Groovy players support many commands. 

  • /Play: You can listen to any song by following the link or searching for it on Spotify or YouTube. To play music, press Enter.
play command
play song
  • /Nightcore: Another nice feature is the ability to switch to nightcore mode for a more ambient effect and comparable music.
  • /Queue: When it comes to Queue, use this command to see all of the tracks that are currently in your queue.
  • /Pause: The command is used to pause any song that is currently playing.
  • /Shuffle: Shuffle allows you to randomize the music in a queue.
  • /Bass boost: You can use this command to increase the bass in the songs now playing. Reset returns the volume to its default setting.
base boost

6. Remove Songs From The Groovy’s Queue

You can remove, delete, or clear a single song, numerous songs, or the entire queue.

  • With the /clear command, you can entirely erase or clear the entire queue of music.
  • The /remove command, followed by the song name or number, can be used to remove a single song from the queue.
  • You may also remove several songs from the queue using the -remove range command followed by the starting and ending song numbers in the queue.
remove command

7. Remove Groovy’s from the voice channel

You can remove the file from the Discord server using one of two techniques.

  • Simply execute the -leave command on the voice channel to withdraw Groovy from the Discord server.
leave command
  • The option to disconnect the Groovy bot can be found by right-clicking on the Groovy bot icon.
kick groovy
  • Remove the Groovy bot from the channel so that it cannot be added again. You can block the Groovy bot by right-clicking on it and selecting the block option from the menu.


If you have an awesome Discord group, this bot would be fantastic for grooving to some excellent songs together. Follow the steps mentioned above if the Groovy bot doesn’t work correctly.

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