Gmail Account Doesn’t Sign In: 8 Easy Solutions

Gmail is the most used email service, with over 1 billion active users. It gives multiple useful features such as 15 GB of free storage, malware protection, and more. A Gmail account is a google account in which you receive a google email address when you set your account.

Sometimes, you face some issues in your Gmail account, which can’t sign in to your Gmail account is the common one. Follow this guide to fix when your Gmail account doesn’t sign in.

Gmail account doesn't sign in

Solutions to Fix Gmail account doesn’t sign in Problem On A Web Browser

  1. Reset your google password
  2. Check the Gmail services
  3. Two-step security problem
  4. Cleaning the browsing data can fix Can’t Sign into Gmail
  5. Update the browser to resolve Can’t Sign Into Gmail
  6. Check the network settings
  7. Change the DNS server to fix Can’t Sign Into Gmail
  8. Disable the proxy settings

1. Reset your google password

Suppose you are typing your Gmail address and password but cannot log in to your Google account. There is a possibility that you forgot your password.

Forgot password

It would help if you tried to reset your password and create a strong one.

  • Go to the Gmail account sign-in page.
  • Type your address or phone number.
  • Type the last password you remember and press login. If failed to log in, try the next step.
  • Then, click forgot your password option.
  • Try another link, such as sending a verification code on your contact number.
  • Enter the verification code. Continue to create a strong password to change your Gmail account password.
  • Try to sign in again to your Gmail account to check if it is successfully done.

2. Check the Gmail services.

Go to check the current service status of Gmail in your local area. If servers are down, you will face an issue logging into your Google account.

It is not a very serious issue, so panic is not needed. Once the servers are up, you can re-access your account successfully. Please visit the down detector. Or Gmail’s official Twitter handle to review Gmail service status.

Gmail server problem

3. Two-step security problem

If you want to secure your account, two-step verification is the option. But it does not work as you expect always. Make sure you have the authentication codes when you need them.

You cannot access your google account due to a two-step security factor. For example, you do not have the OTP. Or have forgotten the contact number on which it sends OTP (one-time-password). Then you can try another to log in to your account. Select other methods to pass two-step security validation.

2 steps verification

4. Cleaning the browsing data can fix Can’t Sign into Gmail

Sometimes, you cannot sign in to your Gmail account due to bad cookies or cache problems. As the browser loads old cookies, you will see an empty email box sign-in page.

You may also observe loading sign-in or an error that says, waiting for available socket. In such situations, you should remove browsing data. And also, the cookies from the browser and re-access your google account.

When you clear cache and cookies, you might get deleted some settings. Like if you were signed in, you will need to sign in again. If you have a sync chrome option, You will stay signed in. Some sites will get slower due to content like images that need to load again.

Steps To Clean The Chrome Browser

Chrome browser cleaning tool checks for suspicious issues. It informs you about something unwanted is discovered and gives you an option to delete it.

  • Launch Chrome browser, and type chrome://history in the top address bar.
type chrome://history in the top address bar
  • Now select the clear browsing data option in the menu.
select the clear browsing data option
  • Select time range as all time.
  • Select Browsing history, cookies data, cache images, and file option.
  • Finally, go to select clear data.
select clear data

Steps To Optimize The Firefox

Whether you have been a Firefox user for a long time or are new to it, you can speed up its performance by following the steps.

Almost all web browsers have a similar speed when browsing the web. So speed comes down to performance and how you use the program. Try to stick to the latest version of Firefox and optimize it by following steps:

  • Open the Firefox browser on your PC.
  • Select Menu, and click on the options.
  • From the left pane, select privacy and security.
  • Under the cookies and site data, select clear data.
  • Select all options shown in the pop-up window and press ok.

Easy Way To Clear The Browsing Data On Internet Explorer/ Edge

You can erase all browsing data from internet explorer by using Microsoft edge. Clearing Internet explorer browsing data will not affect browsing data in another browser.

  • Select settings and more > settings > privacy, search, and services.
  • Under clearing browsing data from internet explorer, select clear browsing data now. Then choose what to clear.
  • Choose the type of data you want to clear.
  • Clock delete

Optimize The Safari Browser

Safari browser provides the most effective and fastest browsing experience for mac users. Apple pores much effort into optimizing the browser’s performance.

