14 Fixes For Gmail Not Receiving Emails

Are you not receiving Gmail? There could be countless reasons for Gmail not receiving emails. We have tried to create a list that covers a wide range of problems. If you’re having trouble receiving emails, it’s time for you to do something about it.

This guide covers everything about why Gmail is not receiving any emails. Whether it is a Gmail app problem or a Gmail account problem, you will find a solution.

Solutions For Gmail Not Receiving Email

  1. Run An Email Test
  2. Check The Spam Folder
  3. Click On All Mail Option
  4. Check Your Trash Folder
  5. Update The Gmail App
  6. Relog Into Your Gmail Account
  7. Reinstall The Gmail App
  8. Try A Different Browser
  9. Is The Gmail Server Down?
  10. Check Your Internet Connection
  11. Check The Antivirus Software Or Firewall Settings
  12. Check Gmail Storage Space
  13. Delete The Email Filters And Blocked Addresses
  14. Turn Off Email Forwarding

Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails Problem

1. Run An Email Test

google drive start manager start up tab

Before you get to any other solution, try to run an email test. In this option, you will send an email to yourself. Use a separate account from a different platform. You can use Outlook, Yahoo, or something else. 

Create and send an email to the Gmail account that isn’t receiving emails. Check if it works. You can also try sending emails from the same Gmail account, not receiving emails. After that, you can try to send yourself mail from a different account.

Doing this will help you weed out where the problem is. It could be in your account settings or a platform-related problem. 

2. Check The Spam Folder

google spam search sender messages method computer contact

If you are not getting  Gmail emails from a specific platform or address, check the spam folders. Often, Google ends up shifting regular emails to the spam folder. This saves your mail email listing from spam and unwanted emails. So, make sure to check spam email clients. 

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3. Click On All Mail Option

select all filters contact computer resolve message free tab method sender search

Check your Gmail one last time with the All Mail option. It is an option to View all types of mail in a single listing. 

If you can’t find the All Mail option: 

  • Click on the ‘Inbox’ button on the left panel.
  • See if Gmail created the ‘Primary, Social, Promotions’ categories separately. Check each one out.

4. Check Your Trash Folder

google trash folder sender messages tab free computer disable antivirus

This is only important in case you can’t find an email. You might have deleted it by mistake. There are sometimes automated delete settings on Google that could have moved it to the bin. So, it is worth checking the Trash Folder out.

5. Update The Gmail App

Before we move on to more serious solutions, it is worth checking for updates. Sometimes, an outdated Gmail app could prevent you from receiving emails. So, go to Google Store and make sure that your app is up to date. That is if you use the Gmail app. 

6. Relog Into Your Gmail Account

users settings click receive emails clear cache

Another good idea is to relog into your Gmail account. Log out and then relog by using the same account. You can also:

  • Log out from the Gmail Account.
  • Clear the Cache of the web browser or the Gmail app.
  • Restart your device
  • Open the app or web browser 
  • Log into your Google Account

See if this fixes the problem. 

7. Reinstall The Gmail App

This is similar to updating the app or clearing the cache. But, in some cases, there could be some underlying problem. If you use the app a lot, it is worth trying to reinstall it. In some cases, you might not get new updates and other solutions. So, it is worth giving it a try before you move to other solutions. 

8. Try A Different Browser

different browser users task manager gmail not receiving emails

If you’re using a web browser to check your Gmail, it is worth switching it. Try a different browser like Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Mozilla. There are countless new options available for browsers to check emails in Gmail. Access your Gmail account from a different browser or email client and see if this works. 

Sometimes, the browser is just not compatible. If you’ve already tried clearing the cache of the browser, change it. 

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9. Is The Gmail Server Down?

google workplace users account not receiving emails

Did you face trouble when you opened Gmail? Could it be possible that your emails in Gmails are not loading? Sometimes, you are not receiving emails because the server might be down. Check the status of Google and its services by visiting their official page for Google Workplace. If you can’t load the workplace, then it is a server problem. 

10. Check Your Internet Connection

If everything so far is fine and still you’re not receiving emails, check the connection. Your internet connection could be the reason for Gmail not receiving emails. Go to Task Manager and see the network status. Restart your device or reconnect with the internet to see if it is working fine. 

11. Check The Antivirus Software Or Firewall Settings

users check virus or firewall proboems for gmail not receiving emails

Open Gmail and see if you get any popup from antivirus. If you can’t access it in general, it could be a firewall problem. Either way, it would be wise for you to disable antivirus temporarily. You can also try using Gmail without the firewall. See if these options work. 

Each antivirus has different steps to disable or allow an app through. Resolve the issue by following the specific option for yours. 

12. Check Gmail Storage Space

check google account storage options for gmail account not receiving mails

The most common problem for Gmail not receiving emails has been account storage. If you have subscribed to many news feeds and notifications, your email account can fill up faster. There will come a time when you won’t receive any more emails in Gmail because of full storage. But, you can fix this problem:

  • Go to the Google Drive of your Gmail Account.
  • Find the ‘Buy Storage’ or ‘Upgrade Storage’ option in the left panel, bottom.
  • Click on it and see how much maximum storage you get for free. It is mostly 15 GB.
  • If you scroll a little, you will see the statistics for the account storage space in use.
  • Users who have reached the maximum limit, they get an option to clean storage. You can either free up some space here or delete emails manually.
  • When you delete the emails in Gmail, make sure to go to the Trash/Bin folder. You will have to empty the bin, as well. Click on the ‘Empty Bin Now’ option.

You can also upgrade or buy the storage. There is also an option to create a new Google Account. After all, the storage is divided across Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos, among other Google-related apps. 

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13. Delete The Email Filters And Blocked Addresses

gmail filters blocked addresses delete to fix not receiving problem

You can fix Gmail not receiving email errors by checking the blocked addresses and filters. 

  • Open Gmail and go to Settings (top-right corner).
  • Select ‘See All Settings’
  • Now, go to the ‘Filters and blocked addresses’ tab.
  • See if there are any on the lists. Delete them and erase the filters.
  • Don’t forget to click on Save Changes

14. Turn Off Email Forwarding

Gmail forwarding and pop imap settings to start receiving gmail emails

If you have Email forwarding on, you won’t receive emails on your known account. The forwarding option will send all the emails to a separate account. 

  • Once again, open Gmail and go to See All Settings like above.
  • Now go to the ‘Forwarding And POP/IMAP’ tap.
  • See if you have enabled any of these. Disable forwarding option should be there.
  • You can also do it by removing the email addresses.
  • Make sure to click on Save Changes


What Should I Do If My Gmail Is Not Receiving Emails?

First, you can check for account storage. See if you have run out of storage space on Google Drive. If not, open the Gmail app and check for filters, blocked addresses, and spam folders. Disable your antivirus or firewall if it is causing any problems. Make sure to check your internet connection, device, and Google account before coming to any conclusion. 

Why Is My Gmail Not Receiving Emails?

There could be countless reasons, but storage space is usually the leading reason. It could also be that the Google Workplace and servers are down. Maybe your device or internet connection is acting up. If you can’t receive emails regardless of everything you’ve tried, it is worth creating a new account. 

How Do I Fix Not Receiving Emails?

Empty some storage space and clear outcome pictures and other files. If that works out, then great. You might even have to delete some emails to start receiving emails again. If none of these work, you might want to upgrade the storage plan for your Gmail account. 

Why Are My Emails Not Coming Through?

Try reloading to see if it works. If your emails are not coming through, it could be a server problem. Check different email addresses. If it is specifically a Gmail account or another account, it could be a server or slow connection problem.