How to Fix Google Meet Grid View Not Working Issue

Google Meet is a virtual conferencing tool that allows users to hold meetings and lectures online. For example, during a video conference, users may need to receive the grid view. 

This error was resolved with the help of a simple Google Chrome extension by Chris gamble. Grid view for google, to be precise.

This plugin adds a grid-view button to the top right bar (next to the chat and participant list) in Google Meets. In meetings without a lead speaker, grid view provides participants an equal-sized window.

google meet grid view fix

It also comes with several add-ons to help you make the most of your conference. For example, it allows you to upload your video, emphasize speaking, and hide participants without video.

It also includes your video, the ability to emphasize who is speaking. The ability to hide participants without video. However, this addition forcibly loads every participant’s video, which may cause performance issues in huge meetings.

What is Google Meet Grid View?

A Google Chrome add-on called Google Meet Grid View (Fix) adds a grid layout in Google Meet meetings. This extension is even supposed to be used as a temporary workaround for the original Google Grid View extension, as stated by the developer.

According to the creator, this should resolve the Google Meet Grid View not-working issue that customers have been experiencing since July with Chris Gamble’s original add-on. This modification repurposes the same functionality but removes the pinning feature, allowing users to keep the grid feature for larger meetings.

How To Fix Google Meet Grid View Problems

Users can’t use the original Grid View Chrome extension for Google Meet meetings. However, you can use the Google Meet Grid View (Fix) extension to get the grid layout in Google Meet. If you’re in for a meeting with a high number of people, the extension should perform as expected and display a 9 × 9 sized grid.

Install Google Meet Grid View

  • Install the “Google Meet Grid View” Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. (You must be using Google Chrome on a PC, Chromebook, or Mac to participate.)
google meet grid view fix
  • When you install the extension, a new button will appear in the top right corner of your web browser whenever you are in a Google Meet.
  • This button enables the grid view and allows you to customize how your layout works. 
  • Only showing users with video in the grid, highlighting those who are actively speaking, and including yourself in the grid are examples of this.

Enable tiled view in Google Meet

Join a Google Meet meeting to enable grid view.

  • Select the three dots icon in the bottom right corner.
  • A settings menu will show when you click the three vertical dots.
  • Change the layout by clicking “Change layout.”
change layout
  • Choose “Tiled” to show every meeting participant at the same time.
  • The google meet grid is configured to display 16 screens at once.
tiled layout
  • Use bar (slider) at the bottom of the “Change layout” window to change the number of tiles you see.
tiles slider
  • Click the top right button that looks like four squares to incorporate yourself as a tile with the other players. 

Uninstall Grid View Extension

Make the necessary changes to Chris Gamble’s formal extension. You’ll need to remove the previous extension from your browser because having both of them installed could cause issues. However, it will solve the grid view for google meet.

  • Right-click on the Google Meet Grid View extension icon in your URL bar to uninstall it.
  • On your screen, a context menu will display. From the menu, choose ‘Remove from Chrome.’
remove from chrome
  • On your screen, a confirmation message will appear. To successfully uninstall the extension, click on ‘Remove.’
remove extension

Disabling And Re-enabling The Extension Again

It is pretty simple with Google Chrome (and other Chromium-based web browsers). 

  • Click the menu icon in Chrome’s top-right corner, point to “More tools,” and then select “Extensions.”
  • Users can also type chrome:/extensions into the address bar or click the menu button.
  • Select “Settings,” and then select the “Extensions” option on the left side of the Settings page.
  • Google Chrome will show you a list of all the extensions you’ve installed. Then, click the trash can icon to the right of any attachments you want to uninstall as you go through the list.
  • To temporarily disable an extension without deleting it, simply uncheck the grid view in the “Enabled” box. After deleting or disabling extensions, you won’t have to restart your browser.

If you’ve set up Chrome to sync with your Google account and it’s synchronizing your installed extensions, this will delete the extension on all of your other machines as well.

Update Google Meet Grid View Extension

Here’s how to update your Google Chrome extensions manually:

  • Then, on your computer, launch Google Chrome.
  • Type chrome:/extensions in the address bar. Alternatively, navigate to the top-right (three horizontal lines) > Settings. Now, in the left sidebar, select Extensions.
  • Verify Developer mode at the top of the extensions page. It is just close to the large Extensions text at the very top.
  • Under Developer mode, click Update extensions now.

Use A New Google Chrome User Profile

  • Open Chrome on your machine.
  • Click Profile Profile in the top right corner.
New Google Chrome User Profile
  • Select Add from the drop-down menu.
  • If you sync to your Google Account, your profile name will be the same as your Google Account name.
  • Select a name, a photograph, and a color scheme.
  • If you enable sync for the new profile in Chrome with a Google Account, your bookmarks, passwords, history, and other settings will be automatically synced.


In case the methods mentioned above do not work, you may need to look into other options. After all, there are a plethora of identical extensions available to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is grid view not working in Google meet?

Because the extension was not installed properly, the Google Meet Grid is not working issue can occur. That’s something you should look at with the Google Chrome browser. Go to More tools > Extensions by clicking the three-dot icon. Check the Extensions page to see if the Google Meet Grid View is available.

How does grid view in Google meet work?

Start the meeting with Google Meet. The GridView symbol will display next to the person icon in the top-right corner. To have everyone in the meeting display on the screen in a grid view, click the symbol. Everyone’s box will be resized by Meet so that they all fit on one screen.

How can I uninstall Google Meet’s grid view?

Right-click on the Google Meet Grid extension’s icon in your URL bar to uninstall it. On your screen, a context menu will display. From the menu, choose ‘Remove from Chrome.’ On your screen, a confirmation message will appear.

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