And also the energy for the hardware. But sometimes, safari can become slow and unresponsive like another browser. For this, clearing all data may fix the issue. For this:

  • Open Safari browser.
  • Press the safari option from the menu and go for preference.
  • Press the privacy option and press remove all website data.

5. Update the browser to resolve Can’t Sign Into Gmail

Sometimes you cannot sign in to your Google account due to an outdated browser when you re-access the google account on a regular browser. It may not be compatible with the recent security patches of email.

So you should search for the recent update. If it does not work after the update, delete your old browser and install the latest version.

6. Check the network settings.

Network Settings describe wired and wireless connectivity preferences on computers and smart devices. You can connect your device to the internet, a local network. Or connecting to a cellular network requires network settings somehow.

Network Settings can manage various device functions relating to network and connectivity. It depends on the operating system or app. Many settings could be referred to as network settings.

The location of network settings depends on the device you use. Some devices have most of the network settings under one menu.

You can manage most network settings within the windows 10 action center. Select the appropriate icon or right-clicking for more options. For advance connection preference, open settings, and network and internet.

You can find Mac network settings through system > preference > network.

You can find specific network settings quickly, open the start menu and type what you are looking for. A direct to the windows network center should appear. Change the network settings if your internet is not letting you log in to your Google account.

7. Change the DNS server to fix Can’t Sign Into Gmail

If you cannot load the Gmail webpage on chrome, change the DNS server address with this address.

Primary address:

Secondary DNS:

This site can be used to configure the DNS zone on your PC.

For Windows:

  • Go to the network sharing center.
  • Choose adapter and click on properties.
  • Now select TCP/IPv4 and press the properties.
  • Finally, enter the DNS address and hit ok.

For Mac:

  • Go to network preferences.
  • Choose your adapter and press the advanced.
  • Hit the DNS option from the menu.
  • Press plus button and enter the DNS address.
  • Finally, push the key to apply settings.

8. Disable the proxy settings

Suppose you have problems signing into your google account and getting privacy errors on your device. Then you have to change the proxy and the antivirus.

Generally, people’s face connection is not a privacy error. It is due to a proxy error or SSL certificate. For this, you have to deactivate the Firewall and proxy settings. Now reboot the computer, and reload Gmail log-in page.

Disable the proxy on a windows computer

  • Go to internet options.
  • Press the connections tab and choose LAN.
  • Disable proxy if it is enabled. Press ok.

Disable proxy server on Mac

  • Select network preferences.
  • Pick your adapter and click advanced.
  • Select the proxy option and disable it.

How To Fix The Can’t Sign Into The Gmail Problem On The iPhone Or Android Phone?

You might face trouble logging into your Google account on iPhone or Android. There may be some possible reasons causing this issue. You can fix these problems with the following solutions:

  1. Check the internet connection
  2. Update the Gmail App
  3. Update the password
  4. Delete & add the account again

1. Check the internet connection

Sometimes, people cannot log into their Gmail account on their android. Or iPhone due to network issues. They can not connect through the cellular network.

And are also unable to connect through the wifi network. That is why mobile phone users cannot sync to the Gmail servers. So ensure that you are not facing this issue on your phone.

2. Update the Gmail App

You might not sign in to your Google account and have to deal with problems on the smartphone. It may be due to an outdated Gmail app.

To solve this, you have to update the latest version. If apps have a new version, upgrade them through the play store or app store.

3. Update the password

Your Android or iPhone might restrict you from logging in to your Gmail account. It may be fixed by updating your password.

For iPhone users

  • Open the Gmail settings wizard and go to account and password.
  • Go to Gmail service, and select your Gmail account.
  • Under the password section, update your old password to a new one.

For Android users

  • Go to mail settings, which may vary according to your phone model).
  • Tap on the Gmail account and enter your new password.
  • Now press save.

4. Delete & add the account again

Suppose you can not log into your Google account after updating all valid account information. You can go for a solution. Delete your Google account from your iPhone or Android phone. And add it again using the correct settings.

