4 Best Ways To Get Verified On Snapchat

Along with several social media platforms, Snapchat has also grown a lot over the years. Moreover, since several influencers have taken over social media, similar to Instagram, Snapchat also has the feature of verifying certain users based on their content and popularity. 

Getting verified on Snapchat means that you will be able to promote your business or brand properly. There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind if you wonder how to get verified on Snapchat

How To Get Verified On Snapchat

Once you get verified on Snapchat, you will be able to use several features and the stories that you post will also be regarded as official stories. Verified accounts will also definitely get you more attention from the audience on the platform. 

What does “Verified” on Snapchat mean

Snapchat has been verifying several accounts for a very long time. Most of the time, once the account is verified, that would mean that it is an official one on Snapchat. Getting verified on Snapchat is similar to that on Instagram

Verified on Instagram would mean that there is a higher possibility of your account getting noticed by followers and other users. The main reason why this is beneficial is that even if you are not added by other Snapchat users, they will be able to see your stories. 

Getting verified on Snapchat will get you a lot more followers and the engagement of those stories also increases. This is why getting verified on Snapchat immensely helps brands and other companies. 

How To Get Verified On Snapchat

  1. Through Snapchat Settings
  2. Get More Followers
  3. Create Snapchat Lens
  4. Get an average of 50,000 views

1. Through Snapchat Settings

Even though it is quite easy to get verified if you are a celebrity, however, you can also directly reach out to the Snapchat team and request a verification. You will have to follow these steps so that you can get verified even if you are not a celebrity. 

  • Launch the Snapchat application on your phone. 
  • You can then log in to your account. 
getting verified on Snapchat
  • You can then click on the profile icon and select the Settings option. 
getting verified on Snapchat
  • After you click on Settings, navigate towards the Support option. 
  • Click on “I need Help” and then select “Contact Us”
getting verified on Snapchat
  • You will find various other options, and you will have to select “My Snapchat isn’t working”.
  • After you do this, click on “Other.”
getting verified on Snapchat
  • Click on “Yes” after that and on “My issue is not listed.”

Once you follow through these steps you will have to keep a few things in mind. For the account that you want to get verified, you should have enough views. If you do not have enough views, the Snapchat team will not be able to fix this issue. 

If you do not have enough followers or views, complaining about duplicating the account will not be addressed and your account will also not be verified by the Snapchat team. To make sure that Snapchat reviews your complaint, you can also add other information with regard to your account. 

You can share additional information about people duplicating your account and how integral it is for you to have a verified star on your profile. If you have enough followers and viewers, the Snapchat team will review that as well so that your complaint is valid. 

2. Get More Followers

There are several ways that you will help you gain more followers. Since getting verified by reporting a problem to the Snapchat team is possible, you will have to make sure that you have enough followers as well. 

In order to get more followers, you will have to curate good content so that it goes hand in hand with your brand or niche. There are ways to personalize your stories as well as get followers. 

Once you start personalizing your account and stories as well, you will be able to connect with the audience and authenticity will bring in more people. Along with personalizing stories, you can also interact with the audience on a regular basis. 

Engaging with the audience might seem difficult in the beginning. With multiple features and tools introduced by Snapchat, you can use those to interact with the audience. Setting up polls and other interactions might also help you engage with the audience and get their attention. 

If you have many followers on Instagram and usually engage with the audience on other platforms more, you can promote your Snapchat account there. You can add your Snapchat ID to your Instagram story or post. 

This will help you get more followers from your other social media accounts to your Snapchat account. Another way of getting more followers is by doing a Shoutout for Shoutout. You can also get help from other creators or other users to give you a shoutout. 

3. Create Snapchat Lens

Snapchat is well-known for its filters and lens. Over time, it has given various features to its users to create filters and other lenses on their own. Moreover, some of the filters can be made either for the general public or specific events. 

If you create your own Snapchat lenses or filters, there are more chances that other people will come across the same. If your filter or Snapchat lens is out in the public, more people will use it and this will allow you to get more views and followers. 

As you create or add your own Snapchat lens for the public to use, you can add your Snapchat ID along with it. This will help people visit your profile and check for more lenses or filters. 

This is why once you make a lens, people will automatically check your profile and your account will also get more traffic resulting in more engagement. 

4. Get an Average of 50000 Views

This method is relatively similar to getting more followers. All you need is to get more engagement and promotion of the account. You can do this by asking someone to promote either your brand or your account. 

This is especially helpful if the other person has a large number of followers. Getting a shoutout from the influencer will allow you to get more followers, as there are more chances that their followers will check out your Snapchat account. 

Since influencers also are in high demand, if you want, you can also request a shoutout. You can follow other steps in order to get more viewers by curating the content. 

Moreover, it is considered best if you follow as many people as you can so that there is a higher possibility of getting more views on Snapchat. 

Criteria for getting Verified on Snapchat

Snapchat reviews the accounts before it gets verified. Even though the method of getting verified is rather simple than other social media platforms, there are some criteria that need to be fulfilled. 

Before your account gets verified, you should have at least 50,000 views on your story. This means that more than 40,000 users should have viewed your full story. It does not work if they have only watched half of it. 

However, you will also have to keep in mind whether this number of viewers is enough to get your account verified or not. Moreover, if you have been able to keep the audience engaged along with several viewers and followers, there are high chances of the Snapchat team reviewing the account and verifying it as well. 


Getting verified on a social media platform might seem like a big deal for most of us. Hence, if you want to get verified on Snapchat, there are a few ways that you can request verification. 

There is no need for you to be a celebrity to get verified. If you have enough followers or viewers, you can easily get in touch with the Snapchat team and get verified. After your account is verified, you can also have access to other multiple features and perks that Snapchat offers for verified accounts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When Your Snapchat Account Is Verified?

Once your Snapchat account is verified, the stories that you post will be marked as Official stories. Additionally, you will also have an emoji right next to your username if your account gets verified. 
Promoting your brand or content once you get verified becomes much easier, as your stories will be visible to more users on Snapchat. 

How Many Snapchat Accounts Are Verified?

There are millions of Snapchat accounts that are verified all across the globe. A majority of them include celebrities and other influences. However, if you have managed to create content that has gone viral or got several followers as well, your account can get verified as well. 

What Are Some Of The Criteria For Getting Verified On Snapchat?

The checklist to get your Snapchat account verified isn’t very long. However, it is necessary for your account to be active and running for more than six months. In addition to that, you should also have more than 100 followers with around 50,000 views on your story.