For iPhone users

  • Go to accounts and passwords.
  • Select Gmail or google service.
  • Under the Gmail account, press the delete account button.
  • Now press adds account.
  • Go to Gmail from the service provider list.
  • Now mention your details, like name, password, and other information.
  • Press the continue button.
  • Choose the google services you want to sync.

For Android users

  • Go to mail settings on your android phone.
  • Go to your Gmail account and press delete.
  • Then, press adds account button and select Gmail from the list.
  • Enter the email address, name, password, and other details.
  • Now click the sign-in button.

How To Fix Can’t Sign Into Gmail Account On Outlook, Mail App, etc.

Sometimes, you log into your Gmail account using a web browser or smartphone. But cannot sign in to a google account using outlook, windows, or another app. It may happen due to the wrong email account configuration or firewall settings.

Here are some tips you can follow to fix can’t sign in to Gmail account on outlook, mail, app, etc.

Check the user account settings.

You should check account settings when you cannot log into the Gmail account on outlook. Or other mail apps on the desktop. You might have entered the wrong user information. That’s why you cannot access your google account in these third-party apps.

Your account settings should match the following address:

Imap address: imap.gmail.com

Port no.: 993

SSL: yes

Pop servers: pop.gmail.com

Port no.: 995

SMPT: smpt.gmail.com

Port no.: 465 or 587

SSL: optional

Allow access to third-party apps if you Can’t Sign into Gmail

Today, Gmail has been very strict about security. They take third-party apps as insecure apps. That’s why they may block the sync process when users can access their Gmail accounts through the app. Hence leads to the problem of not signing in to their Gmail account.

You should turn on third-party apps from Gmail security settings to fix this. Then try re-accessing your google account.

  • Select Google account settings.
  • Go to the Security tab and press allow fewer security apps option.

Disable the security apps

For security reasons, you can not sign in to a Google account using outlook or other mail apps. For this, deactivate security apps and try again to log into your Gmail account.

Reconfigure the Gmail account to solve Can’t Sign into Gmail

Use all the given information. If you are still unable to access your Gmail account on mail apps, then it is recommended to remove your account. And add it again with the correct details. Then it may start working okay.

Unable to connect to Gmail account


Gmail accounts are being used worldwide. They have become so common today. Most users are connected to others through their Gmail accounts. Especially in the professional field. You also need them to access many apps on your smartphone.

So if you can’t sign in to your Gmail account, it is sometimes frustrating because it may delay your work.

Here, you have been provided with almost all the necessary solutions. You can easily fix the issue if you still face the problem of you cannot signing in to your Gmail account. This guide will help you figure out possible bugs causing you can’t sign in to your Gmail account.


Why Is My Sign-In With Google Not Working?

If signing into a Google account is not working, there are multiple reasons to cause this issue. Check the email and password you are entering. Are they all correct? Or do you have some improper information?
Service status can be another reason for not being able to sign in. Visit the google service status page to check if Gmail is up. Another reason can be not clearing cookies and cache. So make sure your cookies and cache are cleared, then try signing in again.

How Do I Fix Google Sign-In Problems?

There are some tips you should go for to fix the google sign in issue:
– Reset your Google account password.
– Enable cookies for the website.
– Clear history for that site.
– Clear all cookies and cache.
– Check add-ons.
– Remove corrupt cookies file.
– Check the Gmail service.
– Two-step security problem.
– Clearing browsing data.

Why Is My Phone Not Signing Into Google Account?

– It may not work if the Gmail server is down.
– If your internet connection is not working properly.
– Sometimes, your phone gets frozen and causes malfunction. For this, trying restarting your phone can fix the issue.
– If your Gmail is slow on your phone, force it to close, then try again.
– Clear Gmail cache can fix the signing-in issue.
-Sometimes, all your phone needs to be restarted, try this and observe if the problem is resolved.

Why Is Gmail Not Letting Me Sign In?

The problem in the web browser can create a signing-in issue. You should clear the browser cache, update or reset google chrome to try it.
It would help if you also changed your password. Most of the time, it causes signing in the issue.